Help Wanted: Parliamentary Budget Officer -

Help Wanted: Parliamentary Budget Officer

An exciting new job opportunity


The Library of Parliament has now posted a job opening for a new parliamentary budget officer. Here is the notice of vacancy and here are the selection criteria.

The closing date on the posting is April 2. Kevin Page’s term ends on March 25.

I’m told a selection committee has been established to guide the hiring (the membership of the committee will not be released until after the committee’s work is complete).

Update 3:56pm. Here is the full job posting from the website of the firm that is assisting with the search.


Help Wanted: Parliamentary Budget Officer

  1. “Tact and Discretion” is a job requirement, according to the posting. I’ll translate that myself: “Don’t tell the press antything the PMO doesn’t approve of.”

  2. Adios senor Page.

    • Adios small fragment of accountability.

  3. How many days, after March 25th, will pass before Page announces that he’ll be running as a federal Liberal in the next election?

    • That would be an awesome catch for the Liberals; definitely finance minister material.

    • Although why he would announce his candidacy years in advance is a head-scratcher.

      • Oct.19, 2015

        • Give or take a Harper fudging.

          • Don’t be foolish, the Act was never meant to apply during a majority.

          • Nor a minority, apparently.

          • But aside from those two specific cases, we now have fixed election dates.

          • Ah, what about prorogation? Can’t have an election then …

    • Cheer up … sources speaking on condition of anonymity tell
      me he’s holding out for a Senate seat.

      • Not while Harper guards the entrance!

    • Isn`t there a required cooling-off-period for all civil servants to wait until they announce their intention to run for the Liberals ?

      • For federal, provincial or territorial elections, you also need to request and obtain from the PSC a leave without pay (LWOP)
        for the election period in order to seek nomination as, or be, a
        candidate. You will cease to be an employee of the public service on the
        day you are elected.

      • How long did Allan Cutler, the Adscam whistleblower wait until he ran for your party?

      • DDM is immune to ethics.

    • He is the one of the most conservative public servants out there – by his own admission btw.

  4. Bring us your energy, your experience, your ambition and your impeccable charactor. We’ll drain your energy, ignore your experience, destroy your ambition and drag your charactor through the mud.

    Excellent compensation and benefits package.

    • Actually, for the credentials and experience required, I suspect the compensation is relatively modest compared to similar roles in the private sector.

  5. I predict (again) the position won’t be filled before the Cons jam another omnibus “budget” down the throat of Parliament.

    • That’s a given. Barring a delay (some speculate it may be delayed to try to deflect some attention from the Liberal leadership convention – or alternately to use the convention to deflect attention from the budget contents) it will come down in late March. If the posting is open until April 2, you can bet that even with a delay the budget will be passed before the position can be filled.

  6. Just out of curiousity, is working in both official language actually essential for the applicant this time? Or just for those applicants who aren’t personally selected by Mr. Harper?