A suspect is identified


An individual suspected to be involved with the discovery of body parts in Ottawa and Montreal has been identified. Video of the killing may exist and the second package, the one that contained a human hand, is now said to have been bound for the Liberal party headquarters.

Before Question Period this afternoon, the NDP MP Randall Garrison delivered a statement offering the NDP’s thoughts for the Conservative staff impacted by yesterday’s discovery.

Mr. Speaker, Canadians were horrified to hear of the senseless and cowardly mailing of human remains to Conservative Party headquarters and the interception of a second package at Canada Post’s Ottawa sorting centre. Our sympathies go out to the staff at the Conservative offices who opened the package. Our thoughts are also with Canada Post employees who had to deal with the second package containing human remains. They were all victims of an outrageous and reprehensible act. We encourage anyone with information on this crime to contact police immediately. On behalf of New Democrats, and I think all members of this House across all party lines, we stand in solidarity with postal workers and especially the Conservative Party staff. We condemn these acts and stand united together against these crimes.


A suspect is identified

  1. Well I hope Garrison said something nice, because more body parts may be on the way.

  2. Anyone who dates Karla Homolka is obviously a nutter. This is one crazy made in Canada story.

    • Maybe we could introduce a Karla Homolka law? If you date this woman, you go to jail. Because, if she sees you more than once, we know you are going to do something very, very bad. You know, sort of use her as a canary in a coal mine kind of thing.

      • Exactly!

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