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A short history of backfiring Conservative ads


The Conservative Party’s volley of attack ads against new Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau may have backfired, according to a new public opinion poll.

A poll conducted by EKOS between Wednesday and Friday of this week found that 84 per cent of respondents found the ads were negative and 71 per cent said the ads didn’t affect their view of Trudeau. Among those who said the ads did affect their view of the new Liberal leader, 16 per cent said it improved their view of him while only 9 per cent said it had the negative impact the Conservatives had intended.

— Elizabeth Thompson, “Trudeau Attack Ads Backfired: Poll,” iPolitics, April 19, 2013


These new ads are simply offensive. They demean Stephen Harper’s Conservatives as much as Dion’s Liberals. And they diminish the political system that Harper, as our democratically chosen master, should be seeking to uphold rather than bring into disrepute….

Attack ads did not work federally in 1993 or provincially in 2003 and they had a minimal effect, if any, on the 1999 Ontario election. So why are the Conservatives embracing a tactic that seems bound to turn voters away from the political process? The answer may lie in the fact that a number of Harper’s key strategists in cabinet and in the party are products of the Harris era in Ontario.

Of them, it might be said, as was said of the Bourbon kings of France, they are doomed to learn nothing and forget nothing.

— Geoffrey Stevens, “Sleazy Game of Attack Ads Could Backfire Against the Conservatives,” Guelph Mercury, Feb. 5 2007


But Garth Turner, a Liberal MP who helped develop his party’s campaign, maintains the Liberal campaign emphasizes the seriousness of the debate and Mr. Dion’s leadership credentials, while the Conservative ads trivialize the issue.

“We think Stephane Dion is more articulate than a blob of goo,” he said, referring to the much-maligned Tory oil stain.

“The Conservative ads are kind of cute and snickery for 10 or 15 minutes, but past that we think the advertising the Conservatives have done completely misses the point. This is a serious issue…and to deal with it in such a flippant and negative way is going to backfire on them.”

— James Cowan, “Tory ads throw mud at Liberal green plan; ‘Flippant’ reply sure to backfire, Garth Turner says”, National Post, June 24, 2008


“While it may be too early to tell, the poll seems to indicate that recent Conservative attack ads, which began just as the poll was taken, have had little or no impact on Mr. Ignatieff’s rise in popularity.

— William Marsden, “Tories Quebec Polling Numbers ‘Catastrophic’,” Canwest News, May 5 2009


The Conservative attack ads against Michael Ignatieff, which began on the Internet and then moved to TV, may be hurting the Tories more than the Liberal leader, a new poll suggests.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll found that about half the respondents said the ads had no impact on their impression of the Liberal leader, with 30 per cent reporting a negative effect on their attitude toward him.

However, just over half of the respondents said the ads have a negative effect on their feelings about Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Tories.

“The effect seems to cut both ways,” said Jeff Walker, senior vice-president of Harris-Decima. “There is evidence that these ads are having a negative effect on Mr. Ignatieff, but an even greater negative effect on Prime Minister Harper.”

— The Canadian Press, “Conservatives’ Attack Ads Find Audience, But Could Backfire: Poll”, May 29, 2009


Conservative ads attacking Michael Ignatieff for the years he lived outside Canada have turned out to be a windfall for the Liberal Party, says the party’s national director.

“Our single best e-mail solicitation ever came as a result of reaction to the attack ads,” said Rocco Rossi. “It was significantly better than any appeal that we had done before.”

— The Canadian Press, “Attack Ads Backfire on Conservatives,” June 26, 2009


Have Tory attack ads finally gone too far?

That question reverberated Thursday from the twitterverse to the ivory towers of academe after the Conservative party unleashed two newattack ads against Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

The ads purport to ask Ignatieff whether it makes sense during a period of fragile economic recovery to force “an unnecessary election” or to “raise taxes on job creators.” They then flash to a video clip of an animated Ignatieff shouting: “Yes, yes, yes.”

The clip is taken entirely out of context from a partisan tub-thumper Ignatieff delivered Tuesday at a Liberal caucus retreat.

Carleton University communications professor Josh Greenberg… said the ads could backfire, drawing people to view the video of Ignatieff’s entire speech, which many Liberals saw as a tour de force from a leader who finally seems to have found his groove.

Liberal MP Mark Holland said the Tory ads have presented Liberals with “a great opportunity to shine a light on that speech and on Michael and his capabilities.”

He predicted the ads will also reinforce the public perception of the Tories as nasty political thugs.

— The Canadian Press, “Latest Round of Attack Ads Against Ignatieff Sparks Backlash,” Jan. 28, 2011






A short history of backfiring Conservative ads

  1. “We don’t want them to work!” *jams fingers in ears; closes eyes; starts chanting ‘lalalala’*

  2. Its almost as though Harpers Media is working for Mulcair and Trudeau.

  3. I do not agree with many things that the Harper Conservatives have done but God help Canada if a rookie playboy like Trudeau gets into power in Ottawa.
    We must have a very shallow electorate. Had his name been Justin Smith nobody would have heard of him so its all “father’s legacy”. Well his father is long dead so we elect someone who has proven nothing to run this great Nation of ours in a difficult world.
    Both the EU (Brussels) and the Australian Press consider Canada to be the most stable nation on earth. But Canadians apparently disagree with that statement. On my travels Canada is highly regarded abroad reflected by all media in 4 continents…only the left wingers in Canada distort that message. With Trudeau we will have a rookie running an 18-wheeler. Wonder how long before he runs off the road. Mulcair looks better all the time.

    • “Had his name been Justin Smith nobody would have heard of him so its all ‘father’s legacy’.”

      One could say the same of Preston Manning and many other politicians who followed in their parent’s footsteps. His name doesn’t matter. It’s what kind of platform and team he puts together over the next 2 years, and how he handles himself as leader.

      BTW, all the advantages the Canadian economy had were due to Liberal policies: a) banking regulation that prevented a financial market meltdown (Harper was opposed to); b) sound public finances (which Harper obliterated; he blew the $14B Liberal surplus before the recession hit); c) the stimulus package to cushion the blow from the Great Recession (Harper was forced to implement.)

      All Harper has managed to do is squander the advantages he inherited:

      Canada lagging the global recovery, as U.S., Japan pick up speed, OECD (March 2013)

      • The fact that you can compare one of the finest political minds of our time ( Manning )—-a man who started a political Party that has resulted in 7 years of Conservative government and many more to come—to a silly and juvenile person like Trudeau—a man-boy who has little intellect and poor judgement—well, that tells us all we need to know about your impaired, partisan judgement.

        • A man-boy, PET lite. OK they both fit.

    • Playboy? He looks like a very stable father to me. And I don’t know what media you have been looking at, but my impression from the foreign media I see and read is that Canada has fallen from a position of great respect to a position where it is seen as very junior partner in a show run by the U.S. Thanks to Harper, we now have a country that is seen as undependable when it comes to international interactions and not to be trusted with a two-year seat on the Security Council. Whatever stability Canada has results from many decades of pragmatic, balanced government. Now we have a regional ideologue running the country, someone who definitely was a rookie when he took over and remains a rookie when it comes to governing the whole country. All that Harper has any experience in is getting to know the money mongers and furthering their (and his own) self-interests. Also, I suspect a government led by Trudeau would not be a one-man rule as is the current government. I quite understand why Harper does not trust his ministers fully. No one else does, either. But the Liberals or, for that matter, the NDP know something about what parliamentary democracy means and the fundamental principles that inform it.

    • Rookie? The guy has been elected twice.

      Playboy? He’s been married nearly eight years and he and his wife have two kids. Do you have evidence of his philandering?

      You’re entirely entitled to your facile political opinions but I suggest they would be much more compelling if they were based on fact.

      • What business has he run? What experience does he have, as a supervisor, of adults, successfully (politics doesn’t count, you need a REAL life before qualifying for politics) He’s a child amongst adults, a spoiled SIlver Spoon Trust Fund Baby, a 1%er……aaand now he’s the saviour of the left? Seriously?

