Infographic: Where the jobs are in Ontario -

Infographic: Where the jobs are in Ontario

Where will PC leader Tim Hudak find those one million jobs?


Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak is staking his electoral changes on a promise to create one million new jobs if elected, even while cutting 100,000 public sector positions. That may be a challenge since the provincial economy has created just 667,000 new jobs since the Liberals came into power in 2003. Nearly half of those jobs have been in the public sector.

Here’s a look at employment in Ontario and how it has changed in the decade since the Liberals came to power:

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Infographic: Where the jobs are in Ontario

  1. Heatlh Care you say?

  2. The stats collected here, must have been gathered from that outdated (online) Gov’t Job site.

  3. Note to reader: the increase in government jobs includes federal and municipal. This infographic is NOT about Ontario Broader Public Sector (BPS) employment. Contrary to PC claims, the OPS has NOT increased by 300,000 since 2009, or since 2003 for that matter. The BPS is up around 150,000 since the liberals came to power.