Corruption engulfs India’s army -

Corruption engulfs India’s army

India’s army chief, Deepak Kapoor, has been criticized


Corruption engulfs India’s armyLt.-Gen. Avadesh Prakash, one of India’s highest ranking army officers, was just days from retirement when he was ordered to face a court martial recently over his alleged involvement in a controversial land deal. It is the latest in a series of corruption scandals to engulf India’s defence forces in the last few years.

Prakash is accused of abusing his position so a close friend and developer, Dilip Agarwal, could buy a 30-hectare parcel of land next to the headquarters of the army’s 33 Corps in West Bengal at a bargain-basement price. The scandal first came to light last year and Prakash was found guilty by a military court of inquiry in December. Though Lt.-Gen. V.K. Singh, the court’s convenor, recommended Prakash be fired, India’s army chief Gen. Deepak Kapoor decided that only light “administrative action” was warranted. As criticism grew that Kapoor was being too soft on Prakash, the defence minister, A.K. Antony, pushed for tougher disciplinary action against Prakash. Kapoor reluctantly agreed to a court martial for the three-star general: “The minister’s advice to [the] army chief amounts to being a direct order,” explained an unidentified official to the Times of India.

This is just one of the scandals to grip the 1.1-million man military force, in the midst of a multi-billion-dollar replacement of aged weaponry. There was the commander fired for selling subsidized alcohol on the black market, and the “ketchup colonel” who faked photographs of successful battles against militants, thereby winning promotions, by pouring the red sauce on civilians. Then last year, it was revealed that the silent “reconnaissance vehicles” purchased for covert missions behind enemy lines were in fact nothing more than golf carts used at exclusive military courses.

When asked why the military was beset by so many corruption charges, Kapoor, who will be replaced by Lt.-Gen. Singh on March 31, refused to call them part of a systemic problem. Instead, he called them merely “individual acts of misdemeanour.”


Corruption engulfs India’s army

  1. In the culture of profiting from deceit and dysfunctionality that has developed in India, the problem is that even while the Indian political leadership spins technicolour dreams of 21st century superpowerdom, its “politics” are mired in the medieval anachronisms of what I have called the “patronage paradigm – the paradigm of shoddiness, irresponsibility, cronyism and corruption, that has cretinised us all”

    In India today any “aspiration” nursed by the “common man” for integrity, innovation or excellence, can quickly get “him” ostracised if not brutally killed.

    And in the stilted political discourse manufactured by India’s ruling class the “common woman” does not even exist !

    The recently exposed Ruchika Girhotra case and my own experience indicate that checks and balances have collapsed and coalesced into one corrupt predatory ruling class.

    Since the past two decades, the Government of India, the Government of my own state, Andhra Pradesh, the Andhra Pradesh High Court , the Chief Information Commissioner and State Information Commissioner have combined to impress on me that what works in India is what I have called the “patronage paradigm” – the paradigm of shoddiness, irresponsibility, cronyism and corruption – and that ideas of the rule of law and democratic processes are merely spectacles to lull the gullible.

    I have been denied the recognition that were commended to me.

    I have been unable to earn a decent living.

    The office of the Governor of Andhra Pradesh incited my neighbours to cut off my water supply.

    The information commissions in the state and at the centre denied me my right to information on spurious, brazenly illegal grounds and punished me for daring to object.

    The Andhra Pradesh High Court, in the inimitable manner of the Indian judiciary, has misbehaved egregiously.

    The high court denied me my right to competent counsel and punished me for complaining.

    Even as we speak, Dr Manmohan Singh’s office, “Daredevil” Pratibha Patil’s Rashtrapati Bhavan, Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah, State Information Commissioner CD Arha are all in an obvious conspiracy to deny me justice.

    Why are we so abysmally cynical and hopeless that conditions will continue to remain outrageously inhuman in India?

    One simple reason: The following comment or variations of it have appeared in almost every major Indian online publication plus in a few abroad.

    However, not a single editor or reporter has had the nous to pick it up and work it to the max.

    My credentials are strong and I have taken much trouble to meet many editors personally, usually on impeccable referrals.

    And of course our editors know it all. They have had nothing but smirks to offer.

    When I sought the solidarity of the press, Shekhar Gupta (editor in chief of New Indian Express) advised me, “You cannot go around taking pangas (quarrels) with people, yaar.”

    Even my comments are mutilated.

    Vinod Mehta’s “Outlook” has banned my comments on risible grounds.

    The Hindu crawled.

    It published “spin” by corrupt officials and got hissy with me for pointing out, with evidence, its craven, yellow soul.

    The Indian Press (with a solitary exception) blacked out the fervent open letter written by Padma Vibhushan Kaloji Narayana Rao.

