At worst, Justin Trudeau is qualified to be a Conservative senator -

At worst, Justin Trudeau is qualified to be a Conservative senator

And the case of C-377


So it turns out that Conservative Senator Jacques Demers, nominated by Stephen Harper in 2009, has also been paid to speak at charity events.

The Prime Minister’s philosophy is at odds with that of Mr. Demers, who said he takes roughly 12 to 15 paid speaking engagements a year, charging a fee as high as $5,000 and lower for charities. He says he was paid $3,500 to headline a luncheon on May 13 for a Halifax shelter, Alice Housing. He donated $2,500 of it back, he says, and would return a cheque if a charity lost money on an event.

“I didn’t steal any money, I didn’t take any money. It’s not like taking from the poor to [give to] the rich. They called me,” Mr. Demers said.

This will presumably profoundly sadden James Moore. Outrage from the organizations that paid Justin Trudeau to speak is harder to find.

Nonetheless, Mr. Trudeau’s professional speaking should subject him to questions—perhaps of the sort raised by Paul here and Ben Lobb yesterday. A straight line between Mr. Trudeau’s speeches for unions and his opposition to C-377 is difficult to draw though. His last speech to a union was delivered more than a year before C-377 was tabled. Of course, that doesn’t preclude the possibility that his views on C-377 are somehow influenced by the willingness of unions to pay to hear him speak. So what has occurred since C-377 was tabled?

As Liberal leader, Mr. Trudeau has said that he thinks C-377 should be repealed, but the Liberals seem to have publicly opposed the bill at least seven months before Mr. Trudeau formally declared his interest in the Liberal leadership. All Liberals present in the House on March 14, 2012 voted against the bill at second reading, but Mr. Trudeau wasn’t among them. And he wasn’t present when Liberal MPs joined Conservative and NDP MPs in voting against the bill at third reading in December 2012.

Of course, now it is Conservative senators who are apparently planning to attempt to amend the bill.

None of which really precludes questions about Mr. Trudeau’s speaking fees and, as Paul notes, future associations between those speaking fees and his political positions. There are questions to asked about what he has been paid and who has paid him and then there are questions to be asked about what other MPs are earning and how.

And then after those questions have been asked, there will probably be questions about Mr. Trudeau’s attendance in the House.


At worst, Justin Trudeau is qualified to be a Conservative senator

  1. Shakespeare comes to mind…..Much ado about nothing

    Or even a tempest in a teapot.

    Is the whole summer going to be given over to such minutiae when the country is in serious difficulties?

    • Perhaps you remember a waffer at communion?

      • If you’re not religious then I’m sure it seems like small stuff. But to people who believe…. it was a major insult. Wars have started over less.

        But if you want to discuss trivia….what year was that?

      • “This entire topic makes me waff out woud.”

        E. Fudd

      • wafer. not “waffer.”

  2. So now we have to keep track of when and how Justin votes or voted for times to come?

    Why then would it not have been smarter for Justin to just NOT have spoken for fees for any organization. In that case, none of Justin’s votes or not would have to be questioned.

    But keep up finding more excuses, Aaron, for defending Justin.

    By now most of us are well aware that Justin was indeed caught with his pants down and now the media is doing everything possible to pull up Justin’s pants for him. That is the choice the media has made. Things are clear enough by now!

    • So now we have to keep track of when and how Justin votes or voted for times to come?

      I’m fairly confident that obsessively tracking Justin Trudeau’s every move and pronouncement won’t exactly derail your plans for the day.

      • I’m waiting for her denunciation on Senator Jacques Demers. I note she totally ignored that part of Aaron’s blogpost – an oversight on her part, I’m sure.

        • There’s no blood flow to her brain now that she’s brought up “Justin with his pants down” and started thinking about him. Don’t even get her started on his strip-tease for charity. Gets her quite hot and bothered in her search for what she calls “orgasmic truth.”

          I gotta go shower now. Shudder.

          • LOL I noticed that too, but didn’t want to say anything. She’s also just talked about Justin playing checkers and connected that to ‘slapping’ somehow.

            If we had an emoticon for waggling eyebrows on here, I’d use it.

          • 50 Shades of Francien? That’s about 49 more than I can contemplate.

          • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………….Perfect!

        • She has a serious case of tunnel vision – and the tunnel leads to Justin Trudeau.

    • At this point, you might want to just come right out and say that Justin Trudeau, and Justin Trudeau alone, has done the worst, most unforgivable thing imaginable, ever.

      • Yup, we’re talkin’ boiling oil, cross, stake……

    • Ouch. Looks like folks have moved from fighting you to laughing at you Francien.. the next step is troll-death.. my condolences.

      • Those folks you speak off are old trolls themselves.

  3. Ah heck, Let’s switch scandals:
    Now who were the six personal friends of John Baird who stayed with him for free for a week at the High Commissioner”s residence in London?
    Sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Yes, who would make for the perfect dinner party for the likes of John Baird. People who don’t mind a little spittle in their food…conservatives, possibly closeted…okay, so Kenney was there, who else?

      • I guess the investigative blood hounds in Ottawa will be on the case. NOT.
        Seriously, it’s hard to imagine how privacy could be an issue considering the location of the party.

      • Whether taxpayers paid anything is not relevant either;
        It is newsworthy and not just a private event because it could be a political pay off for the 6 guests who attended. That’s why the Ottawa media will be finding out the names I’m sure. What did they do to get this free accommodation?

  4. At least we know he didn’t just read a scripted speech.