BC Election 2017: Live Results Map

B.C. Election 2017: Live Results Map

Riding-by-riding results as they came in from across British Columbia Tuesday evening


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Polls in the 2017 British Columbia provincial election have now closed. Watch the results come in on our live map.

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Jason Kirby May 9, 20174:05 pm

While we wait for the polls to close in B.C., here are some of our stories from the campaign.

Nancy Macdonald reported on the political fundraising scandal that has dogged Premier Christy Clark throughout the campaign in her story. Here’s an excerpt from her story looking at whether money and arrogance will cost Christy Clark the election:

With just days to go before the vote, the premier still appears blind to the thing most likely to break her party’s 16-year grip on power: the growing perception that a cabal of powerful people—B.C. Liberal donors, lobbyists and corporate heads—are running the province in their own interest. It casts Clark as a kind of reverse Robin Hood, “robbing the poor to feed the rich,” says Kai Nagata of the Dogwood Initiative, a nonpartisan citizen action network. “Your Hydro rates are going up, your rent’s gone up, you’re paying more in bridge tolls. Everything about your life is becoming more expensive. And it’s all done to benefit wealthy Liberal donors—the people getting tax cuts and free hydro to power their LNG projects.”

Jason Kirby May 9, 20174:15 pm

Nancy also looked at the role Green Party leader Andrew Weaver could play in deciding the outcome of today’s vote.

The Green Party’s strength is on Vancouver Island, traditionally New Democrat territory. There, the NDP holds 11 seats, compared with two for the Liberals. This time, the Greens look poised to steal a second Island seat from the NDP. And some polls put their Island-wide support above 30 per cent—ahead of the NDP’s 28 per cent. By splitting the centre-left vote, and not just on Vancouver Island, a surging Green Party could open the door to a strengthened Liberal majority tomorrow. That’s why Horgan spent Friday campaigning up and down the Island, repeating a single message: “We need to come together.”

Jason Kirby May 9, 20174:22 pm

There’s been a lot of talk of strategic voting during the B.C. campaign. Brenda Fine, an academic at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, exposed the folly of strategic voting, pointing out that proponents of the tactic in B.C. have granted political polls a status they haven’t earned.

Jason Kirby May 9, 20174:28 pm

One early policy battle in the election campaign came over the question of scrapping road tolls. Writing for Maclean’s, economist Blake Shaffer took both the provincial Liberals and NDP to task for their promises to do away with tolls to win votes:

I get the politics. Capping or simply cutting road tolls will be met with a majority of yays over the whimper of wonky nays. But the same folks cheering may not be so happy when their dollar savings turn into increased time costs as they sit in traffic waiting to cross their now free (yay!) bridges.

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 20177:26 pm

A polling station in Shuswap had to be closed because of flooding so Elections BC collected votes door-to-door from those in the district with no access to other voting locations, reports NEWS 1130

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 20177:28 pm

A polling station in Shuswap had to be closed because of flooding so Elections BC collected votes door-to-door from those in the district with no access to other voting locations, reports NEWS 1130

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 201711:00 pm

Polls in British Columbia have now closed, and early results should start rolling in shortly. A reminder: At dissolution, the Liberals had 47 seats, the New Democrats 35, Green leader Andrew Weaver held the party’s sole seat, and there were two independents

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 201711:21 pm

The traditional vote of elementary and high-school students threw up an overwhelming NDP majority. The grown-ups aren’t likely to produce such a significant victory for any party:

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 201711:44 pm

With just over a tenth of polls reporting, the Liberals are leading in the key riding of Kamloops-North Thompson. The area is typically a bellweather for the rest of the province.

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 201711:46 pm

The first riding called tonight: Cabinet minister Norm Letnick wins Kelowna-Lake Country for the B.C. Liberals

Murad Hemmadi May 9, 201711:54 pm

With about 15% of votes counted, Coquitlan-Burke Mountain is very close. Incumbent NDP MPP Jodie Wickens trails Liberal Joan Isaacs

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:01 am

Retired Independent Vicki Huntington won Delta South in the last two elections, but it’s gone Liberal this time around

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:06 am

The B.C. Liberals’ Christy Clark has won her riding, but whether she’ll stay premier remains in the balance

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:16 am

NDP leader John Horgan will also be back in Victoria, having won his Langford-Juan de Fuca riding. And his party currently leads the Liberals 43-42

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:24 am

Vancouver-False Creek hasn’t typically been close, with the Liberals winning handily in the last election. But the NDP’s Morgane Oger is close behind incumbent Sam Sullivan, with the Green Party’s Bradley Darren Shende’s vote count more than the difference between the two leaders

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:30 am

And an update on Kamloops-North Thompson, where the Liberals’ Peter Gordon Milobar has been declared the winner. Since 1903, Kamloops’ representative has always been been a member of the ruling party—and the Liberals currently lead in Kamloops-South Thompson

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:38 am

In Cowichan Valley, the Green Party’s Sonia Fursteneau is running a close second behind the NDP’s Lori Lynn Iannidinardo. Independent candidate Ian Morrison was formerly riding association president for the NDP and is in fourth

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 201712:40 am

The Green party elected a new member to the British Columbia legislature in Tuesday’s election. Adam Olsen, a former interim leader of the party, has taken the riding of Saanich North and the Islands. Green Leader Andrew Weaver became the first member of his party to get elected in 2013, and was looking for a breakthrough for the Greens on Tuesday. He’s leading his own seat in the early results

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20171:02 am

Still just a few votes between the top two in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. The NDP’s Jodie Wickens beat the Liberals’ Joan Isaacs in last year’s byelection, but trails tonight with more than three-quarters of polls reporting

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20171:17 am

The lead in Vancouver-False Creek has now changed hands, with the NDP’s Morgane Oger in front by just over a hundred votes over Sam Sullivan. If Oger wins, she would be the first openly transgender MLA in B.C. history

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20171:46 am

The Canadian Press has called Cowichan Valley for Sonia Furstneau, pushing the B.C. Greens tally to three seats—a historic high for the party

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20171:58 am

Four ridings remain uncalled by the Canadian Press. The NDP leads three and the Liberals one, separated by a few hundred votes with more than 85% of polls reporting in each

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20172:34 am

The race in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain is finally over, with the Liberals’ Joan Isaacs beating NDP incumbent Jodie Wickens now that all the polls have reported

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20172:36 am

And Maple Ridge-Mission has been claimed by the NDP’s Bob D’Eith, who took the seat from incumbent Marc Dalton

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20172:42 am

With a nine-vote margin, Courtenay-Comox will go to an automatic recount, but for now it’ll go in the NDP column, with Ronna-Rae Leonard taking the riding from the Liberals

Murad Hemmadi May 10, 20172:51 am

Canadian Press projects British Columbia is set to have its first minority government in 65 years, with the Green party holding the balance of power for the first time in Canadian history.

With one seat left to be decided, the Liberals had won 42 seats and the NDP 41, with the Greens making a major breakthrough by picking up three seats.

Regardless of the outcome of the last riding, no party would be able to win the 44 seats necessary to govern with a majority in the 87-seat legislature.


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