And now a word from Fidel Castro


The Cuban dictator has a few things he would like to say in reference to Canada.

The guayabera shirts to be worn by Obama in Cartagena has become one of the main issues covered by the news agencies: “Edgar Gomez […] has designed one for the U.S. President, Barack Obama, who will be wearing it during the Summit of the Americas,” said the daughter of the designer, who added: “It is a white, sober guayabera, with a handiwork that is more striking that usual…” 

Immediately after that, the news agency added that the Caribbean shirt was first made by the banks of the Yayabo River in Cuba; that is why they were originally called yayaberas. The curious thing about this, dear readers, is that Cuba has been forbidden to attend that meeting, but not the guayaberas. Who could hold back from laughing? We must hurry up and tell Harper.


And now a word from Fidel Castro

  1. I really hope we get over this nonsense about Cuba soon.

  2. It’s time this evil founder of the only slave state in the Americas drops dead.
    (Watch for a Trudeau to attend papa’s funeral). 

    •  Instant programmed response….

    • you are highly delusional. get informed,…before you make stupid comments like this.
      it’s obvious that you know absolutely nothing about Latin America

  3. Fidel retired as leader of the Cuban government years ago, so Mr Wherry’s idiotic “dictator” smear only demonstrates his ignorance and malice.

    Wherry still managed to make a fool of himself in a piece to which he contributed only one sentence.

  4. Judging by his description, Castro is a big fan of Trudeau.  You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his admirers. 

    •  And his enemies.

    • You’re typically better than this; please advise what can we tell about Britney Speers from the fact that Saddam Hussein had posters of her?  No, I think the people  we admire tell more about us than about them.  And I think you do too.

      • Did Hussein admire Spears for her political stances on various issues? No.

        Let me be more specific: I admire Trudeau for his political and oratorical skills. However, if someone admires him for his politics, and that person is a brutal dictator, then this tells you something was seriously wrong with Trudeau’s politics (assuming that wasn’t already obvious).

  5. Mr Wherry conveniently avoids quoting the substantive argument Fidel made in his article concerning the resource exploitation and environmental degradation perpetrated by Canadian mining companies in Latin America. But that would undermine Mr. Wherry’s portrayal of the Commandante as an aging, eccentric former “dictator”.

    • So please explain how Castro was not a dictator.  I don’t recall a vigorous, free opposition contesting elections in Cuba under Castro.  Do you?

      • Castro was not only a dictator, but also a jailer and assassin of Cubans. His has a following of useful idiots in Canada once again led by a Trudeau. 

      •  Fascinating.

        While you and Jones are misarguing history, and for some reason dragging Justin into it, you are ignoring what was said about our mining companies and the enviroment….and the OAS.

        • Re our mining companies, that is fascinating, Emily, because I guess that means that Castro must have a huge problem with Sherrit International — a Canadian mining company — operating in Cuba, as it has for many years.

          • i dunno Pip…are you saying Sherrit International is doing something wrong in Cuba?  Does that seem likely, or are all mining companies alike in your view?

          • I certainly have no problem with Sherritt operating in Cuba or investing in Cuba, if that’s what you’re getting at.  I’ve always thought the US trade embargo was wrong-headed.

            I gathered, though, that you approved of Castro’s comments re the evil nature of Canadian mining companies who operate in Latin America.  I personally find it rather ironic in that context that one of the most prominent Canadian investments made into Cuba in recent years — prominently featured in the Canadian media and business press as bold, forward-thinking and progressive etc. etc. — and of course personally endorsed by Castro Himself — was Sherritt’s.

            It seems to me that Castro has his head squarely jammed up his large intestine on this one — if Canadian mining investment in Latin America is inherently evil, well then Castro is directly implicated in perpetrating evil.  If it’s not, then Castro is a lying, scummy hypocrite.  What do you think, Emily?

          •  @865444ea1a3aec1b5f1890dd40359673:disqus

            Lots of Canadian mining companies are evil….doesn’t mean all of them are.

            I think you’re very confused.

          • “Lots of Canadian mining companies are evil”

            I see.  So do you have a list of which ones are evil, and which ones are good?  You know, sort of like Santa keeps a list of who’s naughty and nice?

          •  @865444ea1a3aec1b5f1890dd40359673:disqus

            Are you ever going to address the topic?