        • Tell us about the businesses Harper ran before he became leader of the Alliance at age 43. He also has no “business” experience in the private sector and, on the available evidence, hadn’t even traveled outside of Canada much, if at all, before then.

          • I’m not sure if he actually left AB for more than 10 minutes actually.

          • At least his education is not ‘dramatic arts’.

          • Neither is Trudeau’s. But that little detail aside, explain for us your apparent bias against dramatic arts.

    • Might be a tad different if his father had been a good PM when in fact he was the worst Canada ever had.

      • Nice projection there.
        That description is reserved for GW’s ba$tard lovechild with Preston Manning. The pudgy doughboy himself.

        • those are some heavy duty meds you’re on…………..

        • It’s very progressive to mock people if they’re overweight. You’re very progressive.

          • Actually it was more of a comment on his general pallor and appearance.

            There was no mocking in my comment, I can assure you of that.

            It was just stating the truth.

      • PET left a big trail of dung behind him. The best thing he did was to invoke the war measures act in Quebec.

    • I was with you until you think Tommy the Commie is ready…

    • Playboy? His father was a playboy and his mother was active but this guy i don’t think so. A sliver spooned wimp more likely. But who knows, best to sic the Toronto Star on him to see if they can come up with a video.

  4. The politicians’ contribution to the education of our children is their example.even more than finances. Attack adds are “bullying” by immature adults… When the leaders of our country coach our youth by their example in the use of the media to be disrespectful and BULLY someone as a way to gain power by blaming and demeaning.they are abdicating their adult responsiblity (let alone betraying the trust election to office requires of them) IT’S TIME OUR LEADERS ACCEPTED RESPONSIBLITY FOR THE LACK OF INTEGRITY AND ETHIC THEY OFFER OUR NATIONS YOUTH BY THEIR EXAMPLE. The sad confusion we are experiencing in our adolecent’s use of the media to “bully” each other is a product of the seeds sown in the sad lack of ethic by immature leadership of our nation.


    • How is it bullying? Trudeau made the video that was posted on you tube. This video was then shown to Canadians.

      • How? It was taken out of context. Then the government is using your tax dollars to deceive you. A lot of dollars. And we’re not even in a campaign. The only question I have is: Why are YOU not offended by this?

        • Because the conservative supporters are all indoctrinated into the bullying effect of their leader. Bullies always celebrate their bullying, and the easy win is its own rationale. It takes a few others to stand up to the bullies before anything will change, so the Backbench Spring, as Aaron Wherry calls it, is a sign of that. Maybe CAnadians saying NO to the ads, and stop voting for the bullies. Robocalls = bullies. Shutting down debate in the HoC = bullies. Not letting your MPs perform the duties they’re paid for = bullying. We have a bullying problem in Canada, and it starts at the top with our current government.

        • Annie, you and the other low information voters should try to understand campaign finance laws before commenting….
          As for context, it was in context since he said the principles were passed on to him from PET.

        • The ad was paid for by the Conservative Party not the taxpayer. If you can’t find out that simple fact you’re in big trouble. You should refrain from voting as you apparently don’t take enough time to find out fact from fiction.

          • The CPC is ~75% paid for by the taxpayer, due to huge government subsidies for political parties. (Political donation tax credit and campaign expense reimbursement).

          • Depends on the contribution. For a donation of $400.00, one gets a tax credit of $300 which is 75% of federal tax. From $401 – $750 the credit is 50%; above $750 to $1275 the credit is 33.333333333%; above that, nothing. Should always remember this is a federal credit only and does not affect one’s provincial taxes; likewise, donations to a provincial party are applicable only to one’s provincial taxes and do not affect the federal calculation.

          • Yes, I said ~75% because between the political donation tax credit and campaign expense reimbursement, the government kicks in about that amount of the $ spent by political parties, including the CPC. That was why the bullshit campaign against the per-vote subsidy was such a farce.

          • Evidently nobody informed you the the CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT killed the taxpayer subsidies that the LIBERAL put in to share up their war chest from lack of grass roots support.

          • They did no such thing. They may have eliminated the per vote subsidy, but they left in place the massive political donation tax credit and campaign expense reimbursement subsidies. These last to account for the vast majority of the spending of political parties, including the CPC. These political parties still receive huge subsidies.

        • And his recent comments in french to the french media? Were they also taken outta context or did know full well what he was saying. Quebec for the french looks like his preference.

      • Canadians saw it and most all were not offended. We’re offended by the suggestion that is should have from a corrupt neo con gang of thugs that would, in all of their controversy, have us think that Justin Trudeau’s shirt removal for charity should be an dinner table concern for average Canadians who are struggling to maintain a decent standard of living. Hope that clarifies it for you . . con. Get a life !!

        • Does Justin approve of your negative tone? Justin is all for going positive, don’t you know?

          • I think JT is cool with the taking off the shirt part. It raised more money for a great cause… a great cause that SH has stiffed year after year.

            Too bad our current PM does not share his wife’s capacity for caring, empathy and general do going. Laureen Harper and JT actually share quite a few values. They both love the outdoors, don’t back down from a physical challenge, respect the disadvantaged. These are Canadian values; the sort that define us as a people, make us who we are. SH is not a Canadian. (ps he can’t skate)

          • I love the outdoors. I won’t back down from a physical challenge. I respect the disadvantaged. And I have voted for Mr.Harper and will do so again.

            I don’t know what “do going” is, but that could be because I am just an immigrant. And the country I came from is well known for being open of mind and being interested in intelligent debate. That’s why Mr.Harper appeals to me. He too has those values I recognize from the old country.

            Countries don’t stay static. And a country such as Canada with many newcomers adding up to a total population, cannot be expected to stay static either.

            Canada is a growing and evolving entity, always! I am part of that Canadian make-up now. Such is the truth. I can skate. Some people can skate and some people can’t skate, but my Canada includes all people whether they can skate or not. I believe in being tolerant in a consistent way.

            Canada, the land of the strong and free!

          • Harper is “open of mind and being interested in intelligent debate”?!?!?

            Give me ONE (1) example! He’s the most secretive, unavailable, rehearsed, opaque person (let alone politician) I have ever seen! Have you bought into his “sitting with his nice suit and haircut so he must be competent” schtick?

          • I received a message from you which asked where I came from. Well, if you are a traveling man, you should be able to tell by my name what part of the world I came from.

            Have you not traveled much……..or not enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,because it seems that if you have not traveled much than you ain`t worth much for anything.

            Harper had not traveled much before he became PM you see and that was worthy of reporting for years. That`s why I asked it you traveled much.

          • Having a Dutch name does not mean you came from the Netherlands.

          • No way for fooling you……..

            indeed, you don`t have to travel the world to understand that much. I`m sure Harper is aware of that!

          • He is if there’s money to be made there. . . for big oil that is.

          • Now now . . . you should have just known. My name places my family in Normandy, France back some 400 years. Pretty sure you’ve of have no reason to feel I was born there . . . . like our pal Francy-pants Verhoeeven . . . PS: Gotta love the ‘hoe” part of that wonderful name. You might call her “Hoe for Harpo” LOL LOL . . alright, competely uncalled for . . . lol

          • Harper interested in intelligent debate? Can you give me an example of when Harper has fostered one, in the context of Canadian politics?

          • Just a few months ago when his government approved the Nexxon deal and Harper gave a press conference about it. His approach as laid out by him was a very intelligent one.

          • Laying out a position is not really a debate. He was rationalizing his so-far haphazard approach to foreign takeovers. For a supposed conservative, he seems inordinately willing to let the government meddle arbitrarily in the economy.

          • You obviously did not see that press conference otherwise you would not have reacted they way you did. Or perhaps you did see it but do not understand the meaning of reasonable debates.

          • Absolutely! And you might add that we don’t pay this lot to parade around the world to peddle for big biz, big oil or banksters. Let them do their own negotiating then report to each respective government, on their own dime I might add, for approval for which the government should then be required to turn to the people. But that would be democracy. No room for that within a fascist dicatatorship.

          • So says you . . . lol

          • Oh, you voted Harpo. So then, when you say you “respect the disadvantaged” you’re talking mental and morally. I get it. You from ‘Berti?

