Add four more to the list


New complaints of suspicious polling station calls in North Vancouver, Burnaby-Douglas, Mississauga East-Cooksville and Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission.


Add four more to the list

  1. And add 31,000 Canadians who have come forward. 

    Some here who write under the cover of sobriquets will likely dismiss these persons as socialists, etc.  No matter their political affiliation, those coming forward have the courage to put their name and their integrity on the line.

    • They’re not socialists. They’re engaging in wishful thinking propelled by poor memories, partisan anger, and media hype.

      Also, given the confidential nature of any complaint to EC, how does that put one’s name and integrity on the line, pray tell? If I wanted to, I could make a false complaint of harassing robocalls from the local Liberal campaign, with a false name, and it would still get filed and count towards the number of “Canadians who have come forward.”

      • 31,000 liars, eh AVR.  I’m going to put their memories ahead of your smearing.

        • There is a process and motive for 31000 partisans to lodge complaints with Elections Canada. That is a fact. It may not be true that all 31000 complaints are bogus but it is possible.

          If your standard is that all 31000 complaints are genuine then that standard assessment transferred to the Conservatives should mean that you must believe they are innocent of all accusations of wrongdoing.

          You can only have it both ways in your subjective mind.

          • You do realize that the  robo logs will reveal how many calls went out. You should probably start thinking of another line of defence.

          • It`s like you toss out random thoughts that seem to have  nothing to do with logic or the thought you are responding to.
            Better get that checked out.

          • @Ellen – back at ya, dear. 

          • Reaching, Ellen.  Look it up.

      • Funny how your mind immediately turns to false reporting. I can see why you support Harper.

  2. Four more?  You are slipping woefully behind, Wherry, in your heroic quest to document every single person who may or may not have received suspicious phone calls a year ago. 

    Get a move on, Wherry! 

    Globe/Mail ~ March 2:
    Elections Canada has been deluged by 31,000 complaints in relation to last year’s ballot, focused mainly on robo-calls and other harassing phone calls.The non-partisan agency received 500 complaints in relation to the previous election in 2008, and 329 in relation to the 2006 ballot.

    Dan Gardner:

    “Did you receive a #robocall or harassing phone call during the election?” a reporter asked on Twitter. “Tweet me!” Seems a reasonable thing to ask. But the election was almost a year ago. And the media are now saturated with the narrative about phone scams during the election. Inevitably, many people’s memories of phone calls received during the election will adjust to fit their current perception of what happened during the election.That’s Psych 101. They will have recollections that are clear, compelling, and wrong.

    • While it’s important to consider the passage of time on human recollection, it’s a factor, not a complete answer to dismiss the phenomenon.

      This has been made clear to you quite recently.  As in yesterday.  What happened to your memory?

    • Unlike memories of other events, these memories of phone calls will have phone logs to support most, if not all of them. People know that. Why would they (individual voters that is, not those clowns in political parties who seem to live on a planet without logic) make a false report that they knew could easily be disproved to an agency that says it will investigate the complaint? And to even suggest that 31,000 Canadian voters would do so indicates you live on the same planet as those political clowns.

      One election in the past year for which these types of calls may have been made and you don’t think that memory will stand out for people?  Wishful thinking that will be proven incorrect very soon.

      Hard to fudge call records retroactively, you know?