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A senator-free cabinet

Senators will apparently no longer be welcome around the table


A government source suggests the Prime Minister is about to make an unconventional move when he shuffles the cabinet.

And the prime minister is already signalling one structural change to the cabinet as a direct response to the Senate expense scandal that is dogging his government. Whoever replaces LeBreton as the government leader in the upper chamber will not be a member of the cabinet, a government source said on condition of anonymity.

The government has recently amped up its rhetoric on bringing in an elected Senate. “The next Senate leader will not be a member of the ministry, so that would leave us with a 100 per cent elected cabinet,” said the source.

So apparently Michael Fortier won’t be invited back.

Parliament’s online record identifies only four leaders of the government in the Senate who have not been part of cabinet, the last being Alfred Brooks from 1962 to 1963. Marjory LeBreton has been a member of cabinet since the Conservatives formed government.

It is, at the very least, an interesting bit of symbolism.


A senator-free cabinet

  1. OMG….all this change! Change at breakneck speed! Will it never stop?!

    • Masterstroke ——- now the commoners can’t see who’s hand is in the puppet !!

      • HIs hand is up a lot of things, but that ain’t one of them

  2. Sounds like a lot of thought has gone into this…

    • The ‘master strategist’ at his best !!!!!

      • Hey, nobody does faux Senate reform like our man Steve.

  3. Poor Marjory LeBreton: Serving the PC party since Dief, Mulroney loyalist, betrayed at last.

    • She is not loyal to people, she is loyal only to her party and her own ambition. I cannot stand the woman — she epitomizes much that is wrong with the current government. But she’s met her match in steve — he’s not loyal either.

  4. If we’re going to go all holy-republican about elected versus appointed, then why aren’t we also talking about electing the prime minister? Why should a partisan leadership convention and 42,998 electors in Calgary Southwest (or Papineau or Outremont) determine who gets to rule Canada with fewer checks and balances than a US president?

    • LOL what about the GG….and the Queen?

      I mean if votes are what it takes to be in a state of grace in this country anymore…..

  5. The Senate would be far from the first institution Harper has starved or smothered because it didn’t meet his needs.

  6. No non-elected ? About time the CPC rolled up to some principles.