          • So someone can’t skate therefor he isn’t a Canadian?!? Perhaps the stupidest comment ever in history of Maclean’s response threads. It is frightening that you apparently vote. But, you’re ignorance does appear to be the norm among liberal/socialist thinkers.

          • It could be the stupidest comment if it had been made. Since it was not, it is not eligible.

          • Also, get your homonyms straight. It’s ‘your’ not “you’re”. They sound the same but mean totally different things. Never mind that you made your error while scolding someone else about their ignorance…

          • You’d have to ask him . . I’m not particularly a JT fan. But when it comes to Harpo and the hippos, it’s all about the impression of “positivity” all with a crooked, diseased smile. Kind of like the positive disposition of a used car (think lemon) salesperson. Gives any non-neo-con the creeps . . . even REAL, traditional conservatives who believe in small government, low taxes, open markets and personal liberty. Harper? Fascist . . . all about corporate profits with the illusion that they might share. And that, Francy-pants is most certainly a “negative” for all. One day you might get that.

          • But you like it when Justin Trudeau charges schoolboards across this country up to $20,000 @ pop for giving private speeches WHILE he gets paid to be an MP, a job he skips in order to collect money from schoolboards to stick into Justin’s private pockets.

            We understand that that is ok with you.

            But I don’t think it is ok for Justin to have done that. Charging schools to stick the money into Justin’s own pocket! The thought alone makes me cringe.

          • First of all, there is no “we” when you speak or type on this or any forum. There is only YOU . . a mere individual amongst individuals debating an issue(s). You are not the king pin of any particular group expressing the totality of thought on their behalf . . How buffoonish and arrogant of you. You lose credibility right there. NO SOUP FOR YOU !!! . . . LOL

            Secondly, the “we understand that is okay with you” bit? How laughable. You don’t understand a thing. As I said, I’m not a big JT fan. Perhaps you missed that or, being a neo con, more likely chose to ignore it. If I was a JT fan I most certainly would owe you no apology whatsoever. I may grow to like him but at this time I don’t know him well enough to pass judgment. Harpo on the other hand has proven to be a vile, corrupt “leader” of an entire nation with exploits to the few from the many. Trudeau’s paid speeches? LOL How desperate are you to paint a picture . . any picture that might distract attention from all of Harps dirty little deeds?

            Now to the issue: JT’s name does merit celebrity status . . like it or not. If individuals or groups are willing to pay him 20K (taking your word for it . . . not always the best idea when you’re dealing with a neo con) then that is their choice. Who are you to say otherwise or, LOL, “cringe” over it? Perhaps you forget when PM Harpo (not private citizen Harps) paraded around the world giving speeches (primarily in Europe who wanted to institute a fair bank tax on their massive profits) crying not to tax banks? Can you direct me/others where you might have expressed your displeasure about that . . . you know, since you cringe at 20K speeches. Yup, you’re tax dollars paid for Harpo to save banks from paying a minimum tax in Europe (afraid it might come here is what it was). Now they’re state side about this XL Pipeline crap peddling it to any and all U.S. politicians who will listen to them while we pay their salaries!!!! Governments representing private industry and corporations on the public dole (the jobs end of it is a facade) . . . that’s fascism my dear. Perhaps you should look that up and soon. That should really make you cringe, Frany.

            JT’s speeches? You’re scraping bottom there. You’ll have to do a lot better than that but then again, the cat is out of the bag. You’ve shown your stripes choosing such a petty issue while neo cons prepare to take more control, give more to corporations and install more police state measures than we’ve ever seen in this country and that’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Get your priorities in order there, deary or are those priorities you believe in? If so than you are an enemy of Canada . . of the common man. Not exactly a heroic gesture on your part.

            And while you would nit-pick at Trudeau for being paid to give speeches . . by groups or individuals who choose to do so . . tell us, Francy-pants. . where is the “choice” in a government willing to allow banks to confiscate the savings of hard working Canadians to prop up the dirty back room dealings gone bad by bankers? You know, that nice Cyprus-styled bank bail-in outlined right in the new federal budget, page 144-145? Surely you’ve got issues there . . . or should they start with your bank account? Now I think I might speak for the many to suggest that that makes us all cringe.

          • (Justin is about to give a speech at a school he has been invited to, at a cost to the school of $10,000 dollars. Justin was at first reluctant to do this since he already gets an MP salary, but the vote in the House that day was not that important….)

            Justin walks onto the podium pulling a little red wagon full of scissors:

            “People, people, this should be an outrage; the government has decided to add $3 to the cost of this little red wagon because it was made in China. And these scissors, dear middle class, all of these scissors are now costing 10 cents more because of another tariff attached to the made in China product. And outrage for the middle class, simply an outrage!!”

            Justin then wipes his curly hair away from his brow before pulling his little red wagon up and down the stage to show each and every student and parent the many scissors waiting in the wagon to be sold. The students and parents clap, and clap and clap some more. Then Justin is done and goes behind the stage, and as he does so, bowing one last time to the audience which he will then leave breathless.

            Behind the stage Justin pulls the headmaster aside and says:

            “Dear headmaster, could you CUT me that cheque for $10,000 now. Sending it in the mail will only add the cost of a stamp, non?”

        • Once again a “tolerant” liberal/socialist resorts to name calling since there really isn’t any substance to your comment. Keep up the good work as your hate-filled and bigoted statements show Canadians who the true “thugs” are.

          • Oh, rest assured we know who the real thugs are, Spunky. “Thug” is he label used when we want to complement a con. However, cons in power will hurt you in ways that labels never could. They’ll enslave you to banksters and big oil. I find that’s the most “hate-filled” agenda that could be and I’m not a liberal. I believe in TRUE conservative values, traditional ones . . like limited government, low taxes, open and free markets (not this fixed controled scam we have) and personal freedom and responsibility. Think that’s what you have with these neo cons? LOL

    • Do you think the poor little guy has hurt feelings? Maybe somebody can call the teacher and get them to protect poor little Trudeau.

  5. Trudeau will be a fool is he shrugs off these attacks like Dion and Ignatieff did. Whether it’s the playground, the factory floor, the office place or the national stage, the politics are all the same. If someone shrugs off insults and disrespect they are seen as pathetic, certainly not leadership material. A real leader knows how to handle jerks and bullies.

    Trudeau doesn’t have to sink to Harper’s sleazy level with slanderous and misleading attacks of his own. He simply has to stand up for himself and set the record straight.

    He could start off with something like: “Stephen Harper thinks I’m not fit to lead because I took my shirt off at a charity event to raise money for the Canadian Liver Foundation. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life.

    “He also edited a video clip of me which took my words completely out of context. Chris Selly of the National Post remarked it was (and I quote) ‘a truly outrageous twisting of Trudeau’s words, even by the standards of the Tory Black Ops department.’

    Then he could go on to sell his vision to Canadians: “I am not here to sink to Mr. Harper’s level. I am here to offer Canadians an entirely different way of doing politics. A completely different meaning of leadership. …” These attacks actually offer Trudeau a great opportunity to turn the tables and prove he has the right stuff of leadership.

    • Read JT’s response to Peter Mansbridge’s question about the Boston bombing…IF you can get beyond the childish, 13 year old valley girl, air head talk, (I mean, you know,…), JT had the gall to says that, “There is no question” that these bombing were committed by someone who “feels excluded from society”….There is NO question?…I guess having the last name “Trudeau” gives him extra special clairvoyant powers….Feeling excluded from society?…Typical Liberal Hug-a-thug approach…Build basketball courts and crime will be eliminated….

      The man has been a failure all his life….Dropped two University degrees…A one time, part time Drama teacher…..

      Yep…That’s credibility…..

      • Trudeau is right. It’s smarter to get to the root causes of crime and prevent future crimes than to wage a war once the damage is done. If you prevent crime you prevent people from becoming victims of crime.

