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21 questions (III)


As you might have just noticed, neither of the press gallery’s two questions concerned Omar Khadr.

He came a distant third in the vote.

Which seems about right. altogether fitting.


21 questions (III)

  1. Considering the lack of substance, Aaron, with the 2nd question asked, I beg to differ with that assessment. What was that about? The reporters felt they should follow a very tough (and proper) question asked in French with a puffball question in English?

  2. I think it depends how you read Aaron’s “about right” comment, Scott. I read it as: “about consistent with the attention the Khadr file has received so far.”

    As for me, I’ll note only this: Jennifer’s multi-part question got both men talking for several minutes on several subjects. Sometimes when I’ve asked the toughest question I could contrive, I get a purse-lipped six-word reply in response.

    • Hi Paul:

      I note that Aaron has re-worded his concluding line, which seems to fit with what you were suggesting.

      I’ll be interested to hear from Ignatieff at his press conference what he had to say on the topic and what the President replied (since Ignatieff has already said he’s bringing Khadr up, and with Bob Rae also there, who has also spoken out on Khadr) .

  3. As a rule of thumb, often observed in the breach, it’s frowned upon for one party in a diplomatic discussion to report on what the other party said. So Ignatieff may — may — report only his side of that conversation.

    • Hopefully not, it would make for a boring press conference. I asked him about Khadr, and he said stuff… How many questions is Ignatieff allowing the media?

      • I’m pleased to see that Iggy did indicate on the CBC interview what his position was intalking to Obama on Khadr, and what President Obama at least partially indicated back as a response.