Kathleen Wynne distances herself from former McGuinty aides

Those who face charges ‘were never on my staff,’ Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne tells Evan Solomon

(Photograph by Cole Garside)

(Photograph by Cole Garside)

“They were never on my staff.”

That’s what Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says about the two former staffers who worked for Dalton McGuinty—and now face charges for breach of trust, mischief and misuse of a computer system in connection with the gas plant scandal. None of the charges has been tested in court.

Wynne told SiriusXM’s Everything is Political with Evan Solomon that her office has acted responsibly and cooperated with the investigation into these charges.

The explosive allegations—that the two political aides purged government computers to get rid of politically damaging documents related to the cancellation of two gas plants in Oakville and Mississauga—have Ontario NDP energy critic Peter Tabuns asking what other details might come out during their trial, which begins Jan. 27, 2016.

The cancellation of the two GTA gas plants cost the Ontario government over $1 billion.


Kathleen Wynne distances herself from former McGuinty aides

  1. I hope these two sing like canary’s on the witness stand. It’s the only way to bring down these 2 crooks.

  2. CONS keep complaining about the LIBS…. And LIBS keep winning LOL

  3. They could decide to tell the truth. Then again the courts would have to decide to believe them. Long shot at best considering. Not much integrity left hanging around these days. Especially in the Liberal party. Completely ignoring rural Ontario’s needs. Sure would be great if the GTA realized their was life in the rest of the province.

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