Evan Solomon on where party leaders will focus after #GlobeDebate

Evan Solomon on the next turn along the campaign trail

Hint: Watch the regional campaigns across Canada


Everyone wants to know if the last leaders’ debate on the economy broke the three-way logjam in the election race.

What did each leader need to do to give his team the momentum? Harper had to reboot his campaign and had the perfect topic and home turf on which to do it, but did he set himself apart with something new, or were warnings about change and a status-quo pitch enough?

Did Mulcair make sure he didn’t look too risky to run a national economy, while at the same time hitting Trudeau hard enough to knock him out of the race to be the agent of change?

Did Trudeau look competent on economic issues and ready to be in the room, taking on Harper on these fundamental issues? Avoiding a blunder and trying to outflank Mulcair on the left with feisty jabs, did Trudeau grab momentum? Or did his breathless, non-stop barrage turn people off?

A few days will start to tell the real story, but the campaigns now will turn more regional and focus on their own critical paths to victory.



Evan Solomon on the next turn along the campaign trail

  1. The irony of this article, “did his non-stop barrage turn people off”, very interesting, when Mulcair and Harper were going toe-to-toe in the HOCs last session, they were called great orators and communicators, now Trudeau sticks it to Harper(the man with the sweaty forehead) and Mulcair(reduced valium, maybe gravol this time, low dose) at a debate, and Trudeau all of a sudden is a hot head and angry, give me a break. The real funny thing I do find is that the media were saying how much trouble Trudeau was going to have with Harper and Mulcair in these debates, he was a lightweight, because Harper and Mulcair were such good orators in the HOCs, Dahh!, well it seems that these two bozos(H&M), have been in training how to debate, since the last debate, so that should makes the MSMs argument about Trudeau and “his non-stop barrage”, moot. Just imagine, two career politicians, Harper and Mulcair have to rehearse in order to debate Trudeau, and they still looked like rookies, I ask, who’s really not ready to run this country?