Absurdity, here and there


The latest squabble over Afghan detainees, national security and access to information involves hairdos.

Meanwhile, Hamid Karzai is alleging abuse and demanding that all detainees under NATO control be handed over.

American officials, caught off guard by the president’s order, scrambled to figure out the source of the allegations. Now they have at least part of an answer: the Afghan commission that documented the abuses appears to have focused mainly on the side of the prison run by Afghan authorities, not the American-run part, according to interviews with American and Afghan officials.

Mr. Karzai was, in essence, demanding that the Americans cede control of a prison to Afghan authorities to stop abuses being committed by Afghan authorities.

Detainees taken by Canadian Forces are presently being transferred to the Americans.


Absurdity, here and there

  1. So the two ambulance chasers, Paul Champ and Amir Attaran, are trying to drum up some new business? 

    • You seriously blame them for pointing out the absurdities of the govt/militaries position that the same detainees that have no charter rights [ sounds about right to me]   do have privacy rights under Canadian law. If it wasn’t for the fact it’s a waste of tp’s precious resources i’d love to see that one get to the SCoC…even judges need a good belly laugh now and again. I suggest Peter make the case for the govt…it’s right up his alley.

  2. Everything about Afghanistan has been absurd from the beginning…..why should this be any different?

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