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‘An important step’


A statement from Heritage Minister James Moore and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson on the Charter.

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Constitution Act of 1982, which was formally signed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on April 17, 1982, in the presence of tens of thousands of Canadians on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

This anniversary marks an important step in the development of Canada’s human rights policy. Building on Diefenbaker’s Canadian Bill of Rights of 1960, the Constitution Act of 1982 enshrined certain rights and freedoms that had historically been at the heart of Canadian society into a constitutional document known as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Constitution Act of 1982 empowered our government to amend every part of Canada’s constitution, for the very first time.

As we look ahead to Canada’s 150th Anniversary in 2017, we encourage all Canadians to commemorate the milestones that have built our nation and made us the great country we are today.


‘An important step’

  1. This statement avoiding the mention of Trudeau and evoking Diefenbaker, as well as Rae’s earlier statement extolling all things Liberal, are petty. 

    • Seconded.  It’s not Trudeau’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but it is evidently Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights?

      • Btw, whatever happened to the Diefenbreaker, the much touted icebreaker for the far north? It’s not like the ice is suddenly disappearing on its own.

        Hey, wait a second…

  2. No mention of Voldemort?

  3. That was nice.  We used to have a lot of politicians apparently, that concerned themselves with what was best for the people of this country.  We should definitely celebrate that, and at the same time, perhaps point out to current politicians that it isn’t all ‘party power’ that is truly important.

    • Small-minded partisan Harper hates Pierre Trudeau who thought big and thought for all Canadians. Trudea was an arrogant SOB, but he has something to be arrogant about; Harper is a hollow man who is nothing.

  4. Wow! This is one petty bunch of cons. Even their faintest praise is tinged with partisan one up manship. Not so subtle implication being: what’s the big deal, the Dief had it covered.
    [ hmmm maybe a reach on my part, m’be not. Can’t tell anymore with this crowd, i’ve become so reflexively cynical toward them – wonder why?]

    Trouble is Dief’s bill wasn’t up to scratch, not according to the Ladies who fought for equality rights to be included in the charter…apparently every case brought before the courts under the BoRs was quashed.  

    • Steve: Petty and the Smartbreakers

  5. Absolutely sickening. It would be like the Liberals taking credit for Free Trade on the basis that Laurier fought for it in the 1911 eleciton.

  6. the conservative party of canada: taking credit for other parties’ accomplishments since 1982…

  7. Not a mention of Pierre Elliott Trudeau who bought the Constitution home.  What the Heck kind of reporting is that. Shame. It had nothing to do with the Conservatives at the time at all. Partisan reporting!

    •  Pat…this is not a report, it is a statement put out by the Harper government.

  8. The omission of the acknowlegement of the contribution and leadership of Pierre Elliott Trudeau is partisan and misleading. Shame on you all.

  9. How utterly picayune. But, then, this can be expected from the PC’s revengeful mindset.

    John Bisscheroux

  10. Diefenbaker, what about all the work Mr. Trudeau put into this! I believe he deserves a mention in your article!!!

  11. This is an embarrassing piece of journalism. I recommend we tweet with # self-serving fiction!

    •  This is a statement released by the Harper government…nothing more.

  12. Usng sensitivity to Quebec as an excuse not to celebrate the day is a joke, Harper’s political mentors, Morton, Knopff, Flanagan all hate the Charter and an activist Supreme Court. What do you expect from a bunch of overpriviliged white guys.

  13. Your kidding right !! Diefenbaker who scrapped the Avro Arrow is being commended – shame.

  14. All i see is everyone wants their owns rights and total disregard for those of others! So i don’t see it as such a great step forward!

  15. What a rediculous statement from the concervative party , but not unusual l!!!!