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‘Baseless allegations and unfounded assertions’


Canwest gets hold of Helena Guergis’ letter of resignation.

In the resignation letter she submitted to Harper, a copy of which was obtained by Canwest News Service, Guergis said: “I take responsibility for any errors I may have made, but at no time did I compromise my oath as a Member of the Privy Council.

“It has become apparent through baseless allegations and unfounded assertions made about my family that I need to step aside to allow for the good work of our government to continue serving Canadians,” she wrote.

CTV adds what it can in the way of details, including the curious observation that one of the allegations is so sensitive those who’ve heard it won’t speak of it.


‘Baseless allegations and unfounded assertions’

  1. So Harper is making "baseless allegations?" He would boot a woman out of caucus for "unfounded assertions?" There better be pictures and videos …. naughty ones.

    • I really don't want to be in her shoes.

      • Really? She seems like the kind of person who would have really nice shoes.

        • That is of course, assuming they survive the abuse.

          • Hahaha…I am sure she has some shoes to die not sure they are worth it though.

  2. Funny how the RCMP won't reveal the nature of the investigation, but had no problem with, say, announcing an (ultimately fruitless) investigation into corruption in Ralph Goodale's office related to a market-sensitive announcement, you know, during an election campaign.

    One wonders if our national police service needs to be investigated for corruption.

    • Yeah, that's it. Harper has corrupted the RCMP. They work for him now. Also, 9/11 was faked by the CIA.

      • So you're saying Andrew's point isn't valid? That it isn't rather a double standard to announce that an RCMP investigation is being conducted with respect to a market-sensitive announcement against Ralph Goodale, while no infomration regarding Guergis investigation is to be released?

        Or are you just trying to distract people from his point?

        • I'll say his point isn't valid. The NDP filed the complaint about Goodale's office. Judy W-L wrote to the RCMP, asked what was the status of the complaint and they wrote back to tell her an investigation was underway. The NDP released the reply by the RCMP.
          If you ask the RCMP, they will probably give the same reply today, that they have received a complaint and an investigation is under way.
          It is the complainant in each case that chooses to detail the nature of their complaint.

          • they wrote back to tell her an investigation was underway.

            That is exactly what was outside of usual procedures. Anyone can ask the RCMP to investigate whatever they wish (although, obviously, when the Prime Minister specifically asks them to investigate and publicly declares this request, this is an unusual circumstance and has to be treated differently than if you or I ask them – I doubt they feel they could simply ignore the PM's request even if it looks to them as if there is no grounds for criminal investigation). The RCMP does not tell the person making the request whether they are launching an investigation (although perhaps they will tell the Prime Minister, having set a precedent with the Goodale case.)

            By contrast, the NDP *is* a political organization and when given politically useful information, it is a nobrainer that they will use that information and there are no laws or procedures which denied the NDP the right to do so. Either the RCMP are complete morons or they knew that by releasing this information to the NDP during an election that it would quickly be released to voters in time to influence their ballots.

          • As will I. In neither case did the RCMP announce exactly what they are investigating, just that an investigation was underway. There is no double standard.

            But I'm curious Thwim, Andrew…when this story broke, did either of you care to find out which gave the heads up to Don Drummond? Or are you calling him a liar?

          • Really? They didn't announce what they were investigating? Care to try again?

            So how long did you fish for that red herring there? I'm just curious as to the time you wasted rather than actually looking up the facts of the case.

          • You're simply wrong.

      • In two cases when a serious allegation was made Bernier and Guergis have been sacked pending an investigation.

        Contrast that to the Liberal party.

        • At this point, what diff does it make whether we have info on the investigation? There is no election going on now. Don't get me wrong – I see the double standard. I'm just wondering how keeping us in the dark changes anything. Once we do find out what it is all about, the we'll best assess whether the secrecy was necessary, no?

          • Contrast Sheila Fraser vs Toronto Star "report" allegations.

            A) Liberals prorogue and deny no action for months.

            B) CPC get information and call RCMP, Ethics commissioner with 24 hours.

            Apples to oranges.


            The articles alleges misuses of gov't property by private citizen, lobbying and a junior minister may be involved. She is removed from caucus, swift and clear.

            An alleged tantrum, letters, mortgage smears does not disqualify you. When Sid Ryan does not agree with the pile on you know they have gone too far.

            Who shut down parliament for months to delay Adscam Report?

