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‘All options are back on the table’


According to a leaked cable from the U.S. embassy in Ottawa, the Harper government was considering its options in Afghanistan as far back as March 2009.

At a cabinet meeting in March, ministers “agreed that ‘all options are back on the table’ with respect to Canada’s military role in Afghanistan after 2011,” the March 17 cable marked secret says. The cable — among a batch of Canada-related U.S. diplomatic cables released to CBC News from whistleblower website WikiLeaks — quotes extensively from conversations held with a senior adviser from the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

“It will take time for the government’s public rhetoric to catch up to this ‘new reality,’ however, requiring some ‘patience’ on the part of allies,” the senior adviser apparently told U.S. officials on March 16.

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‘All options are back on the table’

  1. This might be overly cynical of me, but about the only substantive thing I’ve taken away from Wikileaks is that diplomats rarely allow a lack of evidence to get in the way of drafting communiques.  Not that I’ve examined them in in any depth, but the bits I have read often amount to the equivalent of, “It will be sunny tomorrow.  Unless, of course, it rains…”

  2. Lots of things agreed to behind our backs and then we are lied to about it as well.  Doesn’t sound very democratic does it………..

    Thank goodness Wikileaks is exposing so much!

  3. If all options are truly “on the table” and past decisions are about to be revisited, I would expect that Canadians will get to see the list of options and the criteria that will be used to choose the best option from the list before the decision is made, so that interested citizens can help make the decision.

    After the decision is made the scoring of each alternative against each criteria.should also be made public.