As the Mulcair turns


Having previously said he wouldn’t be able to seek the party’s leadership unless the vote was scheduled for the spring, Thomas Mulcair now says the NDP’s low membership numbers in Quebec may prevent him from mounting an effective campaign and that the party should fund a membership drive to correct the problem.

“We are disadvantaged, it’s not a complaint, it is a simple observation,” the NDP leadership hopeful said.

“The party should look at the possibility of having a membership drive in Quebec in a non-partisan way and not sectoral way. This wouldn’t be about one candidate over another but it would compensate the mathematical fact that Quebec is the only province that does not have provincial wing of the NDP. And perhaps it would be a question of putting some resources aside so that the party could seek out memberships,” Mulcair said.


As the Mulcair turns

  1. The simple solution would be for the NDP to give Québec members a weighed vote (25%). This would have the merit of both rewarding the province that has made the NDP the Official Opposition while at the same time being coherent with the party’s position on seat redistribution in the House of Commons.

    Likewise, given the fact that both the Conservatives and the Liberals oppose electoral reform, they too should change their leadership selection rules to remove the “run-off” requirement and allow the person leading after the first ballot to become leader, à la first-past-the-post.

  2. Typical French response. “It’s not fair!”

    • Mulcair is no more French than Stephen Harper – he speaks French with a heavy accent. Mulcair is known in Quebec as the former head of Alliance Quebec, an opponent of Quebec’s language laws.

      Typical British North American ignorance.

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