A call for justice from Bangladesh

One of the convicted killers of PM Hasina’s family is in Canada

A call for justice from Bangladesh

Photograph by Patrick Andrade/ Reuters

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was 27 years old when her father, the first prime minister of Bang­ladesh, was slaughtered along with most of her family in 1975. The army officers who shot them installed a military government and kicked off 15 years of coups, counter-coups, and dictatorship. Hasina, who was out of the country at the time of the massacre, has long sought justice for her family. In January, five former soldiers convicted of the murders were hanged in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, following a lengthy legal process. Six of the convicted men are still at large. At least one of them, Nur Chowdhury, lives in Canada.

Bangladesh has repeatedly requested that Canada extradite Chowdhury, whose refugee application has been rejected in this country. But Canada has so far refused, because Chowdhury has been sentenced to death in Bangladesh. Canada typically will not transfer a suspected criminal to a foreign country without a guarantee that he will not be executed. “He is a citizen of Bangladesh, and according to the rule of law, he got the death sentence,” said Hasina, in an exclusive interview with Maclean’s. “Justice should be done and the rule of law implemented, not only for my family, but for the people of Bangladesh.”

Hasina said that this dispute will not negatively affect relations between Canada and Bangladesh. Canada is an advocate for human rights, she said. She understands Ottawa’s motives. “But these killers violated human rights,” she said. “They killed women and children. So why should [Canada] keep him? If they want to keep the killers, we can send all the killers of this country to take shelter in Canada and other countries.”


A call for justice from Bangladesh

  1. Sham, Canada!

  2. These killers killed 10 year old child, pregnant mother and newly wed brides. They got high official posts by the subsequent military rulers. The justice couldn't be done for 34 years due to government pressure and long process of judicial enquiry . Now that they have been proven guilty by a court of law (not by any military directed court, but by a civil court after 13 years of judicial process), the killers have been convicted to death sentence. Nur Chowdhury was proven to be a guilty of murder and now, Canada does not want to extradite the killer. Moreover, Nur Chowdhury will have the option to appeal to the supreme court against his death sentence, but he must do it after surrendering himself to the police, not as a fugitive.

    I understand that Canada is against death penalty for the sake of humanity, but what definition of humanity lets Canada help a killer of women and children escape justice ? Isn't it dangerous for them to have these killers roaming around freely ?

  3. I agree, this policy is a travesty. Why does Canada provide a safe haven for mass murderers?

    How can this possibly serve the drive for rights for all everywhere? I hope Canada re-thinks this policy, soon.

  4. there is nothing to rethink s. keeling.

    this policy was the result of a supreme court of canada decision. there is no way of changing it, short of the use of the notwithstanding clause, or an amendment to the charter.

    what the bangaladeshi pm should do is just assure canada that said individual will not be executed. once he is in their hands, do whatever they want.

    in short, lie to us. let the bureaucrats cross off the checklist that says "person will not be executed in destination country".

  5. This is resistance and barrier to justice by Canada. Indirectly, Canada is supporting a killer. If Canada doewsn't respect the law of other nations, why would other nations respect the law of Canada?

    Canada should make an exception or find out a way not to support the killers. Isn't Canada encouraging killers? Bangladesh PM is correct. Let all nations of the world send their killers in Canada. Let Canada be a safe heaven of killers.

    • CANADA refused the appeal of murderer N C. why the country still keep him in CANADA ? The govt.of CANADA should send that killer in to other country.Why they did not do this?if they send him other country it is easy for Bangladesh for further action.we hope CANADA send him soon.

  6. A country against killing of criminals and culprits harbors killers!! What a paradox and shame! Nur Chy is one of the barbarian killers of history who killed women, children, pregnant women and infants. Canada must respect rule of law of other nations. Nur Chy has been convicted by normal course of law & not by martial law. In a sense, Canada is supporting illegal killing of a president, his family including women and children.

    If your law doesn't let you send the killer to Bangladesh, send him to India.

  7. Tyrant Mujib who killed 40K freedom fighters during his tenure was worse killer than his alleged killer Nur Chowdhury. The people who are saying that Mujib killer got sentence in due judicial process are a bunch of dirty liers. It was just a farce staged by the supreme court of BD under the direct influence of BD government. BAL ministers Matia, Dipu Moni and others were dictating the judges by being physically present in the courtroom during the hearings. Awami league intimidated the supreme court during their previous tenure with infamous "shundari stick" precession which showed what BAL wanted in the name of justice. The people of BAL diapora who are shedding crocodile tears around the globe by saying that pregnant women and child were killed in that coup should also know that when a city burns fire doesn't spare the churches.

    Canada is doing the rigth thing. It should honour it's own law first than that of the others who kill scores of innocent people everyday.

    • You are a resist,never i see before

  8. When USA say canada is the heaven for terroriest we feel shame but now for nur chowdhury world will say canada is the heaven for killers also x kill the people then go to canada you will be safe x as a canadian we shouldn't take take these responsibility….pls

  9. Who the hell USA to say that Canada is the heaven for terrorist when USA itself is a terrorist country? Canada should hold up it's own laws and values above all.

