Bill C-398 defeated


A sufficient number of Conservatives voted against Bill C-398 tonight to defeat the private members’ bill that was intended to make it easier to send generic medicine to developing countries.

A previous version of the bill passed the House in March 2011, but failed to pass in the Senate—Tony Clement set out the government’s objections in a memo to Senators—before the government was defeated in the House. Seven Conservatives voted in favour this evening, but 14 who had supported the bill previously voted against it.

NDP MP Helene Laverdiere’s statement on the bill’s defeat is here. Pat Martin reports that Paul Dewar was unimpressed with the government side.

Paul Dewar to MP across aisle after CPC defeats Drugs for Africa bill, “what church do you go to? Got a confessional? You’re gonna need it.”

The Globe editorial board made the case for the bill earlier this week. UNICEF Canada is disappointed.


Bill C-398 defeated

  1. Ridiculous. And so wrong. Is there a just reason not to pass this bill? Am I missing something here?

    • There is more then one way to get generic drugs to those people most in need without
      chasing pharmaceutical companies out of Canada which Bill C398 had the very
      real potential of doing.

      • Is there anything Cons AREN’T afraid of Bill?

        Is there anything decent Cons are willing to stand up FOR?

        • We are all intrested in random drug testing in all workplaces on every job or service in canada. Eat that shorty.

        • What exactly is Justin Trudeau afraid of? Did he vote for the Bill?

      • …. that’s an odd thing to say given the article says the pharmaceutical industry itself supported the bill. You’re suggesting they say they support the bill, then plan to leave the country?

      • *than

    • Just what most missed. A masterful lobby campaign by Canada’s own Big Pharma, the generic drug companies, to open up a new market.

      Do you really think that amending Canada’s patent law would really save millions of lives, and at no cost to Canadians? Free humanitarian aid? That Apotex, owned by one of Canada’s richest men, was really driven by the plight of AIDS in Africa?

      Canada has some of the highest generic drug prices in the world. The only thing our Big Pharma companies care about are profits and markets. Think about that next time the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association spouts off some nonsense about how EU patent protection will cost $billions.

      Canada’s generic drug companies and their dealer network have already cost Canadians $billions more than is necessary.

      What is so remarkable here is that the NDP, the Libs, unions, and many other well meaning left leaning organisations have been pimping for Canada’s own version of Big Pharma.

      Like I said, one masterful lobby job by Canada’s Big Pharma. Thank you for smoking!

    • Go check if Justin Trudeau was there to vote in favour of the Bill?

      • Go check yourself. Why would I track his voting record? It’s of no special interest to me.

  2. All the Cons who claim to be Christians….and not one of them is.

    They just want to snoop in your bedroom, not do anything that Jesus would do.

    • When it comes to the question of abortion, would the same ‘church’ question be of importance, or do you attend the pick-and-choose assembly?

      • I would never pick-and-choose.

        As the bible says ” How blessed will be the one who seizes and adashes your little ones against the rock.”

        • I thought you all agreed there is no God. I was about to cancil Christmas too. Damn these jerks are hard to follow.

    • Its got nothing to do with being Christian. Its not our problem what happens in Africa. Leave them alone, stop interfering and being so colonial. Africans dont want us to interfere in thier nation. Who do you think you are, the worlds policeman!

      • ‘It’s not our problem what happens in Africa”

        Gee, did Jesus say that?

      • Providing people with lifesaving medicine is “interfering” and “policing”.

        Fascinating the knots that a human mind can tie itself into to satisfy itself that its actions are consistent with its professed principals.

  3. Why isn’t Harper up in arms about the senate defeating something that the elected house passed?

    • Why aren’t the Liberals up in arms? Did Justin Trudeau vote for or against the Bill?

  4. If we let them live, they might have an abortion.

    • Ouch! Thats got to hurt.

  5. Wow, until recently the Cons had no compunction about shipping asbestos to developing countries but they have problems with sending therapeutic drugs? First in bed in with big oil, now snuggling up with big pharma.

    Ideological prostitutes.

    • The basic bedrock conflict in the Con party….you cannot serve both God and Mammon.

      • The basic conflict of the liberal/ndp/marxist alliance:
        How can big government be liberating? and When will we run out of others peoples money?

        • We aren’t using ‘other people’s money’…..we’re using our own.

          • No. Your using our own.

      • Consentrate. Back and forth, back and forth, !,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 OOoOoooO

        Got a cigarette?

    • Big Pharma in Canada is the Generic Pharmaceutical Association of Canada. But they like you to think of them as the saviors from Big Pharma. Very clever lobbying, don’t you think?

      A small change in Patent laws will save millions of lives? At no cost to Canadians? Are Canadians the only people in the world who see this?

      Sadly, yes.

    • Join Emily. She needs help multiplying. She’s going forth as we speak.

