‘An affront to all Canadians’


Over the course of two columns—here and here—Irwin Cotler lists 19 problems with C-38.

Thus while the bill itself is flawed in nearly every substantive particular, the process by which it has been pushed through — and the conventions that it thereby undermines — continues a standing assault on Parliament, a contempt for the institution, and indeed should be viewed as an affront to all Canadians.


‘An affront to all Canadians’

  1. Hear, hear!

    Thank you Mr. Cotler.

  2. It is hard to take the left seriously when something is “an affront to”, “the death of” or “the end of” every other week.

    • Nonsense. Canada As We Know It and The Canadian Way of Life are being utterly destroyed.
      Arab Spring! Stop Harper!

        • I’m learning Progressivespeak. It’s fun!

          • That’s great, because we have a spot for you up there on the barricades

      • You used to have interesting things to say. Now it’s all just lazy sarcasm. What gives?

          • That would be Senator Bean, to us unwashed plebians.

    • Odd logic, that. So if someone got hit once or twice in the face, you’d think complaining about it was justified? But if their attacker just kept pounding on them, you’d suggest the victim simply shut up and take it because you don’t want to hear about it?

  3. Just reading Cotler’s first ten points, it would appear that many of the clauses in C-38 will be adjudicated in courts at provincial and federal levels. And while the current government has a professed antipathy to ‘judicial law-making’, that’s probably what they/we will get as this grist grinds through the mill. And, if Cotler is correct in his points, maybe not in the government’s favour.

    Just in time for those 2015 fundraising letters!

  4. I really hope Liberals can find their way back to power in time for Irwin Cotler to serve in Cabinet again; just a wise and fair person whose words and work I admire.

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