An end to Theresa Spence's protest? -

An end to Theresa Spence’s protest?


Three separate reports this morning that Chief Theresa Spence’s protest could be nearing an end.

The Canadian Press reports that negotiations involving interim Liberal leader Bob Rae are taking place to find a resolution.

Members of the delegation, along with Spence and a couple of her closest confidantes, are working the phone lines to craft a declaration of the chief’s concerns that would be signed by supporters. They also hope to design a ceremony to mark what her protest has accomplished. And they want to define a process that will allow Spence a recovery.

The Globe reports that Ms. Spence wants a pledge from Shawn Atleo, Thomas Mulcair and Mr. Rae.

Ms. Spence has indicated she will resume eating solid foods after the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Shawn Atleo, and opposition leaders Thomas Mulcair of the New Democrats and Bob Rae of the Liberals agree to press the Harper government to move on an eight-point action plan crafted by the AFN, the sources said. She also wants a commitment from the opposition leaders to continue fighting omnibus budget legislation that has prompted country-wide protests under the Idle No More movement and which many native people say will negatively affect their communities because it reduces federal environmental oversight.

And APTN reports that a letter from Attawapiskat band councillors will end the protest.


An end to Theresa Spence’s protest?

  1. I think most people have expected this all along – that a dignified way out must be found in favor of Chief Spence.

    I surely hope Rae and others know what they are doing, because the chances of it backfiring are great. But then again, Rae won`t be leader for much longer and can now undertake actions for which no one in the Liberal party will have to take responsibility for, unless of course, the outcome is favorable for the Liberals and then they will all jump on it like hawks on a mouse running wild in any field.

    A person in position of real power and responsibility could not afford such pick and choose attitude. The Harper government understands that all too well. Would be helpful if the rest of Canada would understand the difference between real governing and pseudo governing.

  2. Overnight low in Ottawa tonight, -26 degrees Celsius.