At last, justice -

At last, justice


Seems Ms. Guergis did not report her mortgage to the ethics commissioner in the necessary time allotted. She’s been fined $100.


At last, justice

  1. An $800,000 house, and she will not be able to live in it as a Minister, or it appears, as an MP.


  2. I almost feel sorry for poor Ms. G. Almost.
    Obviously all she has to do is run as an independent and win her seat back.

  3. I'd vote for her. Better reality comedy than anything else on the Tube

  4. I want the job of Ethics Commissioner. All you have to do is sit around and read the papers and answer the mail. No need to investigate until everyone else in Canada already knows what happened.

    • Better than a Senate appointment

  5. can u afford a 800k mort by selling white stuff to the house of commons?