Get to know Justin Trudeau’s first cabinet

The ministry includes parliamentary rookies and veterans of governments past


One is a 30-year-old refugee from Afghanistan who’s brand new to the House of Commons. Another is a P.E.I. farmer who was first elected to Parliament 27 years ago. Nobody can dismiss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 31-person cabinet as a boring group of political hacks. Trudeau had to pick his ministry from a caucus rich with rookies and, thankfully for those newbies, stocked with survivors of cabinets past.

We dug into each cabinet minister’s biography and learned a few things: where they’re from, how they made a living before Parliament, and even some oddball facts that add a little colour. (Guess which newly anointed government House leader was once Trudeau’s babysitter.)

Browse through this interactive group photo and learn a little bit more about the faces of the Trudeau era. Activate the interactive portrait by moving your mouse on top of it, or tap it on mobile. For the best experience on mobile, flip your phone view to landscape mode or flip through our mobile gallery below the image.

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Get to know Justin Trudeau’s first cabinet

  1. So the first thing the Trudeau government and his mainstream media flackies do is a fraud, on the Canadian people and the world.

    5 of the 15 women are Ministers of State, not full Cabinet members.

    So 10/25 is 40%, not 50%.

    But then we knew the new PM had a problem with arithmetic…you know the budget balancing itself, the inability to keep spending equal to revenue.

    All animals are equal, but apparently some animals are more equal than others. And 40% is equal to one half apparently.

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