        The liberal approach actually works. The US wages a war on drugs that increases gang activity and organized crime. They wage a war on terror that increases the number of terrorists in the world. They wage a war on crime but have the highest crime rate among developed countries and the highest incarceration rate in the world. Compare the US to liberal countries: their homicide rate is 5X Sweden’s, 6X Germany’s and 8X Norway’s.

        The conservative caveman approach just doesn’t get the job done. On crime (the economy, and pretty much everything else,) they are way in over their heads…

        • It is smarter but if people aren’t in a state of fear then the Cons and their friends can’t milk the public purse of money and get rich. Crime is a big earner to the folk who pay for Harper and Co and it ensures that Harper and Co get elected in a kind of corrupt, disingenuous reach-around,
          Preventing crime isn’t what they want, so there is no need to get to the root causes, that’ll cut off the corporate welfare,

          • Speaking of bullying……
            Oh the irony!

        • Ron Waller….

          Bull…The Liberal hug-a-thug approach has never worked….Giving criminals an excuse for their behaviour only serves to embolden them to continue their thuggish ways….

          Or haven’t you been paying any attention to criminal court cases?….Thugs constantly going before the judges, with rap sheets longer than their arms, only to given a another, 30th chance…..

          All “war on drugs” is a fraud, but, putting thugs in jail doesn’t work?…..Then explain why the U.S. murder/violent crime rate is at it’s lowest level in nearly 50 years, despite that fact that, also, there are more guns in public hands and more people than ever before are carrying concealed?…..

          Also, good attempt in not addressing Trudeau’s childish, laughable response to Mansbridges straight forward question…

          It’s Trudeau that’s way over his head….

          • Care to explain why our crime rate is way down as well…with all those liberal hug a thug policies you mentioned? I suggest you read a little about demographics – the answers are mostly there.

          • You still can’t offer a rational excuse for Trudeau’s infantile response to Mansbridge?….Trudeau would be laughed off the world stage….

            And yes, crime is down, slightly, but the murder/violent crime rate is down a lot faster and a lot further than Canada….Nice try though…

          • Yawn.

          • Murder and violent crime rates in the US are far higher than in Canada. Chicago has more murders than Canada, most years.

          • Trudeau would be laughed off…

            And yet that’s all anybody’s talking about right now. His onlt mistake was timing. If he had waited 24 hrs no problem. No political opportunism on Harper’s part. He’ll learn.

        • Oh yes, the hug a thug crowd always say how they want to deal with root cause, until that root cause happens to start with ‘I’ and end with ‘slam’.
          Then the tune changes.

        • I feel excluded. I should go bomb some marathon.

          What? You say I’m kidding? What makes you the judge of me? If I say I feel excluded then I feel excluded. Now – go do something about that!

          • If hug-a-thug is the wrong approach for dissuading terrorists, how much tougher do you suggest we (or the US, at least) get on terrorist subjects? I don’t think there is a ‘tougher’ setting that assassinations with flying killer robots on suspicion of terrorist tendencies. What”s the next setting? Pre-emptive execution of ethnic/religious groups who could potentially be terrorists? How much tougher do you have to get on terrorists before they stop wanting to put on bombs and kill people?

          • Well, I would give them more rights and ask for less responsibility in return. That would be a good start.

      • Ok, we can mark you down as liking the ads then?

        • You mean, like the one where the Tory’s said that Iggy was just visiting Canada, and had no intention of staying?….Where, after the election, Iggy said that he was staying in Canada, to teach?…..

          Where is Iggy right now?….

          Come on, admit it…Where is your precious Liberal “leader” now?….

          • It’s the lies the ads contain, and you know it – or you should by now.

          • what lies? You tell us what lies you are talking about! For once.

          • Sigh

          • You seem so tired all the time. What`s wrong…… did Justin entering into the race not invigorate you…….

          • Half the time hes teaching at University of Toronto and the other half of the time hes teaching at Harvard in Boston

          • LOL….Can’t learn for yourself and have to believe in wikipedia instead?…..Iggy was “just visiting”….

      • You seem to forget that he was also a math and French teacher and that he has two degrees (Bachelor of Arts from McGill and Bachelor of Education from UBC).

        BTW we now know that the older of the two brothers, and certainly the leader of the two, said that he had no American friends despite having been in the US for more than a decade. That sounds like “feeling excluded” to me. That does not excuse him but that makes Justin sound like he had clairvoyant powers doesn’t it?

        • Bachelor of Arts?…Of Education?….Apparently you, and others, haven’t noticed how useless these “degrees” are, and what use did he put them to?….

          When it came time to pursue degrees that take work, he bolted….

          • Are you for real? You need a bachelor of education to teach in most provinces, if not all. And he used it to teach. Many CEO have Arts degree; they give you skills that “technical” degrees don’t. Do some research and you will many articles on that subject.

            BTW you have many politicians that have Law degrees but never practiced. Harper started with a Bachelor of Arts and he added a year, possibly two, to get a Master of Arts in economics. He never practiced as an economist. So why don’t you say the same thing about his and many others’ degree?

          • And quality of education is spectacularly high, isn’t it?..(gag)…You really think that a Bachelor of education is needed to teach?…What a laugh….At least Harper didn’t quit in pursuing a higher degree, like his Masters, unlike Trudeau did…The mans a quitter and has the articulation of a 13 year old, air head, valley girl….

          • If quitting a degree implies quitter/loser, then Bill Gates is a loser. I don’t think many people would agree with that line of reasoning.

          • Good point. Bill Gates achieved a lot in his life. What has Trudeau achieved in the private sector?

          • What did Harper achieve in the private sector? He’s a lifer politician/lobbyist. Is he also ineligible as a leader?

          • Another clown who thinks teaching is easy or not worthwhile.

          • Or a person like you that’s easily impressed with “Title’s”….Should listen to the person and what they say and do instead….

            And I never said, or believed, that teaching is not worthwhile….But please….Go ahead making things up…..

          • Making stuff up… Like making baseless assertions that arts depress are useless. What on earth qualifies you to hold that opinion? Unsupported opinion is not fact , you know that, right!

          • Ah, credentials. You sound like an expert. What exactly makes them useless? What is the alternative? Did you get your schooling at home or at school? I ask sincerely. You really sound suspect.

          • So when can we expect the TV ad telling the millions of Canadians with BAs or BEds that the CPC thinks their qualifications are a joke?

          • Sounds like an uneducated con to me. Harper loves these ones. Easy to con.,

        • And so what if he felt excluded? What will Justin do about that? Find friends for people who are excluded? Organize welcoming parties for newcomers? Appoint people who should take turns being friends with the loner?

          Tell us, what should be done about feelings of exclusion? Tell us what can be done??????

          • You hang on this excluded thing. But people from every political stripe and country are saying the same thing. You can’t just throw people all in jail can you? Would that have helped here? Do these types always break laws before they kill? You have to know root causes. You have to be ready and informed and make an effort to prevent these things. What is the alternative. What should have happened in this case? I ask sincerely.

          • I am asking sincerely too. What exactly did Justin have in mind when he said we should be searching for root causes soon…………………………..what does that mean………………………………….I am very serious about not knowing what he could possibly mean by such a statement.

      • Do you think a terrorist attack is merely criminal or something else besides? If it is merely criminal, do you support extrajudicial treatment of terrorist suspects (including unlimited detention without charge or trial, torture, etc.)?

        • A terror attack is more than just a criminal act, because a terrorist is opening up his message to the public at large.

          • So you agree that responding to terrorists a mere criminals is wide of the mark.

    • I agree the attack ads should not be shrugged off, and the article misses the point that they were ultimately very successful against Ignatieff, especially when they narrowed down to a single theme, pounded home month after month.

      Consciously, decent Canadians are repelled by such behaviour, but they have their effect on the personal and collective limbic system.

      I’m assuming Trudeau has taken this ‘one-theme, all-the-time’ brute force strategy into account. The Conservatives just have to find their message, and they have a long time to find it.

           “Even a stone will get wet if you spit on it long enough” –Swedish proverb.

      • I agree. The ads work on a subconscious level. People who hate Harper and were disgusted by the attack ads against Ignatieff, still found themselves disliking Ignatieff for some reason they couldn’t quite put their finger on. The answer is: they were conditioned by the ubiquitous attacks.