          • Look – there is no need for you to preach to the choir. I'm not a fan. But besides all of the hypocrisy you are pointing, I maintain, is it worth getting into a froth? Keep the attack dogs on leash until the facts are in. Attack blindly now, and you might regret it. I call this strategy.

          • Preaching or historical revisionism?

            The opposition have spent the last four years doing what exactly in Question Period?

            This government has only won a minority and have been smeared with endless scandals for over four years. In 2008 the bottom fell out for the Liberals among key groups. In 2009 they went zero for four in the by elections.

            Perception vs Reality-Good article Globe and Mail

            I am not sure why you think the "sweating the small stuff" in Ottawa will change the direction the voters have made. This is not an Adscam Government who are wasting Billions on boondoggles or advertising agencies in Quebec.

          • Chrétien asked Fraser to investigate program after report published in G&M.

          • Are you suggesting no one inside the Liberal Party PMO were aware of the violation of every rule?

            than we jump the shark and suggest the PMO should be fully aware, responsible for the actions of a private citizen, spouse of an M.P. Jaffer using H.G. blackberry, CPC logo, old business cards is in same universe of accountability?

            Let's see what the RCMP, Ethics Commissioner reports determine.

            In the meantime the opposition can continue with their agenda of providing tax funded abortions for the Congo as part of maternal health.

          • You clearly don't know what jump the shark means.

          • The expression was popularized in 1985 by Jon Hein, who would later create the web site jumptheshark.com (which now redirects to TVGuide.com). Hein explained the concept as follows: "It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on…it's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it 'Jumping the Shark.' From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same." -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_the_shark

            From Jaffer, Helena, you want to go after the PM. (Not confused at all)
            You clowns don't know when to stop.

          • Well, doesn't this just make everything alright then. We can all go back and search out garbage like you do.

            During the Goodale issue – Solberg and other Con PM puppets were on every show talking about it. None of them said i'ts an allegation and we should wait for the results of the investigation.

            Tim Powers had the audacity last night to say it's about allegations and we should wait……unbelievable.

            CS – stop playing the Con victim card – it's not very impressive

          • "other Con PM puppets" is a dehumanizing label?

            Why do you refer to conservatives as non humans?

            An investigation based on a serious allegation has begun, your prefer no due process, rule of law for the ex junior minister, ex caucus member?

            Would you prefer she be thrown in jail first until the investigations are complete?

          • dehumanizing label? LOL.

            They are sock puppets. They speak only when Harper lets them and they speak only what he lets them. Puppets they are.

            Due process of law…? Too bad the same courtesy wasn't given to Liberals like Goodale from Harper's puppets.

            You really stretching it here.

          • At this point, what diff does it make whether we have info on the investigation?

            1) What point are we at?

            Rule of law , due process should be suspended and we should continue with witchunt?

            1) Airport tantrum no verification, the accuser is protected by Wayne Easter?
            2) Allegations banking officials are acting improperly regarding private mortgage?
            3) Letter campaign by a few staffers (See Paul Martin campaign against Manning)

            Nothing credible to act upon against minister. TSTAR story allegations are serious if proven.

            Just curios what is the penalty be if spouses, friends are caught using gov't property for personal, business use?

            I remember a few weeks ago a Liberal MP sent a series of emails from her office for fundraising (she apologized) as it broke rules.

          • As I have stated – you need to calm down and be more rationale about this. The ball is in your court. Froth like an angry nutter, and people will perceive this more as revenge instead of justice. You do not want that spin to gain ground.

      • #12: Over-the-top sarcasm.

        it wasn't too long ago that opinion leaders in this country were calling the RCMP dysfunctional and broken.

      • Are you saying Mr. Zachardelli was an unimpeachable fellow? 'Cause I sure wouldn't.

        • I don't think the NDP-initiated investigation suggests political corruption of the RCMP, which is what you seemed to be getting at.

  3. This gets more puzzling as more information comes out. Harper sounded emphatic that this did not concern anyone except Guergis. One would think the charge that Jaffer used Guergis' office for his own business would require that one at least look into what the staff in Guergis' office knew.

    In fact, what did others know? How could no one in the PMO have bothered to even look at Jaffer's website until the recent Toronto Star article, despite Jaffer being married to a cabinet minister and being in the news repeatedly for cocaine and drunk driving and then the slap on the wrist? That seems pretty negligent. Why was the Toronto Star able to readily obtain such damaging quotes and information, all while Harper kept insisting there was no problem for weeks? Or did the PMO look into it and decide they were happy to have Jaffer identified with the CPC and with the government despite his illegal behaviour and lack of formal connection?

