A Canadian-measuring contest


Thomas Mulcair doesn’t appreciate the Prime Minister’s insinuation.

“We celebrate our diversity, we have a minister responsible for multiculturalism. But when push comes to shove, if you give him half a chance, the real Stephen Harper comes out (suggesting) ‘I’m more Canadian than you are because my family doesn’t have a background in different countries,'” Mulcair said.

“It’s a reflection of profoundly parochial and insular thinking.”

Unfortunately for Mr. Mulcair there is also—as Bob Rae delights in pointing out—what New Democrats said when Stephane Dion’s citizenship was questioned.

Update 8:25pm. In the updated CP story (now linked to above), Mr. Mulcair says Mr. Layton expressed regret for his comments about Mr. Dion.

Indeed, Mulcair said he raised the issue with Layton before agreeing to come on board as his Quebec lieutenant in 2007. “Jack and I talked about it straight up and he told me that literally in so many words … He said, ‘That’s not the answer I should have given.'”


A Canadian-measuring contest

  1. I am more interested in joining Cosh’ Mulcair Birther campaign. Mulcair looks pretty suspicious hiding behind that beard  of his – is he even Canadian? 

    Maybe Mulcair can run ads – “Mulcair. He didn’t leave Canada for you.”

  2. Okay….everyone in Parliament….flash your passports and let’s have an end to this nonsense.

    We are coming dangerously close to the Tea Party American birther crap about whether Obama is a ‘real’ American.

    And if McCain is a ‘real’ American.

    And now if Romney is a ‘real’ American.

    And while Harper is at it, let him send the RCMP to question every Jewish person in Canada about their loyalties….because they all have automatic dual citizenship from birth.

    We’ll see how popular that makes Harper in the Jewish community.  Or in any community.

  3. Mulcair has been itching for an excuse to go toe to toe with Harper. He’s selling himself as the guy who can do that. 

  4. Question:   Just curious, but why does Mulcair have a French passport – wasn’t he born in Quebec – were his parents French citizens??

    • Mulcair was born in Ottawa….his wife is French.

      • Thx – missed the earlier Wherry piece on this topic.  Let the games begin.

      • As I said on another post, that is the big difference in between M. Dion and Mulcair on this.  For M. Dion it was something automatic that came becasue his mother was French.  With Mulcair, he did it by choice.

        That being said, I don’t think there is any big deal here.

        The sort-of-funny part is the hypocracy of the NDP when Jack was going after M. Dion compared to now.

        The ominous part is Harper’s “In my case, I am very clear, I’m a Canadian and only a Canadian,”  This from a a guy who had never been anywhere until he became our Dear Leader and was calling for one province to erect “firewalls” only a short time ago.

        • You had my attention until you slipped in the childish Kim Jong Il reference.

          • Marjory,

            This is the comment board for a blog posting.  Childish is alright.

            I just try not to be insulting to either other commenters or individuals involved in whatever the original post was about.

          • Considering what Cons have called Martin, Dion, Ignatieff and Rae….’Dear Leader’ for Harper is mild. 

            Also accurate. LOL

          • pretty common reference around here.

          • Pretty common reference lots of places.

          • I like “Our Glorious Leader.” That one was started by John Doyle of the Globe and Mail.

  5. No it is Jack Layton and Pat Martin insinuated it back in 2006.

  6. Everyone’s being a little silly about this.

    My view? (As a dual Canada/US citizen.) Dual citizenship is fine when you’re in opposition or as high as a junior cabinet position in government, as long as it’s with a friendly country. If you become a senior minister — Finance, Defence, or Foreign Affairs — or Prime Minister, take a trip to the relevant embassy and renounce your other citizenship before you’re sworn in.

    Only exceptions? Citizens of other Commonwealth realms — the Queen’s head of state for us all. But citizens of other republics and of Commonwealth republics, or subjects of other monarchs, these all should renounce in those circs, as the former Governor-General did.


    So Mulcair shouldn’t have to do anything, in my books, until/unless he was on the verge of becoming PM.

    • This is getting complicated.

      Can we make a website and post a list of the public offices that I can aspire to, and the ones that I can’t?

      • Is complicated the new idiotic?

        Certainly every senior military officer, indeed anyone with a clearance to top secret information needs to be sanctified as purely and only Canadian.  Hell, anyone who drives a tank or a fighter aircraft ought to be included too considering the damage their conflicted loyalties could result in.  

        It is about time we cleared out the majority of Canadians of Italian descent as well.  Can’t they vote in Italian elections whether they are citizens or not?   Certainly we need to keep a few (under watch) otherwise Canadian culinary highlights would revert to fiddleheads and poutine. We do need to be pragmatic in this.

        I wonder how much of the G20 problem was dual citizen cops going wild.  I doubt anyone has even checked that out.  It is possible that it was all those foreign leaders picking up their cells and ordering our security forces about that led to the problem.

        Finally we have got to get the dual citizen teacher situation under control.  It would be just like the Liberals to infiltrate the teaching ranks with foreigners undermining Canadian values.  I have certainly noticed a few suspicious accents on parent teacher days.  This last one is perhaps the most urgent.  The children are our future and it is vital that it be a Canadian and only Canadian future, isn’t it?

        • You forgot the Islamic and Hindu truckers; they have to be smuggling in something.

  7. Let’s take a moment to contemplate this.

    Stéphane Dion, who stuck his neck out as a private citizen to fight for Canada, and Thomas Mulcair, who fought Seperatists almost his entire political life (or at least until he joined the NDP) are somehow less Canadian in the eyes of Stephen Harper – who was basically part of the “Let ’em go” crowd.