        So this is something Trudeau needs to nip in the bud. It will take action on his part to make the attacks backfire. He has raised a lot of political donations. Now’s the time to put that money to some use.

        • You really don’t get it, do you? Because there is some truth to what is featured in the ads, the public will come to see the ads for what they truly are: a characterization of the politician.

          It was not difficult for people to figure out why they did dislike Ignatieff; all they had to do was point the finger to the ads and say: ‘Ah, yes, why did he come back to Canada after 30 living abroad?’

          Not difficult to put a finger to that at all. At all!

          And fingers will be pointed over at Trudeau II when he comes clean on carbon tax, something Quebeckers are in favor of, and the people will say: “Ah, yes, now we see, he did say he liked Quebec values better!”

          Telling the truth will not backfire. People do know the truth when they see it in action. Just wait until Trudeau II himself makes the ads come true!

          • Only they are not telling the truth. They are portraying him paraphrasing another’s thoughts as his own statement.

          • They are pointing out facts the party and media would rather not talk about. That’s why they have never backfired, they are facts, they are not lying to the public.

          • Merely stating something does not make it true. You laid out no argument. The full quote clearly indicates he is paraphrasing his father’s viewpoint, and not his own. The Conservatives lie when they portray those as Justin’s thoughts.

      • Were they attack ads? When you emphasize a fact the party would rather bury, is it an attack ad? A person who hasn’t lived in the country for 30 years gets crowned leader of the “Natural Governing Party”. What do you think the Liberals and their cronies in the press would have said if the Conservative parachuted in a leader from another country. They would have pummeled them – and rightly so.

        The public are not tired of the so called “attack” ads if they point out facts the party or media try to bury. They do not like personal attack ads, which really are attack ads.

    • Why are these so called attacks slanderous and misleading. Trudeau is the one on camera making these statements. Nowhere does Stephen Harper appear in the adds or say anything about Trudeau on these adds. Just Trudeau talking all by himself and stating how great Quebec is and how Canada belong to Quebec. Glad that someone posted them so Canadians know what to expect from Trudeau.

      • Have you been sleeping? That turd of an excuse wont float anymore. That quote was about his father. IOWs it was a lie. Do your homework for goodness sakes. The story is all over the NP. I suggest you go read it.

        • Good advise, go read the quote, especially the part where he says those principles were passed on to him from his father.
          You low information voters really crack me up!

          • I’m sorry, what part of context don’t you get?

        • And the Firewall letter was not about Alberta separating, but it stuck nonetheless! How long have you been sleeping?

          • Zzzzzzzzz…I am now.

          • they say meditating is good for finding answers. Sorry, I thought you were meditating. I meditate a lot. Didn`t mean to wake you. Keep sleeping.

          • Firewall letter is merely supporting the separatist project of increasing devolved powers, in an attempt to make Canada something akin to the EU with less teeth.

          • Yes, I know, just the way Quebec likes it! But not so good for the rest of the provinces, specially Alberta. All is good. Justin likes Quebec and won’t tell them to be like any other province. And that’s ok, because when men like Harper feels it should be equally fine for Alberta to do what Quebec does, he is accused of being a separatist, but when Quebec does it’s own thing, all is swell. We get it Justin; Quebec values are superior!!

          • When Harper suggests that Alberta act like the separatist (or separatist lite) governments of Quebec, he should not be surprised to be called a separatist.

          • As far as I can tell, Quebec is still part of Canada, is it not?

            Why then would people of Canada accept that Quebec can have it own pension plan, it own provincial police force etc (because those were the sorts of thing the Firewall letter was asking for….) but it would not be acceptable if Alberta would have those very same rights?

            Is there something special about Quebec in that regard?? Do pension plans or provincial police forces have anything to do with speaking french?

      • Misleading attack ad:

        “Quebecers are better than the rest of Canada because, you know, we’re Quebecers or whatever. A lot more of us are bilingual, bicultural, a lot more awareness of the rest.”


        “His [Pierre Trudeau’s] philosophy, certainly as he passed it on to us, has always been Quebeckers are better than the rest of Canada because we’re Quebeckers or whatever — I mean, this idea that a lot more of us are bilingual, bi-cultural. There’s a lot more awareness of the rest and that’s a richness. Who’s to say that we should need special protection or special deals or special allowances that make us protected?”

        Chris Selley: Conservative anti-Trudeau attack ad contains a whopper


  6. This is why people hate the Cons, their stupid childish bullying attack ads that prey on the masses.
    This is why voter turnout is in the dumps recently (in addition to back-to-back voting). It’s basically a mudslinging contest that citizens dont want to get involved.
    It’s like school, people just agreeing with the bully to avoid being picked on.

    • People “hate” the Cons?….How so…Two minority government, followed by a solid majority…If “people” hate the Cons, then what does that say about the NDP and the Liberals?….

      • Voter turnout went way up under Harper now, didn’t it.

        • Answer the question….With all that alleged “hate”, what happened to the Liberal and NDP voters?…..

          • obviously the liberals didn’t like their options[ MI or Dion] The NDP vote hasn’t gone anywhere but up.
            Harper’s down to his core vote now[30% max] after that he’s done.

          • Wrong answer. Roy’s question was about hate. How come the Liberals and NDP aren’t hated if they got less votes than the CPC? That was the question.

            Try to answer that one!

          • They gave an answer, you didn’t like it and insisted they give an answer you like…
            Who are you? His mum?

          • Hey, don’t bully me! I will tell Justin that I feel excluded because you bullied me! Bad boy, harebell. Bad boy!

          • stop bullying me! Or I will tell Justin all about you! He will take care of you and your bullying!

          • That has to be the stupidest question you’ve asked me yet. Who do you think I am – god?

          • Must you really know…..

            I have honestly never thought that you are god, and I can say with absolute certainty that I will not think so in the future either. Sorry.

          • The NDP went up?…..Only in Quebec by taking the Bloc votes….Hardly representative of a national party..What a joke that was…

          • kmc2 is always working in the non-answer department.

      • ‘solid’ majority? lmao! Right…
        If you guys think, past Cons dont like Cons anymore so they had to vote someone else. If there’s more than one option, the votes to NDP/Libs/Greens/whatever will get diluted.

        Politics are already f’ed up. We dont need these retarded bullying attack ads distracting Canadians.
        Why are you even replying? Clearly you are an ignorant supporter who’s not even addressing the issue of attack ads. Like most politicians, go completely off topic and hope others dont notice the underlying issue.

        • Bull….The left whines that Jean Chretien won three “solid” majority’s….That’s fine….But, 164 seats in the house is laughable?….

          Your whole so-called rebuttal didn’t address anything I asked, just silly nonsensical left wing rhetoric….

          Why are YOU even here?….

          • Yes, and none of Chretien’s “majorities” was over the forty per cent mark.
            Seems like it is ok for the Liberals but not ok for the Conservatives.

          • Perhaps one day Paul will do a lengthy report (at least as long as the one above) to find out why it is that majorities under 40% of the vote are great for the Liberals but not great for the CPC. Paul must be doing research into that as we speak!

          • Well Francien, one reason could be that the Liberals think they are the natural governing party of Canada through the Laurentian Elites and any other Canadians not agreeing or supporting another political view are somehow an aberration.

          • Yes, yes, indeed, such could be the case. I remember phoning Rex once on that very same topic during Cross Country Check up, so long ago now!

          • There really isnt anything serious to address.
            Everyone whines about something. That’s why politics is stupid, and anyone defending left/right is stupidly retarded.

            I’m glad you realized the silly rebuttals, but you seemed smarter that…
            You are missing the point just because I mentioned people hating Cons. People would like Cons more if it wasnt for these dumb attack ads. Likewise for any other party that does attack ads. The only reason it makes Cons look like a dumbass is because they’re the ones doing it the most.

          • *sigh*
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being dumbasses by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left/right, would be a hated for doing a stupidly retarded gesture.

          • *sigh*
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being idiotic dimwits by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left/right, would be a hated for doing a stupidly retarded gesture.