    • I read Harper as saying "These allegations relate to the conduct of Ms. Guergis and do not involve any other minister, MP, senator or federal government employee." Mr. Jaffer fits into none of these categories.

      • You're generously assuming his little press thing contained the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

        • Catherine, you are making the same mistake Liberals do, blaming Harper for everything. We don't have all the facts yet, wait until you know what's going on. This is what Iggy does and that's why he always put's the foot on his mouth and looks like a fool.

      • But Guergis' staff are federal government employees. It may be possible for someone to use a cabinet ministers office or email for commercial business without any of the staff being aware of this, but wouldn't that have to be investigated to be determined?

        • Guergis's staff are not federal government employees.

    • catherine, as David Climenhaga points out, it is hard to believe that the Conservatives did not know what Jaffer was doing:
      "…It has been as plain as the now-vanished RahimJaffer.ca – which promised foreign business people assistance to “secure support from the Canadian government” – that Mr. Jaffer has for months been passing himself off as someone who can influence the prime minister, cabinet and Conservative caucus…"

  4. You will note that Harper emphatically denied that Jaffer had any access to his office.
    However, no-one asks him the $800,000 question – did former Minister Guergis lobby him in any way for funds to be directed to business ventures in which her husband was involved?
    Would explain the involvement of the Integrity Commissioner – as well as the police…

    • This sounds quite plausible!

    • Did Jaffer's business include running women's shelters?
      Seriously, Helena's portfolio is so far removed from Jaffer.
      This is about Helena allowing use of her title, her office and CTV said there are allegations she attended Jaffer's business meetings.
      Her biggest crime is being married to a loser.

      • Well, at least according to what we know.

        However, if the RCMP released what they were investigating, as they did with Ralph Goodale, it might be a different story, hm?

      • Oh, you have the inside scoop and know all the facts – uh, huh

        • My dear Wilson, I really like you my friend and truly admire your loyalty, I agree the husband is a loser but she doesn't seem to be quite that innocent, I won't be surprise she did something really bad. And strongly disagree that Harper did something wrong, that's all our Liberals friends wishes and they hope the more they write about it will become the truth.

  5. At last story will be told. Canada's minister of state for status of women,the right honourable Helena Guergis.

  6. We also have a Liberal Senator on the taxpayer payroll who sent a staffer to go chop some wood.

    • You are getting to be a total bore.

  7. It really is bothersome that they would speak about investigations to do with some MP's but not others. I hope beyond hope those decisions have not been made along partisan lines and there is legitimate reasons for it.

    • Agreed! It stinks, but I feel it is best to hold off until we get the info on what the investigation is about. Then we can assess whether the shhhhhhhh is the result of partisan politics. Harper haters – be cool! You don't want to misplay your cards on this opportunity.

      • Can you list when they have not "overplayed" an opportunity in the past twelve months?

        • Geez – the war has totally made you all "eye for an eye", eh?

          • Really?

            I want an effective opposition, challenging and offering alternative policies to the government.

            What do we have in Question Period?

            Can you list the last policies from the opposition introduced and debated in parliament.

            I have not seen the National Daycare Promise from the Liberals or their 360 EI plan.

          • Just not challenging the government, on, say, whether Canada is willfully complicit in the torture of foreign nationals.

          • Many lifelong Liberals, like me, are disgusted with Rae and Dosanjh and their antics. Their agenda is to do whatever they can to attack the Prime Minister
            and Defence Minister, even if it means tarring the reputation of Canada and the Canadian Forces. It's odd, I've never heard Rae or Dosanjh expend the same
            amount of energy on matters related to the deaths of 136 soldiers and diplomats violently killed in Afghanistan. I don't recall Dosanjh expressing any concerns for detainees when he was a Liberal Minister in the Paul Martin Cabinet that expanded our Afghan mission. Actually, I don't recall Dosanjh expressing any concern for our poorly armed troops who were killed in action in Afghanistan because he and his colleagues in Cabinet sent the troops to Afghanistan with equipment that did not provide them with enough protection. He must have done so … but in private with the same great flare, gusto and passion he articulates for the Taliban prisoners. Bravo Ujjal! Bravo!

