Back to work -

Back to work


Labour Minister Lisa Raitt is threatening back-to-work legislation if Canadian Pacific and its workers can’t come to some agreement by next week when the House reconvenes.

If such legislation makes it to the floor of the House, it would be the sixth such bill—and fourth in the last two years—that the Conservatives have introduced since forming government in 2006. For the sake of comparison, the House saw nine back-to-work bills in the 1990s, six in the 80s, 10 in the 70s, four in the 60s and two in the 50s.

Here is what I wrote about the Harper government, the NDP opposition and labour unrest last October.


Back to work

  1. Well, while avoiding stating the name, for fear of invoking Godwin… someone has to make the trains run on time.

    • That was Mussolini anyway, so it wouldn’t be a true Godwin.

  2. They’re leaving an awful lot of room for the NDP to be the obvious labour choice without actually giving that much to unions.

  3. Why does Lisa get in front of these things? It’s not like freight trains are sexy.

  4. Too bad they didn’t think of back-to-work legislation when Harper led his members on strike a few times.

  5. Dammit! I’m a business man and I want Big Government out of my hair. I want Big Government to LEAVE ME ALON……er, nevermind.