          • *sigh*
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being dumbasses by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left/right, would be a hated for doing a stupid idiotic gesture.

          • *sigh*
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being idiotic dimwits by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left/right, would be a hated for doing a stupid moronic gesture.

          • sigh..
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being idiotic dimwits by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left/right, would be a hated for doing a stupid moronic gesture.

          • *sigh*
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being idiotic dimwits by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left/right, would be hated for doing a moronic gesture.

          • *sigh*
            You seem knowledgeable and smart enough to realize silly rebuttals, but yet missing the point.
            Cons are hated because they’re being idiotic dimwits by releasing these attack ads. Likewise, if anyone else, regardless if they’re left or right, would be hated for doing a stupid moronic gesture.

      • Anyone suggesting that people hate the cons should check out Anis Mahli’s Herman Hesse quote above. My, my, don’t tell the the left are the haters now. Surely not.

  7. If you subscribe to the CPC email list, this is a sample of what you will receive –


    Monday, we launched three new ads informing Canadians that Justin Trudeau is in
    way over his head.

    some members of the media are criticizing our new TV ads. They are circling the

    here’s the truth — these ads have spread farther and faster than any ads we’ve
    ever done. We are communicating directly with Canadians rather than passing
    through the media’s “filter”.

    two days, our ads were viewed more than 270,000 times on YouTube — more views
    than we have ever received on any video before — including during an election

    received so much traffic to our website that it temporarily crashed — something
    that’s never happened before.

    what the media wants you to think, the response to our new ad campaign has been

    We need to make sure every Canadian sees these ads and you can help
    by making a $25 donation today.

    like to thank you for helping make this happen, but our work is far from

    visit http://JustinOverHisHead.ca today and hit the share button on
    these ads and to help us keep the momentum going.



    Campaign Manager, 2011

    • Without a comment, or some kind of personal opinion, a posting by a brand new pseudonym – without a profile – is probably trolling.

    • Interesting strategy – get the satire out of the way first. What comes next?

  8. “Misleading Tory attack adds”?….Like the Tory add saying that Iggy “didn’t come back for you”, and that he was “just visiting”?….Well, pray tell then, where is Iggy now?…Oh, that’s right…Now long after his grubbing at the polls, Iggy went crawling back to Harvard to teach….That was no attack add, that was an infomercial….

    How about Paul Martins attack add of the Tory’s?…”Soldiers, with guns.. ..In our cities…We’re not making this up”?…..

    • “Well, pray tell then, where is Iggy now?”

      It’s hardly worth pursuing the point anymore but, since you ask, he’s been a senior resident with the University of Toronto since the 2011 election and only in January, 2013, did he begin to split his time at Harvard.

      I know that Cons (the party of pseudo-populist rubes and hayseeds?) think of Toronto as mystifying, impenetrable, alien territory and are apparently envious of anyone with a cosmopolitan career path but, really, it’s time to give the “just visiting” meme a rest.

      • Iggy didn’t “split his time” at Harvard…He’s gone back to Harvard, full time….And, yes…It is worth pursuing since the Liberals said that the Tory ad was a lie….Clearly, they were right….

        I do not agree with the current Tory ad, but “Iggy just visiting: was spot on….

        If you can’t accept that truth….Too bad…Like Trudeau’s answer to Manbridge’s question about the Boston bombing was one of the most air-headed reply I have ever heard….

          • Not to worry. Most of the real conbots are on at least a 12month time delay. Some of them never catch up.

          • Twelve months? I think some of them are still back in the ’50s.

          • :)

          • You are talking about the 1950s eh!

          • No, 1850s. The Dickensian era.

  9. Regardless of who uses attack ads, they are the equivalent of school yard bullying with the obvious intent of demeaning and belittling the target. Isn’t it somewhat hypocritical that government on one hand decries this practice among children along with the sometimes dire consequences, yet is content to engage in the very same activity themselves.

    • This target as you call him has belittled himself with his own comments. No bullying here mister.

      • So the lying about the quote on Quebec wasn’t lying?
        Gotta love the wing nuts, it isn’t lying if they do it and even the truth is lying if anybody else says it.
        I wonder how Harper voters tell their kids that lying is wrong, when they excuse it at every turn.


          • Clearly – Shouty ALL CAPS

          • xxx

        • When Van Loan declares spreading false rumors as free speech, I remember my Coles note on the Ministry of Truth . We have a fiscal and ethical deficit from Li’l steve and the gang of thieves.

          • Deficit?….You mean the deficit the Coalition-of-the-damned tried to force of Harper?….Where the NDP, Liberal and the Bloc joined together (do you even remember the picture of those three “leaders” shaking hands in solidarity) to force an election if Harper didn’t spend TWICE the amount on a phoney stimulus?….

            What do you think that fiscal and (ethical?) deficit would be right now with that damned coalition in power?….

          • Tried…lol…you really like that koolaid, don’t you.

            Care to give us a source for the twice the stimulus bs?

          • Good Grief…Do just a little research and listen to the “demands” that the “Coalition” was making…

            Just amazing…

          • What’s amazing Roy, is that you haven’t backed up one of your assertions with a single piece of evidence. You do know that assertion unsupported can be dismissed without evidence, right?

          • Yeah but the Libs and NDP never promised in the election campaign that they would never run a deficit. It’s not so much the deficit per se, it’s the making of a promise with no intention to keep it; the stating a point of principle with no intention of being principled. Coming hot on the heels of the Income Trust promise prior to a previous election it indicated a pattern.


            I wouldn’t expect a Harper groupie to understand this because lies and deceit are the new Conservative M.O.

            I ask again how do you expect our young to value honesty if you and people like you excuse it at every turn as long as it’s your side who does it?

        • It’s not “lying” — it is taking something out of context. Manipulative — yes. Lying — no. It is very like the constantly repeated Harper firewall quote. The most important question, really, is whether or not the impressions suggested by the ads are accurate. In the main, they are.

          • Oh so the christian party of law and order are going to parse lying now.
            I’m sure that Jebus would be thrilled to know that lieing by omission or deception is okay because it’s only manipulative.

    • Yes but come on . . . . cons are the worst, most vile attack ad propagandists know to man. They go way beyond the pale.

      • How about the “guns and soldiers in the streets”. Ok by you no doubt.

        • Give it time, Spunky. You won’t need “guns and/or soldiers in the streets”. They’ll be nothing left to save under an extended neo con (read fascist) regime.

          • Stop your bullying! Or I will complain and then Paul Wells will do an article about me and how the world is so injust to me! :((

          • LOL . . . What else can one say?

          • Are you making fun of me? People always make fun of immigrants because we are such easy targets. Stop making fun of us! Don’t exclude us!!!!

    • Really!!!! Politicians enter into politics as adults and do so voluntarily – no one if forced to be a politician (unlike school kids who are forced to go to school until they are at least 16 years old or their parents have the smarts to home school them).

      And magically the attack ads stop once they remove themselves from the field (or are removed) – unlike schoolchildren who are mercilessly attacked for a long, long time even after they leave school for good – even when their parents notify the inept school officials. Well except if you are a conservative woman, as we have seen with the sad and pitiful attempts this past week by the progressive left to harass an old woman into her grave – yeah that was real brave of them!!! and a class act too!

      And the fact that you don’t seem to recognize the difference suggests that you probably a very immature person who is afraid of pretty much everything in life.

  10. http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2013/04/17/andrew-coyne-3/

    Subtly done there PW.

    I’m in the Coyne camp on this one [ although i didn’t get a lot of support on the liberal blog when i said so]
    Dion and MI found a way to live up to those ads. And there’s every possibility JT will do the same thing – but i don’t think so. That name is a bit like a patronus charm that helps keep the dementors away – to some degree anyway. HP…er, Trudeau is getting far more of the benefit of the doubt from the part of the public that is watching [ as well as the chattering classes, which is all MI/Dion ever got] than either of those two guys ever did.