  10. I am deeply frustrated with Canadian asylum system with very practical experience of mine.
    Plenty loop holes in the IRB and my genuine FEAR of PERSECUTION was refused during 2002 with keeping my file pending for two years with bureaucracy method/red tape despite of good profile of job experience and valid FEAR OF Persecutuon while i had number of write ups against radical Islamist/Fundamentalist and not keen to return country.
    I wrote to then PM Hon Paul Martin and many ministers in Ottawa not for myself, but regarding ” CANADA was becoming safe HEAVAN for many terrorist ” It may be Bangladesh, Pakistan and Many African countries like Algeria etc etc since i have seen many terrorist people absconded like Nur Uddin.
    After several years@ 2007 being Captain while i had to Call a port in Vancouver with good business with working for a reputed company in the world, the behaviour i got fm immigration official was too offensive.
    Hope the Canada will check my file and all records what i have said in hearing, talked about Terrorist boldly which are coming as issues after 7/8 years.
    Shame for Canada. I can show many terrorist who got the immigration, if they are alive now….Very Funny system in IRB….wish to write more in details…..

  11. I agree with the comments given by 'Politician' above! Seikh Mojib and his family deserved to be judged due to the killings, famine, corruption, stealing, totally failed administration and worst dictatorship. At that time there was no other way to remove him from power except military coup. Unfortunately the bad people were killed along with some innocents!

    • How many people u kill or abuse in ur life time.i think you r mentally retarded like that guys.

  12. I understand that Canada will not handover convicted killer sentenced to death. But I do not understand why the criminal is allowed to walk freely in the city. As a minimum Canada should arrest him and put hiim in jail, if not handed over to Bangladesh.

  13. Tyrant Mujib and his family deserved no better judgement than being killed by the military people. He left no other options to protest his decisions other than a coup. He silenced the people by killing them who raised their voices against him. Siraj Sikder is the shining and a representative example of his so many brutalities. The military people saved the country that day from a killer.

  14. We live in a crazy world , everything is topsy turvy , one must not fret over it . It depends which country is demanding its criminals, Bangladesh is a poor country. A murderer must stay here on the pretext of human rights . If it was a Holocaust denier wanted by Israel, Canadian Govt would bend over backward to deport him , won't even wait for paper work to be completed won't even ask the judges,Harper would run around in his underwear trying to do any thing to expedite it, all legalities would become null and void even if the poor fellow did not commit any real crime . Brag about justice and democracy till you bust ! but we are still living in the stone age. Laws are only something to bu used in times of need. poor Bangladeshi are so poor that they can not even question it with straight face , lest they need Canada's help when they have their next flood, don't want to be mistreated. Where did the human rights go when Canada decided to send back the Conscientious objectors or American soldiers who did not want to fight in Iraq?

  15. The so called killers of Sheik Mujib are the savior and Heroes of Bangladesh. Because of them we can see the ray of democracy or what ever we have now. Otherwise we would have a totalitarian state under Sheik Mujib under full control of Indian expansionism.

  16. someone who posts a message as nunu which directly means penis.. doesn't get much else but a laugh. For retards like you, the world is bad place to be.

  17. First of all, the trial of the Mujib murder itself is a very debated and 'fraud' trial!! No just minded person can favour the trial in the first place. Besides, the current BAL government has already proved at few other instances how biased they are in terms of trials and enforcing laws. Therefore, it should not be wise for any justice seeker to depend on the BAList's justices!!!

    Secondly, There was none among the mass people of Bangladesh who protested the killing of Mujib. In fact his death became a necessity at that time! Despite him being a great leader in the 1971 and later Bangladesh, he slowly turned into a real dictator whose vision was to establish a Bangladesh of his family and cronies!! This was vividly proven by his BAKSHAL, which was passed in the parliament only within 15 minutes!! His misuse of the power and resources brought him down from the peak of popularity to the highest point of hatred among the mass!! It is also reported that in many places people celebrated his murder with sweets!! In no way, his murder was unjustified! In fact, from a democratic sense, it was the most needed decision for the mass!!!

    Thirdly, the current PM Shaikh Hasina is also looking forward to establishing a BAKSHAL-like government, which is quite clear from her Vision 2021, and other rules enacted by her!! By supporting the government would mean supporting a dictator to come soon!!!

    Fourthly, the Mujib murder trial is totally a biased and personal will oriented trial. When the current PM was in power during her last tenure (1996-2001), she tried to try the murderers then. But due to a more stable judiciary system, she couldn't do it within the time she had. But this time, she was lucky that the judiciary was already disordered by her 1/11 mastermind allies, which helped her to form a judiciary of her own choice, violating all the rules and laws of it! She hastily hung the accused, even without allocating them enough judicial facilities!!! This did not only shock the justice lovers of Bangladesh, but also proved to them once again how personal will oriented was the trial!! Similarly, it is just to see her father's killer being hung, she wants Nur Chowdhury to be returned to her hand!!!

    We hope Canada will prove its justice once again!

  18. Witness

    I do not like killings and hate how the freedom fighters of Bangaldesh killed themselves as gladiators. But those who know Bangladesh, inclusive Nobel Prize winner Amatya Sen, will agree that there was no way out in those dark days. Another Saddam Hossain, Gaddafi, Hosne Mubarak, Bin Ali or King Abdullah establish Kingdom of Sheikh Bangla in Bangaldesh would cost more lives than later than one million lives they took by looting 20 billion dollars help from the world outside. Now, those are they who rules out of the blood money made under that Demoncracy.

    An eye witness, a prisoner of conscience living in self exile

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