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‘An honest reaction’


Megan Leslie, asked yesterday about Mr. Trudeau’s shouted profanities.

I think it was an honest reaction from him in some ways. I certainly have bit my tongue so hard sometimes it bleeds in that House. I think he recognized that it wasn’t Parliamentary. Sometimes though the Conservatives and their games do get the better of us and we react. I think it was an honest reaction. He apologized for it. I just wish that the Conservatives would actually talk about issues and stop with the name calling and these kinds of dirty tricks. It’s really shameful.

Conservative MPs Kyle Seeback, Laurie Hawn, Blake Richards, Mike Allen, Rick Dykstra and Bob Zimmer were all profoundly saddened.


‘An honest reaction’

  1. What Conservatives were name calling???   Dirty tricks???

    • What do you think prompted Trudeau’s remarks? 

      • His disingenuous “white knight” because Kent was being mean to Leslie?

        Leslie could have gone to Durban, she chose not to.  May went on her own dime.

        Besides, Leslie is no shrinking violet – her background is a hard-nosed activist.

        • For the love of God, if you’re not going to keep up with things, don’t comment on them.  Maybe try reading the thread.  This playing dumb so that we have practically have to go back to 1812 to get you up to speed is beyond tedious.  Keep up or shut up. 

          • Your multiple postings that Kent looks like ET – now that is tedious!

  2. A) all of them. B) Ever here of the Irwin Cotler Chronicles?

    • So posting to youtube, a six week old video clip of MP Hillyer on the anniversary of the Montreal massacre is fair game???

      • **Diversionary tactic in progress**

      • Peter MacKay’s counter complaint of a Premier Bob Rae 1992 OPP helicopter ride in order to justify his own absurd waste of taxpayer $$$$$$?

  3. Where’s the Conservatives apology to Mr. Cotler?

    Where’s the PMO apology to Mr. Trudeau for calling him a bad catholic?

    Conservatives feel they can insult anyone with impunity and never have to present excuses. 

    I’m proud that Mr. Trudeau recognizes his mitake and apologized.  If  the Conservatives were led by an honourable we would hear excuses for the bad catholic insult and the reprehensible tactics.  What a difference between the two parties.

    • At least Justin took responsibility for his actions. Cons — I’m waiting….

  4. I hope she’s not blaming the victim – she’ll completely blow her lefty bona fides if she is.

  5. I don’t want to hear a goddamned word about “restoring civility” from the Liberals or NDP ever again. I think that’s fair, under the circumstances.

    • Wait a minute.  That implies you’ve been “hearing” for these last several years.  So, tell you what, it’s ‘fair’ for you to continue not listening, as opposed to hearing.

      • Let me make that clearer, if you insist on parsing it through Philosophy 101: I would like them to refrain from whining about civility as though they’re only ever victims, because I find the incredibly obvious hypocrisy insulting to me, as the listener in their intended audience. You don’t get to scream obscenities at your opponents while simultaneously insisting that the tone of Parliament is entirely their fault.

        • Yeah Trudeau just up and yelled out an obscenity entirely without cause and entirely absent context. I’m sure you’re familiar with the concept of cause and effect, and spontaneous reaction. Perhaps you aren’t aware that the CPC have been in power since ’06? Could it be the responsibility of the PM and the govt to set the tone?
          If you were even remotely sincerely concerned about civility in the house you would instead be chastizing him for lack of discipline and sef control, even if he felt provoked. 
          I don’t know which is more pathetic, your cynicism or your faux outrage over opposition “hypocrisy”? On the whole i find your cynicsm more authentic.

          • Indeed it was spontaneous and he apologized for it.  Take Harper who for example stood up to read lies about the private lives of two female members of the HoC (Robillard & Jennings) – that was planned and something for which he never apologized:  the kind of stuff that makes Conservatives really proud….

    • I appreciate that sentiment, but Trudeau’s comment was a visceral, emotional response. That’s a different animal than systematic, premeditated nastiness (of which both sides of the house are routinely guilty). And, the latter is much easier to control and combat than the former.

      • Exactly! But for crtics like AVR to reach that conclusion they might actually have to have a mind that’s not quite closed, leave alone open.

      • The tactics used again Mr. Cotler were systematic, premaditated and according to the arbiter in the house reprehensible.  The leader of the guilty Party will never apologize for one simple reason : he is not an honourable man.

    • Really?  Six years without a single serious question answered, and you consider one MP flipping his lid to have washed that all away.

      Also: I’m unclear as to Trudeau’s connection to the NDP. Please elaborate.