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‘A good, frank dialogue’


A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office on today’s meeting.

The Prime Minister met this afternoon with National Chief Shawn Atleo and leaders from Canada’s First Nations communities. The Prime Minister participated in the full meeting and had a good, frank dialogue with all participants. While both sides did not come to agreement on all matters, the First Nations leaders brought serious and important proposals to the table.

The government remains committed to ongoing dialogue on Aboriginal issues and to taking achievable steps that will provide better outcomes in First Nations communities.

To that end, the Prime Minister agreed to high-level dialogues on the treaty relationship and comprehensive claims. The Prime Minister agreed with the need to provide enhanced oversight from the Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office on Aboriginal matters.

The Prime Minister agreed to debrief the members of his Cabinet and government on today’s discussions and agreed to meet with AFN National Chief Atleo in the coming weeks to review next steps.


‘A good, frank dialogue’

  1. Gawd….I hope he didn’t really say that.

    Makes him sound ignorant about it for all these years, so that today came as a revelation ….and if he’s going to pass the info on to his cabinet he’ll be briefing them….not debriefing them.

    And mostly what it says….is the same high-flown blah-blah….he said last year.

    • Well you know Elmo, the Prime Minister has a very high regard for your unequivocally lucid and perceptive point of view. So with you advising him on how the FN view the symbolic relationship between the Crown, the GG and the FN, well the PM thought he should add a little symbolism to the proceedings himself.

      I know you adore the smell of gasoline don’t you Elmo. Well what a party. And ohhhhh my gawd when the PM said what he did, it was a tense moment. But I don’t think the FN heard a word of it.

      Looking back on it you’d never tell from just sight alone that the entire FN lot of them weren’t DOA. And gazing wistfully at Chief Princess as if they were each of them a guilty, remorseful PF.

      It was beautiful Emily ?? – Have I been calling you Elmo? …WOW, sorry about that.

    • That’s the brightest thing you’ve said Elmo; very articulate. Well done !