    That said i’ve argued with other liberals that his team does need to push back in some way. If only by putting up a counter [ preferably humourous] narrative about how paranoid, controlling, self absorbed, small minded, mean…you pick the adjective Harper is. Again, not directly, but mostly by compare and contrast with JT’s sunny ways. I liked Adam Goldenburg’s[?] suggestion for instance.

    I’d be interested to hear what Wells thinks would be appropriate or effective as a response, and just why the Trudeau camp is holding fire?[ beyond the likely fact he thinks they’re as dumb or deluded as ever on this one] Do they have a secret or different strategy this time? Or, worst of all no strategy? Obviously you think they’re just hoping the CPC is defining itself, and that’s enough.

    • Great! Now you are asking Wells to write an ad for Trudeau II. As if this article above isn’t an ad already. Actually, the article above could be Trudeau’s campaign managers at work!

      • Busted, You got me there. Wells always does what I tell him too.

        • See, I knew someone had to tell him what to do. I mean I didn`t think this was all Paul`s idea, this advertising for Justin all the time.

  11. I have always been at a loss to understand the rational behind Mr. Harper’s and his coterie of Reformed Zombies’ unChristian, add attacks against the leaders of the opposition parties, until I came across the following Hermann Hesse’s essay on Anti-Semitism.

    Hesse wrote that “Primitive man hates what he fears and at certain levels of his psyche civilized, educated man remains a primitive. The hatred of peoples and races for other peoples and races does not spring from superiority or strength, but from insecurity and weakness. Hatred of the Jews is a masked feeling of inferiority: toward the very old and very intelligent Jewish people the less intelligent sections of another race feel competitive envy and a shaming inferiority, and the more blatantly this base feeling parades as superiority, the more surely fear and weakness are behind it. When a truly superior, masterful man knows he is superior to someone, he will pity him, perhaps occasionally despise him, but never hate him.”

    I hope the young and inexperienced Mr. Trudeau will help Canadians improve themselves, rather than concentrating on the art of political deception.

    • Have a deep seated need to believe in a Messiah?….”Trudeau will help Canadians improve themselves”…..Are you 5 years old…Can’t you people improve yourselves without a “leader”..

      What a dismal life you must lead….

    • “I hope the young and inexperienced Mr. Trudeau will help Canadians improve themselves”.

      Cutting your Internet access would be a start.

    • HELP!! Anis Mahli is bullying the CPC. She says they are a coterie of reformed Zombies, unchristian………HELP! HELP!

    • The Hesse quote is interesting, but the context is totally inappropriate. The attack ads simply are an aspect of politics (always adversarial) — reading hate into these is an extreme response. The ads have all been clever. Their role is to raise useful questions. Sometimes these are questions that supporters do not want to consider. “Hate” is not part of this scenario.

  12. When it come right down to it, they are not attacks. They are media clips with Trudeau making statements about Canada belonging to Quebec and that Quebeckers are better than the rest of Canada. He said it and Canadians deserve to know what Justine Trudeau thinks of the rest of Canada and no doubt what he has planned in the event he becomes PM. Justine Trudeau is his own worst enemy and maybe he should come up with his own adds to explain what he meant instead of shrugging it off and crying foul.

    • Exactly. Trudeau is intellectually a child in an adult’s arena. Politics has consequences and is no place for idealists.

      • Yup because it takes an intellectual heavyweight to go up against “you’re with me or the child pornographers” Toews or “you can drink tailing ponds water” Oliver.
        It’s interesting just how threatening you find this lightweight that all paid commenters and the focus groups are working overtime.

        • Between Angry Tom and Trudeau II they can battle it out with their divisive regional biases all they want. Meanwhile we have a country to run.

          • Right into the ground it appears, or at least into China and the corporations pockets.
            And who’s is this we?

          • You and me. If you have issues with corporations then walk the talk and go off the grid.

          • You and me ain’t anything. I think I’ll leave it there…

            “walk the talk” kind of tells me you are a troll or at least have no idea what you are saying.

          • You must be excited by the raise DIx is giving you, $20 a month.

          • again what?
            Sorry I don’t speak wingnut

          • Trudeau II loves China.

          • But he hasn’t sold us all out to them yet unlike the Grey man

          • We who? Is that you Stephen? When are you going to start running the country?

        • No, we’re trying to enlighten Canadians, the low information voters, who are easily swayed by Justy’s sashaying and head bobbing, that he is fundamentally unqualified to run a Starbucks shift, let alone a G20 economy……..and telling lightwieghts like you that your superficial comments are essentially, nothing.
          BTW, I wish I was paid, really, but I do this for fun!

          • “We” again, wow I never thought so many queens haunted these boards.
            You let a trainee mail room clerk with a power complex loose on the nation to devastating effect, I’m pretty sure anybody else would be an improvement.

    • As attack ads they are very tepid. Amusing, really. They will disappear unless they begin to seem like a good predictor of Trudeau’s abilities.

  13. Harper’s desperate he knows the Liberals will take away his majority at best and make him leader of the opposition at worst…or even a repeat of the election when Madame Kim Campbell was Prime Minister,how ever briefly and the Conservatives only won 2 seats..now there’s a dream come true.

    • You can’t just guess how things are going to go. You need to include something substantive to establish your point. Yours is just a shallow personal opinion.

  14. I just wish we could leave American style politics in America and have civil debate that puts the country first in Canada.
    I remember Lee Atwater and his pollution of American politics back in the ’80’s and it wasn’t pretty.

    • “Soldiers in our streets. In Canada. At this moment.” Funny how the Liberals don’t mind starting the fight, but constantly whine and snivel when their quarry gets even, and keeps the pressure on. Don’t start a fight you can’t finish!

    • Ask the NDP why the invited not one but two American political advisers to speak at the NDP convention last weekend. The NDP might now know how to do American style politics.

    • Look at the comment board here and tell me there can be civil debate. Americans don’t run this comment board.

    • Then maybe you should tell the LPC that in Canada we don’t do political family dynasties, like the Bush’s or the Kennedy’s. Seems the Liberals are the ones importing US political strategies.

  15. Good god I forgot all about Garth Turner… what a hot mess he was.

    • Yep….And now he’s a Liberal….The end result for being a lunatic…..

    • He is still a mess….Mr Doom and Gloom!

    • Next you’ll be posting the views of Stormfront or some other bunch of haters.
      This would be the same SDA that mocked camp survivors a wee while back, would it?

      • Godwin’s Law! You are now irrelevant!

        • Normally you might be right, but since she actually pulled a holocaust hoax you are not.

        • Godwin’s law means comparing someone to Hitler. Harebell is referring to Holocaust Deniers, or at least Holocaust-belittlers, who are a different breed.

      • If you would just get yer head out from up yer bunghole, you’d find the fresh air would be a remarkable tonic for your toxic, clueless, inept, childish but ever so funny commentary.

        • err what?

      • Could you provide a link to that?

          • That’s not a link to SDA. I’d like to see that one, please.

          • Go look for it then. The link I gave you links to an Ezra Levant piece and Kinsella the target of the hoax. The hoax existed and Kate posted this post to rub it in.
            Happy hunting, I want to spend as little time as possible on that forum of the foul and disgusting.

          • I thought the whole episode was rather funny. There was no mockery of the Holocaust and the pompous a$$ Kinsella was exposed for the the fool he is.

          • Harebell is a liar.
            Now he runs away.

          • Still here and if it was a lie, why did Ezra and the aptly named LeDa88 just below reference the episode.
            It happened even if the link isn’t there, two many people wrote supporting messages for Kate for the whole thing not to have happened.
            You can delete a post or two, but if throw bombs folk notice and post in reply.

          • I can assure you that no posts were deleted, as no post matching your description existed in the first place.

          • That’s right it was an e-mail to Kinsella as one of the links in the Buckdog post showed…. or did the e-mail not exist either?And the follow up post at your blog was all about nothing.

            or the post that Ezra wrote deciding the prank wasn’t anti-semitic was all about a figment of his and Kinsella’s imagination?

            So Kate are you saying you never perpetrated the hoax that clearly more than a few people remember existing and replied too or is this a semantic exercise over the form it was perpetrated – Posting or e-mail?

