Crowd-sourced governance

A new project from NDP MP Craig Scott


Over the weekend, NDP MP Craig Scott, the NDP’s democratic reform critic, launched a three-month pilot project called New Democracy, an online platform for policy discussion. (It uses the same platform as ImproveSF, an initiative of San Francisco’s mayor.) Here is the official announcement.

The Ontario Liberals are using something called CommonGround for similar purposes and, during his leadership campaign, Justin Trudeau launched Soapbox (I’m told Soapbox will return at some point). Tony Clement’s Open Government Action Plan also includes steps in this direction.

All of this you can probably include in the larger discussion about open government and government 2.0 or 3.0. The Fins seem to be up to interesting things in this regard and a California assemblyman recently claimed the first “wiki bill” in U.S. history.


Crowd-sourced governance

  1. Clearly this is all just baby-steps towards the ultimate goal of having the policy direction of the Country dictated by what goes on in the comments section of MacLean’s.

    • Then God help us all !

    • Just what we need. All the people who spend their days trolling comment boards having more input into new bills than the average Canadian. Cause God knows trolls are so much smarter than the rest of us.

      • “…then the rest of us.”

        Nice. liked how you did that.

      • Ironic coming from a troll

    • Rather, selling amendments to bills to the highest bidder. The internet has been all about cutting out the middle-man. Why not do the same with legislators and allow lobbyists to purchase the changes they want?

    • Macleans is a better representation than CBC dictatorial propaganda of government managing us.

      Governments goes to great lengths to assure the general public gets no binding vote in anything. Its why we elect off a money bought ballot of only statism options. Only effective option you have is who gets more of your money to do less and less for you.

      For example, a clear majority are against bailouts, but we bailed out banks, GM, AIr Canada, CBC, and a long list of corporations, then there is equalization which is really provincial welfare, bailed out cities too….and every one of these corrupt organizations support politicans taxing us more to do more bailout corruption.

      And you, I and other Canadians are just along for the ride. The ruse of Canadian democracy as people vote not on intelligent choices, but vote on fear, envy, greed and ignorance of economics….easy to lead if they don’t teach real economics in high school.

  2. Crowd-sourced governance is what democracy is all about.

    • Can you find me a single definition of democracy that even mentions the word “crowd sourcing”? Didn’t think so.

      • Oh gawd Ricky….take a vacation. Your brain is mush!

  3. We are a faux democracy until we can all directly vote on the issues without a morally corrupt MP/representative in the way. As the reality is, the MP is to lie, propaganda and deceit for a vote. Once elected they are term dictators and ignore the people counting on short memories.

    A real democracy would be to allow us to vote on bailouts and how our money is spent, and do so in a binding way. Turn MPs into sales people, I watch 5 minutes of pro, 5 minutes of con then vote directly on the budget.

    But the whole idea of MPs is to diffuse democracy, provide us with the illusion of representation while the back room really runs the show.

    There is a reason we don’t have recall, no referendums and no recourse. No direct vote makes elections a stage show, statism always wins and people always lose.