And now a word from Her Excellency


And now a word from Her Excellency

Or at least her office, in response to an emailed question about whether Madame Jean might be on her way back to Ottawa.

“Her Excellency is VERY aware of her constitutional responsibilities and contingency plans are in place for her to return to Canada should this be required. She is being briefed on a regular basis while continuing her heavy programme for the State visit that is creating important links and generating a lot of coverage over here.”


And now a word from Her Excellency

  1. We should make Michaelle Jean our monarch.

  2. Out of curiosity, what kind of coverage do visits such as these get in other countries? I’d imagine it would hardly be covered at all, unless they don’t realise how utterly powerless our formal head of state is.

  3. where *do* you get these photos from? They make everyone seem dynamic and powerful and a part of history.

  4. Well, it might get a bit more coverage wherever she is (where is she?) given that the commoners appear to be in a spot of turmoil while the sovereign’s representative is abroad.

  5. Out of curiosity, what kind of coverage do visits such as these get in other countries?

    Not much.

  6. Now we get the fruit of having a marxist bitch as our GG.

    Now, now Ms. Guergis. Don’t be peevish.

  7. Hmm, got a “505” error clicking on “report abuse” for Saywhat’s offensive post. Now what do I do…

  8. I like that “VERY,” it’s got a great Queen Victoria diary ring to it. “Today that Awful fellow Mr. Harper wrecked his Own Government and made a Request to me his Sovereign to Dissolve parliament, but I found him a Very Slovenly gentlemen and I have Asked monsieur Dion if he will govern Instead.”

  9. Well, he is pretty slovenly.

    And, yes, that is an excellent photo.

  10. By the by, this is kind of a bad day to talk about how powerless Jean is.

  11. I know we’re all about high minded and civil exchanges on the finer points of political theory and strategy around here but please indulge me for a moment …..

    The lady is drop-dead fine, ain’t she ?

  12. Ordinarily, I think our democratic system is great but when I really give it some thought, I wonder wtf?

    Like right now for instance, the party with the most votes is about to be kicked to the curb and a coalition of lesser parties is going to take over and implement who knows what policies and it’s all being overseen by an ex-CBC reporter who’s abroad at the moment. What a lovely democratic system we got but it does seem to work, I guess.

  13. Well, the party that got the most votes doesn’t have as many votes as the others which will form the coalition.

    If the conservatives got enough votes to be the majority party, then maybe you could complain about them being overturned by the opposition — but in that case they couldn’t be overturned anyway, because they’d probably have a majority government anyway.

    Democracy shouldn’t be “government by the largest minority voting block”; and minority governments can’t pretend to have the democratic high ground against a united opposition. If this government gets overturned, it will be because democracy is functioning as it should.

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