          • So you have no link, and we have to just believe you because you are such an honest, level headed , trustworthy chap (or chapelle) who nevertheless likes to call folks nasty, soul suckers and (by implication) the devil himself?

          • Try using the grey mater between the ears, there’s enough evidence to show that she did do the hoax thing, the response of Levant indicate it happened and he’s one of your own.

    • In fairness, I should acknowledge that I did read that SDA post before writing this one.

      • Thanks,


        • Did you have did bring the rest of SDA with you?

          • If you lay down with dogs don’t be surprised if you get up with some nasty soul sucking lodgers.
            As soon as I saw what Mark wrote there was a distinct whiff of sulphur in the air and a sensation of humanity being sucked out of the ether.

        • Paul read the SDA post AND the comment section overthere and decided that since the comments on SDA were much too favorable towards the CPC ad campaign and much too negative about Trudeau II, that it was best to do a new analysis here at Macleans so that the reaction here would be negative for the CPC but positive for Trudeau II. And voila: he got his wish. Balance has been restored.

  16. The Liberal party stepped in it again. Hell they jumped in it and rolled around. The party isgoing downhill. The adds reflect the truth.

    • Yeah, except for the fact that recent polls have them in a majority if elected today. Harpo’s days are numbered and you know it. He best get done what he can for big oil and corporate Canada while he has time.

      • ” if elected today.” Ah, but there is no election today. How Justin will do over the next two years is anybody’s guess, but he has a long way to go before inspiring confidence that he can lead.

      • And his recent comment in french to the french media saying the 24 quebec senate seats are to ‘our’ advantage? Great unifying leader for Canada, NOT. He is a twit and will continue to look the fool.
        I voted for PET several times but would never vote for this PET LITE.

  17. Justins hug a thug comments about the boston bomber has already sealed his fate

    • Uncle Ruslan needs to pay a visit to Justine and set him straight.

    • Wow, you’re really scared of him. Harper count down has begun folks.

  18. A depraved government of Canada in modern times unable to think beyond their mandate.

  19. These pathetic neo con attack ads against Trudeau or any other politician are little more than a reflection of a party that will stoop to any low to keep and maintain power in a majority they stole. It’s as ugly as it gets . . tantamount to the gossip and badmouthing that you might expect amongst teenage girls (with apologies to all teenage girls for the analogy) from a governing federal party. It’s a national embarrassment.

    Even this is not below a con. Speaks volumes about their character (or lack thereof). Anything, absolutely ANYTHING to cling to their greatest addiction: POWER . . . . power to serve a corporate agenda.

    The hypocrisy of con attack ads sticks out like a ham sandwich at a bar mitzvah. While plagued with controversy, a nation wide robocall scandal, “Pierre Poutine”, the Peter Penashue scandal, don’t forget about Dean Del Mastro’s campaign contribution controversy, diminishing jobs and standard of living, rising food and fuel costs while propping up big oil and bankers with tax payer money, attempting to pass legislation to police the Internet with wide ranging powers to monitor ISP’s and confiscate individual’s computers without warrant and on and on . . . . . while doing all of this and more to YOU, Mr., Mrs., Miss Canadian, they think you’re stupid enough to believe that Justin Trudeau taking his shirt off to help raise funds for charity is offensive to you and reason enough for you to consider voting con. What a low level tactic for a governing party. Almost makes George W blush, doesn’t it.

    And to the Trudeau striptease “issue” (and I am not a Liberal) all you can say is thank God it was Justin Trudeau and not Dean Del Mastro.

    These cons are an ambarrassment to all Canadians . . .

    • ” tantamount to the gossip and badmouthing that you might expect amongst teenage girls” Your post seems more like that to me. A rant, for sure.

    • Good thing you remembered to throw the old Bush thing in there at the last moment. Did you almost forget to do that? :))))

  20. harper needs to stop stepping in landmines, as he cut funding for that as well.

  21. I read about this a few days ago, are you now plagiarizing a blog? I don’t see a reference attributed. Very professional reporting there it’s no wonder the print media is fast becoming irrelevant.

  22. The attack adds by the Cons did work to give them a majority, and minorities,…however, look who they ran against. Nobody of any worth. Just good timing for the Cons is all it was. Nobody would vote for IGGY, because of his odd name, and that he was an, ‘AmeriCanadian’. This time there is a Good Young Fresh Face to de – throne Mr. H. and his Gang. Justin has the smarts, and the people, and everything else required to run Our Country in a good, prospering, and growing way. I look forward to a New Great Canada coming soon. As to why Justin does not respond to the ADS,…..easy,…..He has time on his side to arrange the strategy to have Mr. H. look like a goof……It will be fun to watch the Libs walk over the Cons.

  23. The Tories are laughing at anyone who’s trying to evaluate if the ads are working NOW.

    Amazed you people haven’t learned that the Tories run advertising for the long game.

    • You’re right. Now people know what Trudeau said. Next time it may make a difference when Trudeau tries to pull the same trick. Either he won’t do it, or people will notice the pattern. You define a leader based on the reality, simply by letting people know.

  24. Trudeau is not qualified to lead. Trudeau is probably worse than Dion and Iggy. Our party made a huge mistake electing this guy. Having said that, we didn’t have much to choose from. At least the media is bending over backwards to help him. Good job they aren’t taking a serious look at him. MHF would have been a far better choice.

    • I agree: MHF would have been the better choice. And being a woman that would have been a first for a party which says that they like to see more women in politics. But alas, another talk and no walk.

  25. Geez Paul you need to get back here with the macleans brute squad! Someone’s let SDA in the place.[ to be fair there are a few loonies from left field too]

    As for whether AAs work, i thought Coyne made a very good point on at issue on this week…only if you live up to them[ which JT could of course do] He also made the point that those who claim AAs work often forget the majority of them don’t in fact work. The MI/Dion debacle has become a warm cormfortable place for both liberals and Tories to hide out. One who believes that onle evil meanie Harper did them in; the other to pat themselves endlessly on the back as the assassins of those giants of the politcal arena – an academic with questionable leadership skills and an academic with questionable judgement…or both.

    Are you failing to make the distinction, that AAs fail as often as they succeed?

  26. Is it bullying when reporters make up lies about politicians?
    Like Wafergate?
    Or all their talk of a hidden agenda?
    Or when they stalk Rob Ford?
    Why no hand wringing over bullying then?

    As for JT, he may be getting a bit of sympathy now, but after a few hundred more gaffes the low information voters will see that ads were spot on.
    Which is what the liberals and media are afraid of….

  27. They should be referred as “Truth Ads”. They do nothing more than make Canadians aware of who Trudeau really is. If we had media that stuck to reporting, the Tories wouldn’t need to do this. Instead, we have a media that is an extension of the Liberal party. Proof of this comes from the # of media outlets jumping to Trudeau’s defense. The same media that help the Liberals create and breathlessly broadcast so-called scandals against the cons. I.E. wafer gate, robocalls, F35’s etc.

  28. Paul must be really getting as desperate as Aaron is for coming up with quotes to defend Trudeau II.

    Keep digging up them quotes and more quotes saying something which does not even come close to what has gone on in reality.

    Dion was solidly defeated by the Canadian voters along with his Green Shift. Even Ignatieff ditched the program as soon as he was allowed to do so by Liberal top brass!

    And Ignatieff really did just come to visit. He did come back to Canada after a 30 year absence, and he did return to teach in the US after he was defeated here.

    And yes, Trudeau II really does prefer Quebec values over any other values.

    Such despair as shown by Paul and Aaron shows a lot about them and how Canadian politics are being done in this country!

    No wonder the PM remains his own man!

  29. Of course attack ads work. Why else would so many people have such a visceral hatred of Prime Minister Harper, in spite of his excellent leadership, if it weren’t for the conditioning of the Liberal attack ads?

  30. The fact that most media outlets jumped in to attack the ads and help Trudeau tell me that these ads are working. The same media jumped in again to help Trudeau after his blunderous answer to Mansbridge about the Terrorists in Boston.

  31. lol.

  32. Telling the truth about someone is NOT an attack.