    That dear man , clear as a bell in his nineties, had laid his head on my shoulder, hugged me and wept.

    In India today, it is difficult to tell the difference between policeman and journalist, politician and criminal, lawyer and judge, Indian Administrative Service Officer and the village idiot.

    And now, unfortunately, between various Chiefs Of Army and real estate agents.

    But they all are laughing all the way to their offshore accounts.

    If you would like to know about the sheer impossibility of living a sane, unexploitative, equitable life in India, you and your esteemed visitors may want to visit and participate at

    India’s Home Minister has called on civil society to speak out against Maoist depredations. Will he kindly let me know why Rashtrapathi Bhavan and the Prime Minister’s office have not taken appropriate action on the representations made on my behalf by the former Home Minister Shri Indrajit Gupta, Padma Vibhushan Kaloji Narayana Rao and others ?

    Even as the Prime Minister’s Office maintains a baleful and ignominious silence in my case, it appears to have jumped through hoops to heap honour on a businessman alleged to be a serial swindler .

    Andhra Pradesh High Court’s Pernicious Rebellion Against The Law .05/29/09

    RTI Act 2005 Abuse In Andhra Pradesh- SIC Cheats! Chief Secretary Lies!05/07/09

    Prejudiced CIC Laps Up PMO Lies 05/05/09

    Divakar S Natarajan and Varun Gandhi Cannot Both Be Wrong ! 01/28/09

    And India’s editorial class will not report the story!

    Divakar’s Sathyagraha

    News and views from Divakar S Natarajan’s, “no excuses”, ultra peaceful, non partisan, individual sathyagraha against corruption and for the idea of the rule of law in India.

    Now in its 18th year.

    Any struggle against a predatory authority is humanity’s struggle to honour the gift of life.

  2. Compliments Of The Day !!!!!
    My Heartiest Greetings / Blessings to Gen VK Singh on being Nominated as COAS of our Nation. It is really moments of pride for our Nation and all of us,That Person like Leut. General VK Singh Has Been Honoured as New Chief of Indian Army,Trust me All of You,He is one of the Great Humans,He deserves this Honour. Gen VK. Singh is one of the most Intellegient, Efficient, Brave,Courageous and Honest Officer of Indian Army, He is the Person who will try his level best to make good relation with all Neigbouring Countries, in View of Proverb, “Friends Can Be Choosen, But Neighbours Remain Same” I am Sure he is the person who will put his all best possible efforts to bring peace back in disturbed parts of our nation and will take measures to throw out bleady menace of terrorism from our Great Nation. Our Soldiers will see a Considerable change Under his Leadership, So Let us all togather wish him all the success and best of luck in comming Endevours,let us pray for his success, May God Bless Him. Jai Hind , Jai Bharat

  3. India Wake Up…

    While corruption is everywhere even in Canada, India has a systemic problem with it and only harsh prosecution will bring under control.

    Meanwhile the people of India better demand a strategic response to a Communist Super Power with zero respect for India & it's weak 1.1 Million Military & Government.

    India better secure it's Northern Mountain Passes and a locate diversion of man made floods from the North,

    India better get with the program and have Desalination Water Plants on the East, West and Southern Coasts or face the prospect of 1.3 billion people suffering from lack of Water, because the Chinese controlled Tibet sure as hell won't give them access to water.

    India better tie up real close with the US & NATO or face the Communists Super Powers, Russia & China alone and no the West won't come to India's rescue without close Economic & Military ties.

    India better quit buying planes from any Country that does not supply spare Engines, aka Sukhoi's, where India's most advanced fighters have to be sent to Russia to get a new Engine.

    That's just stupid, hows that gonna work in a War or even a limited fight?

    India better wake up to the fact that China is not only outspending it in Military R&D but also out thinking it Strategically.

    India better wake up to the fact that it has a lot of catching up to do.

    India better wake up to the fact that China will not be it's "friend" other than mostly one way BS Trade, anytime soon.

    Yo India Wake up already & if guilty put this General in Jail for at least 5-10.

  4. india lost the only friends she had inher neighbourhood by foolishly supporting the sinhalese

    • Shasha.. I agree with you.. No matter what india try do in future to safe herself . it was a loosing battle to Cmihina.
      India lost it's credibility with Tamils and south Indian as a hole. South Indian never trusted North Indian.. for long time and vice versa. Fall of india will come from south for sure and chinese are well position themself. I am very happy about it. India should learn it's lessen from it mistakes.

      • are you stupid? North or South, India is one country. You must be an ignoramus to think that tamils or other south indians are separate from the indian identity. Go read something that isn’t separatist propaganda!