Black Trudeau -

Black Trudeau

Maestro Fresh Wes releases a new song, compares self to Pierre Trudeau


Finally—courtesy of Maestro Fresh Wes—a rap track properly addressed for a speech in the House of Commons.

Maestro explained the track to the Citizen last September. His new album was released on Tuesday.


Black Trudeau

  1. LOL Well I find hip hop more than a little dated, but as rap goes it’s okay.

    • How is hip hop dated? It’s at the core of a huge amount of the world’s music right now. Dubstep, like it or hate it, is the definition of a “modern genre”, and its heavily influenced by hip hop.

      • Hip hop has been around since the 70s….long since time for something new. Dubstep is from the 80s and 90s.

        All okay for their time….but music needs to move on.

        Personally I’m watching fusion….lots of new sounds coming out of that.

        • Dubstep, in its recognizable form, has been around since 1998-9, its most commonly seen contemporary form has existed since 2009-2010, and its strong influence on pop-music is approximately two years old.

          Trap is a recently evolved genre even further connected to hip-hop, having taken on a strong electronic bent only in the last year. These genres demonstrate the contemporary relevance of hip hop.

          Contemporary hip-hop has incredible diversity and depth, to argue that it’s “Old Music” requires abandonment of any regard for the structure or form of a piece – 70’s Hip Hop is dissimilar on a structural level to its contemporary cousins – in favour of a static understanding of music.

          Also: “Fusion” is not a specific genre, it refers to any two genres of music that are combined in a piece, such as Jazz Rock Fusion, Electroswing, and Reggaeton.

          • Old stuff….no matter how you parse it.

          • I’ve clearly demonstrated that it isn’t, so try parsing it that way.

          • Not my problem that you’re being a fuddy-duddy. I know seniors that can ‘prove’ big bands are coming back.

  2. That is one weird video; it seems so unsophisticated by 2013 standards — so Nineties (when Wes was on top of his game). Those shots of the queen — just weird.

  3. So 85% of Western Canada hates this guy; nice marketing Wes!