Is Angela Merkel 'Europe's most dangerous leader'? -

Is Angela Merkel ‘Europe’s most dangerous leader’?

A leading British political magazine has branded German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Europe’s most dangerous leader” and compared her to Adolf Hitler.


A leading British political magazine has branded German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Europe’s most dangerous leader” and compared her to Adolf Hitler.

The cover of the current issue of the left-leaning weekly New Statesman depicts Merkel as The Terminator with prosthetic eye and leather jacket and asks: “Will the German chancellor relent before she terminates growth and pushes us into a new Depression?”

In the accompanying article, published Wednesday, New Statesman senior editor Mehdi Hasan goes further: “Merkel is the most dangerous leader since Hitler.”

Hasan says the “fiscal self-flagellation” of austerity measures Merkel insists some of Germany’s European Union partners adopt are “destroying the European project, pauperising Germany’s neighbours and risking a new global depression.”

Hasan also characterizes Merkel as the world leader who “poses the biggest threat to global order and prosperity” — more dangerous than Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu or North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

On Thursday, a spokesman for Merkel’s office said, “We do not comment on such matters.”

Reaction in both Britain and Germany has so far been muted, but the president of the World Jewish Congress immediately leaped to Merkel’s defence.

Ronald S. Lauder condemned the New Statesman for what he called a “despicable and totally unfair attack.”

In a statement issued Thursday, Lauder said: “To compare the democratically elected leader of today’s Germany with the brutal dictator Hitler is revolting and sickening. Not only is Chancellor Merkel a committed European, but there are few statesmen in Europe who have done more for Israel and the Jewish people.”

The New Statesman was honoured in 2009 as News Magazine of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors.


Is Angela Merkel ‘Europe’s most dangerous leader’?

  1. Please check your facts. The New Statesman used to be a leading political magazine and is now a failing political magazine, which is why they resort to ever more sensationalist “opinion”. Hasan is no longer a senior editor – presumably he was fired because of the falling number of readers. However, they let him keep on writing so everyone could save some face. Though Hasan is still called an editor on their website, that is because the quality of their work is now so low that they cannot be bothered to promptly update their website.

  2. Yeah Gordon is right, it hink this magazine has ni idea what are writing about. They are away from facts. So in these tinmes there is no need for such foolish comments from people like Hassan.

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  4. As a German woman I only can laugh at this picture. The writer of the article really believes Mrs Merkel is that strong? Mr Hasan overestimates her. But maybe he is just the weak kind of man who is afraid of a “powerful” (?) woman.

  5. …Democratically elected lider…Brutal dictator… *ahem*

    “When Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934, Hitler’s cabinet passed a law transferring the power of the presidency to Hitler as both Chancellor and Führer (Leader). In mid-August a plebiscite was held, and 85% of the people voted to sustain Hitler as supreme leader of the state, people and military. Hitler could no longer be legally challenged. But he hadn’t been elected per se: he’d been appointed Chancellor, then usurped the power of the presidency, and was approved in place by that 85% vote, but the fact remains (and the German voters living at the time must bear the responsibility) 85% voted to follow Hitler to their eventual Götterdamerung.”
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