  8. The world of political "gotcha" continues. While the partisan leftists in the media (and in the comment boards) frolic about in cheap revelry, right minded Canadians concerned about real issues avert their eyes from the spectacle. Just as they have done so with every one of the numerous manufactured "scandals".

    While the teenagers party here in the basement, the real world of strengthening our economy, growing jobs, keeping our banks stable (which we lead the developed world in all these factors) for the bettermentt of all of our lives, continues apace by the adults upstairs.

    • Which is exactly why, after 4 years in opposition, the LPC is at 27% and Iffy at 16%…they keep following the media lead down dead end roads.

    • nice try

    • Did you have triumphant music playing in the background as you typed?

    • Blaming everyone else can't last forever. Grown ups take responsibility.

      This whole Johnnie hit me first, etc. is pathetic.

  9. The former right hounourable MP Rahim Jafer must step forward now in a cocaine induced haze,and explain to the public the outlandish abuse of a government funded blackberry.Not only was he drunk and high while driving,a police officer also stated he was texting and listening to the loud music of a very talented singer by the name of Atif Aslam who was singing Pehli Nazar Mein. Very sad indeed.

  10. Kevin Page goofed up went too negative and bet against Canada leading in the Global recovery as well. ( I don't blame him, he has a fondness for the spotlight)

    The opposition are complaining from both sides

    1) too slow, too little in helping deal with recession
    2) Conservative think tank confirms opposition talking points….

    Sheila Fraser has not found "every rule" broken in spending and has seen her gain improved access to gov't spending including Crown Corporations.

  11. Sounds like something from Harry Potter. "The allegation that shall not be named"

    • here are the 'named allegations'
      CTV News

      the Mounties will probe allegations that Guergis' husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer, used his wife's office to conduct commercial business.

      late Friday that the RCMP will investigate allegations that Guergis accompanied her husband to business meetings.

      there are indications from some 'sources' that Guergis may not be directly involved in the most serious allegations.

      • there are indications from some 'sources' that Guergis may not be directly involved in the most serious allegations.

        That would appear to be the 'allegation that shall not be named' then, wouldn't it? The two named allegations, if proven true, obviously directly involve Guergis. The named allegations seem serious enough.

    • Rowling owes Lovecraft, by way of Metallica, on that score: The Thing That Should Not Be.

      • Doesn't it all owe a little bit to Oscar Wilde's "love that dared not speak its name"?

  12. I love the conservative talking point that this is all a conspiracy between the media and the Liberals. Dear Media and Liberals: if you have to power to make up allegations and get Ministers fired and reported to the RCMP, let's do it more! Who knew Harper was so weak?

  13. Compare the handling of this “scandal” by Mr. Harper, the Oppostion and the media and the handling of the “scandal” by the same people of Ruby Dhalla. Can anyone recall if she was absolved of all blame? I don’t remember reading about it, if she was absolved. Mr. Harper and the Conservative Government did not say or do anywhere near the same about Ruby Dhalla that the “Leader of the Opposition” is saying about H. Guergis.

    • That's a bad example to use. In that case, the Conservatives and their cheerleaders bent over backwards to paint Dhalla as some sort of evil slave trader. Even now you are bringing it up as if it were in any way relevant, despite the fact that there were never any charges brought about, and one of the caregivers in question had a history of making the same accusations to other employers.

      None of that stopped Conservative supporters from demonizing her, nor did it stop the Conservative government to thrust itself into things, garnering an accusation of political interference.

      It's also worth noting that when that all was going on, Dhalla stepped down and requested a formal investigation. Helena, on the other hand, had to be booted out, while at the same time the Conservatives and their cheerleaders act completely offended that anyone would dare question her actions.

    • "Can anyone recall if she was absolved of all blame? I don't remember reading about it, if she was absolved."

      Read all about it here:http://google.com

    • Feel free to refresh your memory on the delicate handling of Ruby Dhalla – in the National Post, no less. http://preview.tinyurl.com/yafae4y
      The headline: The verdict on Dhalla — lynch first, investigate later
      "Yet you'd never know that reading the hundreds of column inches of reportage and opinion that saturated the news this week. Or by listening to the pundits on the airwaves. You certainly wouldn't know it listening to Conservative and NDP members of both Canada's and Ontario's legislatures.

      The Conservatives have, in fact, taken to calling the affair “slavegate.”
      Has Helen got her own "gate" yet?

  14. I hope most of you breathless Conservative supporters here are teenagers because frankly, your contributions are embarrassing the nation.