      • WTF?? My bewilderment at your irrelevant comment is biblical in its proportions.

        • Can one really have biblical proportionate ‘bewilderment’?

          • I can…the mystery of it all is epic in scale.

    • Ideological prostitutes?

      What to call Trudeau Jr? Check if he voted for the Bill last night? Let all of us know if he did vote.

  6. Guess Conservative Senate members missed the President of Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies’ statement that they would not oppose this bill. Guess they left their human side in the parking lot. Guess I’m wondering the purpose of a Senate.

  7. No moral backbone. Do they vote their conscious? Or the party line? Im sure deep down they would vote to kill off the poor as a form of population control. look at what they wanted to do with asbestos until it got too obvious.

    • Just liberals and democrats. The rodent population has to be culled occassionally.

      • Did Jesus say some people are rats?

        What Bible are YOU reading?

        • Same one that was popular in Rwanda a while back.

          • Apparently!

          • Emily: Go forth and multiply.

  8. Thank god these loons weren’t in office when abortion bills and homosexual rights movements were being instigated. We might have ended up like a crappier version of the US…

    • That’s an odd name your bearing. What part o Scotland are ye frrom lad.

      I got a job and I work tomorrow. Nite all.

      • What relevance does my name have with anything?
        And good luck at your job. Life must be hard working as a KKK receptionist ;)

  9. Those of us who are happy this sham bill was defeated are a lonely bunch. I’m happy personally because I have only one more blog to write on this dreadful topic. #fixCAMR is finally dead. For a brief quantum moment in the political space-time continuum, I was supporting the CPC position on something.

    Things are back to normal now.

    • You clearly have a very important point to make in your comments and blog, however, and I hope I’m not being too rude here, but your writing style is such that I honestly cannot make heads or tails of your basic argument. All I am seeing is rhetoric when some simple bullet points will do.

      Did big pharma introduce this bill (through the NDP private member?)
      What was their goal? Why did they introduce it? What benefit did they have to gain?
      Why not introduce it through a government MP?



      • Sigh. Point taken. This reform bill has been kicking around for years but it would not die. Only Apotex has made use of the CAMR ‘compulsory licensing’ provisions. They complained bitterly about it even though there was no big delay. Apotex stood to gain from this bill because it opened a door for them and their AID/HIV pill that they had previously sold to Rwanda.

        Bottom line – 23,000 people signed petitions demanding that we relax Canada’s Patent laws – that this would save millions of lives and would not cost a cent. As ludicrous as this fairy tale sounds, the scheme nearly worked!

        There was one lie layered upon another upon another. The bill had this notion of complying with WTO regulations by setting up a website.

        I’m obviously no great writer or journalist, but this plot is complicated with many actors and agents in play. Thankfully, this battle is over now; this issue is dead.

        • Complicated? Clearly! Not is all as it seems on this issue. Thank you for your perspective.

    • I’m confused about this as well. I thought the intent of the bill was to make it easier to distribute generic versions of brand-name drugs to poorer regions that can’t really afford the more expensive brand name versions. What am I missing?

      • Most Malaria and TB drugs are generic already, and Canada doesn’t make many (if any) of these drugs. According to the Global Fund, over 90% of the medicines needed by developing countries don’t have patent protection anymore. Not every child who has a fever has malaria. Cheap pills can make the problem worse because they are handed out like candy and without proper diagnosis.

        This bill would have made it easier for Apotex to sell it’s AIDS/HIV retroviral combo pill, where the 3 active ingredients are still protected by 3 different patents holders. The combo pills can be sold at a low price without the normal royalty fees because it is for humanitarian purposes, which is allowed under the WTO. Rwanda used this program with great success. Canada (Apotex) supplied the initial shipments. Rwanda now gets the same medication from India because they are cheaper. Rwanda has an open tender drug program.

        Obviously you don’t want this exemption to be abused. Pills are easy to divert and there is a huge black market for high value prescription drugs.

        Bottom line — if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Free humanitarian aid by altering Canada Patent laws falls under this rubric.

  10. What would a reasonable individual expect from an an industry that insidiously promotes medications that are empirically proven to result in everything from diarrhea to suicide here in the west. It is ironic that the trials for the development of these AIDS drugs and other meds took place in the same nations presently denied affordable access. Thank you bad Santa and your evil elf caucus for locking up the inalienable right of corporate entities to off shore banking while spreading disease !

  11. Between big Pharma, the big 3 Automakers, and the 5 banks, this consortium fully owns all of Canada’s policy and treasury.

  12. You’re missing quite a bit, since you asked I have to assume you didn’t read the wording of the bill itself. The bill as it was worded was quite faulty and wouldn’t have done anything except make people feel good about themselves rejecting it was the right thing to do. It needed to be rewritten as it stood it would have deminished resources, not increased them.

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