Brandon-Souris: The Liberals go with Rolf -

Brandon-Souris: The Liberals go with Rolf

And a Conservative says nice things about Justin Trudeau


At a nomination meeting in Brandon-Souris last night, local Liberals voted to make Rolf “Ritalin Boy” Dinsdale their party’s candidate of record. In addition to being a wearer of bowler hats and the bassist in a punk band, Rolf is the son of Walter Dinsdale, who, as a Progressive Conservative, represented the riding from 1953 until his death in 1982 (winning 11 consecutive elections).

Rolf defeated the mayor of the Killarney-Turtle Mountain, who had been a Conservative, but who decided to seek the Liberal nomination after threatening to run as an independent after the Conservative contest became an acclimation when the former Conservative MP’s legislative assistant was disqualified over a mysteriously late application and a missing cheque.

Meanwhile, at least one poll has the Liberals up to 32% in Manitoba.

Does all that add up to a Liberal upset in Brandon-Souris? The odds still seem long. A Liberal has never received more than 35.3% of the vote in Brandon-Souris (and that was in 1953). And from 2004 to 2011, the Conservative share of the vote went from 51.2% to 54.4% to 57.1% to 63.7%.

Then again, here is one of the riding’s former Conservative MPs saying very nice things about Justin Trudeau. And Mr. Trudeau is in the riding again today, his second visit there already.


Brandon-Souris: The Liberals go with Rolf

  1. It’s great to see that Liberals find the only qualifications necessary to be an MP are that ones father must have been a politician. I’m looking forward to the CPC receiving over 70% of the vote.

    • Preston Manning, Peter MacKay. I’m sure there are others in all parties.

      • Jack Layton

        George Bush

        But why let facts get in the way?

    • Children follow their parents footsteps in all walks of life – it is something to be proud of.

  2. Maybe “Ritalin Boy” was off his meds when he decided to start lying about his having been a “senior executive at Facebook”.

  3. The LIberals will be running on illusion again.