Cartoonists respond in ink to attack on Paris newspaper office

Cartoonists pay tribute to Charlie Hebdo

Illustrators respond to carnage in Paris newspaper office



Cartoonists pay tribute to Charlie Hebdo

  1. While this murderous act of cowardice & evil in the name of Muhammad is repulsive, let us not turn a blind eye to other social problems created in Western society by Muslim zealots who benefit by Western laws & customs but who refuse to embrace our core values. Muslims who wear Birkas, Hijabs, skull caps, tribal wear in public set the stage for separation rather than inclusion, for social problems which we are already experiencing. Birkas etc are not mandated by Islam and does not make the wearer of such trappings any more ‘holy’ than anyone else – rather it is disrespectful to the society which took them in. Dangerous too is the push for Sharia Law. Time we had a serious look at what kind of society we want and adopt the ‘when in Rome’ principal.

  2. Nice to see Macleans post cartoons in support of those murdered.

    Too bad the editors at Macleans don’t have the guts to post the cartoons which led to their murder.

    The best way to commemorate those murdered, is to show their work. Congrats Macleans (and most Canadian Media except SUN NEWS) you have allowed the Islamic fanatics to win twice.

    You’re all a bunch of pathetic chickenshits.

  3. If Macleans wants to pay tribute (WHICH IT SHOULD) then it is neccessary to post the cartoons for which Charlie Hebdo died for. Anything less is meaningless.

  4. Sooo why aren’t YOU Pravda Lite (Macleans) publishing any Charlie Hebdo’s Muhammad Cartoons???????