And now a word from Pat Martin


The NDP has called at 12:30 news conference to react to last night’s story from Postmedia and the Citizen. Mr. Martin has already offered a few thoughts via Twitter.

Add the ‘in and out’ scheme of defrauding spending limits to the phoney phone calls in 18 or more ridings, and you might question CPC’s 39%

When the Con’s said they’d be different from the Libs, some people thought they meant they’d be MORE ethical, not less.

I for one, wish the Conservatives would fix Health care, not elections. These are seriously bad people

Yup. Fix Health Care Not Elections. That’s my new bumper sticker. In fact replace ‘Health Care’ with your choice…’Pensions?’


And now a word from Pat Martin

  1. Fix health care would be nice – is Martin going to announce he’s finally seen the light and wants to privatize it?

    Mont Gazette ~ Feb 23 2012:
    As Quebec’s College des Medecins revealed it will be hauling two prominent cardiologists before its disciplinary court over allegations of bribery, patients continue to contact The Gazette with fresh stories of cash-stuffed envelopes, handed over in exchange for fast-track care from their physicians.

    Montreal Economic Inst – Private Sector Within Public Health System:

    The Canadian health care system is an oddity among developed countries in that the public sector is not only responsible for most of the financing of the health care system, but also has a near complete monopoly on the delivery of hospital care. In Europe, where public financing is as prevalent as in Canada, if not more so, the private for-profit sector has an extensive role to play in delivering service. The German experience shows that private sector involvement and the search for profit, contrary to widespread fears, are correlated with better quality care and can improve the efficiency of low-performance establishments.

  2. Also, I think it would be terrific if one of our journos asked Martin about dirty tricks within his own party because he would have actual knowledge and know what he’s talking about.

    Does Martin think his probable future leader Mulcair is ‘bad people’ or is fixing elections only objectionable when it’s your opponents and not yourself? 

    iPolitics ~ Feb 23 2012:

    The NDP leadership race has been a relatively quiet affair to date with little evidence of dirty tricks. Now, however, candidate Niki Ashton says Tom Mulcair’s campaign has been spreading false rumours she is dropping out of the race in order to attract her Quebec delegates. Ashton, the 29 year-old MP from Manitoba, says she contacted the Mulcair camp and told officials there to bug off.

  3. “the Conservatives are conducting an internal probe.”

    translation: double checking for bread crumbs

    next time you guys bury bodies put the locations to music.  It’s easier to remember.

    • “Who will this stick to and where’s the nearest bus?”

      •  They’re just making sure their Chosen Rogue Underling is properly glued up and knows how to operate his parachute so he doesn’t have to phone anybody back.

    • Ah, like the one Harper did when the Cadman bribe allegations surfaced?

      “We looked into it”

  4. I’m as suspicious of the Cons and their bottomless little bag of dirty tricks as anyone should be, but having watched most of Martin’s press conference on this, I wish he’d realize that all the bluster, sputtering moral outrage and hyperbole (invoking Watergate, etc.) does little to help his case. Sometimes he just goes over the top when it isn’t necessary to make his point.

    •  Stealing an election is something that’s worth some hyperbole.

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