    By Steve’s calculation therefore some Bloc M.P. with only Canadian citizenship is more Canadian and more qualified to be Prime Minister than either of those gentlemen.

    Absolute bullsh*t.

    • I am more worried about Bob Echert’s loyalty to the country.

      • I’m worried about Peter MacKay’s! and he is the Minister of Defence.

    • Justin, is that you?

  8. “I’m more Canadian than you are because my family doesn’t have a background in different countries”

    This is not what Harper implied.   Every Canadian’s family, with the possible exception of the First Nations, has a background in different countries – including Harper’s.

    What Harper implied is that citizenship involves allegiance, and dual allegiances (not “backgrounds”) is a problem for the leader of a nation.  I think he’s right.

    • You assume allegiance…..millions of people have left their country…it’s the norm, not the exception.

      People can have quite different ‘allegiances’ at any given time.

      • Indeed they do, but at the time that they are attempting to become Prime Minister, their foreign citizenship should not be too much of a sacrifice. Even for selfish reasons, as he has good reason to believe this will be a political liability.

        • Meh…most people don’t give a damn.

          They certainly didn’t when Turner was PM

          • The question isn’t whether people care; it’s whether people should.

          • Well they shouldn’t.

            They didn’t care about Turner….and the only ones who care about Dion and the GG and Mulcair are Cons

            Probably because the other citizenship is….French.

          • I’ve heard better arguments for the political viability of things than “It didn’t hurt John Turner”.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus 

            I really do think the whole “problem” is that it is France.

            John Turner’s dual citizenship is with the U.K.  The anglophiliacs currently running the government wouldn’t have a problem with that but they are also born of the “anti-Frenchie” crowd so on hearing that somebody has dual French citizenship it becomes pure “dog-whistle” politics for them.

          • I believe Mr. Harper to be the first Canadian prime minister to have been born a Canadian citizen, i.e., post 1947. That Mr. Turner, who was PM for a few weeks, was a British citizen wasn’t a big deal indeed when most politicians at the time had been born British subjects.

          • Previous to Harper……were Martin, Dion, Ignatieff, Trudeau, Pearon, Dief, St Laurant etc….all Canadians.

            Born here.

            Dion was born in 1955

            If Mulcair’s other citizenship was Brit or German or Czech  etc, nobody would care….but it’s French, so suddenly it matters.

          • Dion, Ignatieff were not prime ministers of Canada.
            Martin, Trudeau, Pearson, Saint-Laurent were all born British subjects, before 1947, when  Mackenzie King became the first Canadian citizen.  All Canadian citizens yes but on Turner you have to place it in the context of the time : all political leaders of his era had been born British subjects, therefore Turner’s dual British/Canadian citizenship did not stick out.

            And I think if Mr. Mulcair held an American dual citizenship, an Indian or an Iranian dual citizenship you would hear about it too.

          • So now you narrow the goalposts….they must have been PMs, and born after 1947.

            You can’t narrow it any more, or not even Harper will qualify! LOL

            We were all Canadians before 1947, but we were also British subjects….some would argue we still are.

            We were also aware Turner was British….context of the times?  It wasn’t that long ago!

            No, it’s just because it’s France….our defence minister is married to an Iranian…we have people with Indian connections in govt….and we certainly have Americans.

            Tony Clement was born in the UK….does that mean he can’t even try for leader?  I doubt it.

            This is purely a French/English hate thing….and Ms Lamontagne, you’re encouraging it.

  9. He probably shouldn’t be renouncing Mr. Layton’s public positions posthumously on his behalf.

  10. Ah, that devious Mulcair. It’s all part of a secret NDP plan to finally fold that
    nefarious outpost of the French Empire .. St. Pierre et Miquelon .. into the
    welcoming arms of a secure and stable Canada. Details to follow.
    (Keep a close eye on who that alleged navy spy was really working for .. he has
    a kind of frenchy name too, eh).

  11. It doesn`t matter how Harper, or Coyne,, or Dion, or any MacLeans` commenters, or how Layton felt, or how Mulcair feels now about Mulcair being a dual citizen of France.

    It doesn`t matter that some of you believe that we live in a Global Village and we should all be global citizens.

    What should matter to someone who aspires to become leader of our country is that people will be less likely to vote for him now than yesterday.

    It`s that simple—but Mulcair is stubborn—Mulcair is toast and with him most of the NDP seats in Quebec. This was probably a good day for the LPC.

    • No…YOU will be less likely to vote for him now…but since you’re a Con you didn’t plan to vote for him anyway.

  12. Here`s a little rule I use on this site—-If I don`t have time to fully examine a particular issue, I will read just one of the repetitious posts by the resident trolle here and I just take the opposite position of hers`and 99% of the time my position is in line with most Canadians.

    • No, you’re just trying to find another excuse for being an unthinking Conbot.

      However, there isn’t one.

  13. In Canada Dion, Mulcair are as Canadian as Harper.  We recognize citizenship by le droit du sol:  they were born in Canada and in Canada they are all equally Canadian.
    In France, Dion and Mulcair are French citizens. Harper is not.
    While there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Dion and Mr. Mulcair are French citizens, that doesn’t make them less Canadian.   But they are French citizens with the right to vote in French elections, and in the coming election for an extraterritorial seat the creation of which has been the subject of a dispute between the Canadian and French governments.  It would be interesting to know the positions of Dion and Mulcair on this issue : do they side with the Canadian government or the French government ?

  14. The issue of extraterritorial constituencies was discussed this fall in committee (Foreign Affairs). To my knowledge Canada is the only country in the world that has established a policy against the creation of extraterritorial constitutuencies. We can read some of the reasons for this policy here:


    It would be interesting to have the views of Mr. Dion and Mr. Mulcair on this Canadian policy. 

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