  15. Rahim Jaffer is entitled to an MP pension of over $55k a year when he turns 55. The amount is going to be indexed on inflation as well. It's sad that the MPs gave themselves a gold plated pension plan and we (the tax payers) could not do anything about it.

  16. Here are more hard cold facts … Mr. Rae and Mr. Dosanjh are pretend Liberals looking for the fastest way to the top. They ditched their NDP buddies when they were no longer convenient. Now, they are prepared to ditch the men and women of Afghanistan for their own political ends. And that, my friends, is the END GAME. http://www.ottawalife.com/index.php?option=com_co

  17. I didn't have to fish for it, I distinctly remember watching Kathy Tomlinson's segment on CTV news and thinking she had the smoking gun…and then being shocked one, two, and three days later when not a single reporter in the country followed up on it.

  18. And.. as to your main point of the RCMP didn't announce what they were investigating? Do you still stand behind that?

    I'm curioius though, that with your "distinct" memory, you conveniently forgot that the RCMP put out a press release on it.

  19. Yes I do. They referred to her letter which specified some concerns that she had, performed a review, and were conducting a criminal investigation. They did not say specifically what or who they were investigating.

    But I'll grant that you are correct, I had also thought that NDP had put out the press release, not the RCMP. My bad.

  20. You condone bad behaviour because someone else did it?

    A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception within an online community. In its earliest usage, a sockpuppet was a false identity through which a member of an Internet community speaks with or about himself or herself, pretending to be a different person,[1] like a ventriloquist manipulating a hand puppet. (That definition?)

    Are you accusing Monte and CPC MP going on the web and creatin aliases?

    • He never said sockpuppets. That's your straw-man.

    • Oh give it a rest. This is another strategy of con supporters – neverending accusatory challenges.

      Not working kiddo.

      You act like you're in panic mode about your hero and trying to dredge up everything possible as an excuse – sad

  21. By all means, have the Liberal leader use "Bonnie and Clyde" taunts, as the emblem of what's important to the opposition, as the country scrapes valiantly out of this horrific recession.

    As for the for the previously out-of-work father of four who can now buy his children clothes after getting a job in the auto plant that is hiring again, or the middle manager who can breath a little easier (and get her girls skating lessons) with her company no longer threatening layoffs, they'll just have to trust the partisan Liberals here, that such taunts are what really matter to Canadians, eh?

    • And what, pray tell, did the Conservatives have to do with that?

      • Mocking real Canadians's everyday concerns?

        How very….progressive of you all.

        • You might want to try reading what you're responding to before you put out your canned response.

          I asked a simple question. So now I've got two questions:

          1. What does Harper's party have to do with your examples of people who have found jobs?
          2. How do you think asking a question is mocking "real Canadians"?

    • Shorter Chet: "You're upsetting the market with all of this negativity!"

      • Wasn't Chet the fat guy in the Hardy Boys?

      • Actually shorter Chet is:

        while the conservatives yank the titanic from the reaches of the disasterous berg,

        liberals are chiding them about the fact that the pattern of the deck chair covers clash with the wall coverings.

        • Come on chet, I've yet to see you give absolutely ANY suggestion of evidence as to how conservatives have yanked anything but your chain.

    • How about we continue to focus on the economy WHILE making sure that the MP's we send to Ottawa are involved in corruption and illicit dealings.

      Or is accountability out the window when the market dips?

    • Not a dry eye in the house. Especially when the strings swelled.

  22. So even when given the link, you missed this bit: "regarding a possible breach of security or illegal transfer of information in advance of the federal government's announcement of changes to the taxation of Canadian corporate dividends and Income Trusts of November 23, 2005. Given the seriousness of the allegations, the RCMP is now undertaking a criminal investigation of this matter."

    That's your idea of not saying what they're investigating?

    Also, " the RCMP wishes to note that at this time there is no evidence of wrongdoing or illegal activity on the part of anyone associated to this investigation including the Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale," is not saying who they're investigating?

    That's like suggesting that if they were to say "at this time, there is no evidence of wrongdoing by Ms Guergis" means they haven't said who they're investigating.

    Come off it. Were you just hoping people wouldn't actually read the link and assume you were telling the truth? More insultingly, did you really hope that *I* wouldn't have read it and wouldn't call you on it?

  23. I thought it was just because of Crit and my avatars.

    • We're sock Muppets, not sock puppets.

