‘An act of sabotage’


Japan, India and Tuvalu add their concerns.

The tiny South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, one those most at risk from rising sea levels caused by climate change, was more blunt. “For a vulnerable country like Tuvalu, its an act of sabotage on our future,” Ian Fry, its lead negotiator said. “Withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol is a reckless and totally irresponsible act,” he said in an email to Reuters.

Critics in Australia are using the Harper government’s decision to scorn the Australian government.


‘An act of sabotage’

  1. Oh we’re good at sabotaging progress these days.

    How anyone thinks this will help us, is the mystery.

    • I think it will help us and its not a mystery to me.


  2. Tuvalu’s problem is over-population and lack of natural resources – mainly fresh water.

    They are already on life support from the Asian Development Bank.

      • From your wiki link – thanks for the back-up to my post, lol.  Too many people not enough resources – do the math.

        “The country’s population has more than doubled since 1980”

        • Now try and read the rest of it instead of cherry-picking

          • To be truthful, the entire problem of so called Global Warming is because there are about 5 billion too many humans.

          • LOL so we should just kill off 5 billion humans rather than stop belching C02 into the atmosphere?

          • I would not be surprised if that was the UN plan.

    • Ah yes, the tried and true technique of the Conservative:  Blame the victims.

      • No – it is called education so there will not be victims.  Just throwing money at them so they can continue doing what they have been doing is insane.

        • Well, it’s our Arctic that’s melting and flooding their home….so what WE are supposed to educate THEM about, I don’t know.

        • Teach ’em to swim, I say!  What’s wrong with those layabouts?

      • Ah yes the tried adn true technique of the lefty’s, blame the Conservatives.

        • I don’t blame the Conservatives.  I blame ignorance and deliberate misinformation.  If there is a party that feeds more on ignorance and misinformation than other parties, well, that’s just what it is.

    • Um, Tuvalu is a series of reef islands and atolls. The corals grow as the ocean rises, and they die back as the ocean falls. The Maldives are the same. This idea that Tuvalu will disapear under the ocean is  a myth.

      Just ask OriginalEmily1, she’s a scientist, she understands about reefs and atolls. She will speak the truth of the science, I’m sure she would never let left lefty ideology get in the way of science.

  3. Sea level has been rising at about 3.2 mm per year, but dropped by about 5 mm last year.  At that rate, in 100 years it will be a gigantic 32 cm higher, which means that the island of Tuvalu has no reason for concern.


    That being said, it’s also known that reef atoll islands like Tuvalu do not sink as sea level rises, they actually grow in size, which is a function of the way that atolls are created by natural forces.


    Researchers found seven of Tuvalu’s nine islands had grown by more than 3% on average over the past 60 years, despite sea level rise.

    Wherry, nice to see you are staying true to yourself, don’t let the facts get in the way of one of your propaganda posts.

    • If you think you’re going to get anything better than a straw-man rebuttal for your pains, s_c_f, you are sadly mistaken.

    • The thing is, OriginalEm claims to have a science degree, so she knows that atolls like Tuvalu and Maldives grow and adjust to maintain themselves at sea level.

      You’ve got her cornered on this one, but she responds with “Yeah, all that salt water is good for growing food”. Nice one.

      Some science degree. She’s just another troll ideologue.

      • She posts a lot here. Most of it is nonsense. And she has a psychological need to have the last word, always, which was avoided in this instance because you replied to me and not her. Also, she never concedes a point, ever. So it’s not worth the bother.

        That particular comment about salt water, of course, makes no sense, whatsoever.

        When it comes to global warming, there are some falsehoods, complete falsehoods, that never die, they are repeated endlessly. One of them is the risk of rising sea-level. Another one is the threat to polar bears, despite the fact that all studies have shown polar bear numbers increasing. One of their tricks is to focus exclusively on one of the few sub-populations for which populations are declining and ignore the rest. Another one was the snow on Mount Kilimanjaro. Another one was the claim global warming is linked to hurricanes. There is no end to the false myths being propagated by warmists, and you can debunk them repeatedly, but they never die.

  4. It’s only sabotage if the remainder of the world decides to take the same path. Since we’re supposed to be such an internationally insignificant country, I’m sure that no other country will take the opportunity to pull out.

    • I can’t wait for the others to pull out, and they’ll blame Canada for it. I can take the heat, I welcome it.

  5. Since when did limousine liberals care about 11,000 people when they play with sweatshop-manufactured iPhones, sit in free-trade coffee Starbucks, wearing NIKE jogging suits…

    Global-warmists find a solace for their Al Gore and the IPCC-goaded consciences by wallowing in tepid ersatz guilt and demanding the rest do likewise.

    Who do think the assembly-workers will be for the windmill- and photovoltaic cell array- parts? Union workers at $14.00/hr, medical, safe workplaces…?

    • Didn’t you know, those are the so called green jobs that wind turbine manufacturing will create. In China.

      So build those wind turbines, do it for the children…sniff…

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