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About those non-existent quotas, minister…

Diane Finley is going to have a difficult afternoon


Earlier this month, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley denied a report from Le Devoir that EI inspectors had quotas for fraud that they were expected to find.

Mr. Speaker, that is absolutely false. Departmental employees do not have individual quotas.

Le Devoir now says it has a document that suggests otherwise.


About those non-existent quotas, minister…

  1. Conservatives lie, it’s what they do,
    They lie to me, they lie to you,
    They lie about harrassing people down on their luck,
    And hope that we just don’t give a … truck.
    (I miss our resident poet!)

    • Amen, thanks for playing the role of Jack.

  2. One must take into consideration the Harper Government’s propensity for using double-speak. A denial is actually their version of an admission…

  3. Nominated for least surprising news story of the month. There is no one in Canada who will even pretend to be surprised that yet another CPC mouthpiece is caught in yet another lie. Looking forward, there is no one in Canada who is expecting this to be the last instance. It will be just one more example – and not even the most recent – by the end of the week.

    I think the CPC is trying to make their serial dishonesty so tedious that the media just gives up and starts covering awards shows and sports scandals on a full time basis.

  4. Maybe Diane should send an inspector to her own home to see if her Senator hubby actually . . . you know . . . .works?

    • Hmm… Maybe she’s not looking to punish cheaters, maybe she’s looking for new Senate appointees. Doug got to the free lunch by cheating for Harper, maybe some lucky Walmart refugee will be next.

  5. I’m sure she’ll do the right thing, apologize, and resign for misleading the House of Commons.

    • In 2005, no-one would get that joke. In 2013, no-one could miss it.

  6. Hard core conservatives are like little boys [and some girls it seems] who are so convinced – after sitting on the opposition benches for so many years – that there is nothing but rot in the core of liberal democracy; that they are prepared to pull it to pieces to find out. They are so convinced they know exactly what they are looking for they’ll ignore all evidence to the contrary. If any thing protests to the contrary only spur them on. And when they’re done…they’ll just walk away, leaving the pieces on the ground…’meh…i know it WAS there, when i started. Guess i’ll just have to go pull something else apart’
    These are the kind of guys that flourished at the time of the inquisition. They’re so sure there’s evil doing to be found, they’ll even plant the evidence there themselves, if they have to.

  7. The premise on which the assertion is based is …, well, it’s rejected.
    So there, then.

  8. As Muriel Ruykeyser said, “The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories.” Min. Finley totes gets that. Why can’t the rest of us?