  24. But we already know who they are investigating this time.

    So we know that today they are investigating Guergis, and we don't know for what. Back then, we knew only that they were investigating at least Goodale and possibly many other people (other MPs like Brison, bureaucrats, bank executives, traders, PMO, strategists…could have been anyone else connected to this), and we knew the general area they were investigating; not because they released it, but because it was already in the public domain.

    I fail to see the double standard you and Andrew allude to. You may have a legitimate beef with Harper for not releasing more details of why he sicced the RCMP on Guergis, the way Judy W-L did in the income trust case, but I don't think you have a legitimate beef with the RCMP…it does not fall to them to be specific and public about the exact charge they are investigating. Doing so might even compromise their investigation, no?

  25. To be honest, my beef with Harper himself on this issue is fairly minor. I think that since she was a Cabinet minister, and presumably whatever she's being investigated for took place during that period, there may be a public interest issue which it would be nice for people to have the heads up on — just as a transparency issue. Having long realized though that Harper's stance on transparency is that it's something to be avoided, I'm not surprised at what he's done here. That said, I'm pretty confident it will come out in the wash anyway.

    My beef is more with the RCMPs activities. You say there's no double standard, yet what we have in Goodale's case was a confirmation of the allegations that were being made. Well, what we have in Guergis' case is a number of various allegations (just look at wilson's post where an attempt is made to defend Guergis to see what they are) and so I would think it behooves the RCMP to then come out and outline, as they did with Goodale, what allegations, specifically, they are pursuing.

    And to be honest, I'm still most interested in what CR's answer to my original question, as yours was predictable.

  26. OntarioTown said

    "…..They are sock puppets. They speak only when Harper lets them and they speak only what he lets them. Puppets they are. "

    Are you translating for him too?

  27. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree…I say the RCMP did not release any additional information about the subject of their investigation than what was in the public domain already. They certainly did not add anything that hadn't been brought forward by Judy W-L.

  28. I actually pee'd a little, so overwhelmed with emotion I was.

  29. Peed. There's no apostrophe.

    • Peed looks funny though – how about pee-ed as a compromise?

      I would italicize if I was sure how.

      • It's just like the verb "tee" in the past tense. (e.g. "Tiger Wood teed off on the first hole")

    • # 19:Correct spelling.

    • 1788 E. PICKEN Epitaph Favourite Cat in Poems & Epistles 47 " He never stealt, though he was poor, Nor ever pee'd his master's floor."

      From the Oxford unabridged dictionary….presumably because the term "pee" is derived from the first letter of a longer word for urination, and hence as a contraction, required the apostrophe…..

  30. Rahim Jaffer is entitled to an MP pension of over $55k a year when he turns 55. The amount is going to be indexed on inflation as well. It's sad that the MPs gave themselves a gold plated pension plan and we (the tax payers) could not do anything about it.

  31. If I was Helena Guergis, knowing my career and possibly my newly minted marriage were in deep trouble, I'd step up to a media outlet I like and tell what the charges were, and talk about how she's been treated by the prime minister and colleagues throughout this ordeal. As a pretty, girly-voiced woman, she will find some measure of public sympathy that will never come her way if she remains silent.

    THEN, I'd hire a ghost writer (because if I was Helena, I'd be an idiot) to very quickly rush a tell-all book out to the press.

    And I hope that's what she does, because it might be the only ticket she has to income in the short term. To pay her huge and possibly ill-got mortgage.

    Oh and I'd buy the book. I often think of the interesting, scathing books we'll have in about 10 years or so from the harperites, because they must loathe him so.

  32. The thing is that when you have people like TenEyck and Boessenkool moving from being employees or friends of the Conservative minority government to being lobbyists who are paid to lobby that same government, why wouldn't people assume that Jaffer is just another such?

  33. Focus on the economy?

    Of course the CPC is. But where's the gotcha scandal in that.

    Oh sure its the most important issue to the overwhelming majority of Canadians, but since by almost any measure Canada is performing masterfully compared to the rest of the pack,

    poor Iggy and the partisan leftists in the media are left with Bonnie and Clyde sniping.

  34. Focus on the economy?

    Of course the CPC is. But where's the gotcha scandal in that.

    Oh sure its the most important issue to the overwhelming majority of Canadians, but since by almost any measure Canada is performing masterfully compared to the rest of the pack,

    poor Iggy and the partisan leftists in the media are left with Bonnie and Clyde sniping.