Brian Storseth vs. Brent Rathgeber

Conservative debate beyond the Manning conference


Read along as a Conservative MP and a former Conservative MP have it out with each other via Twitter.

The participants: Brian Storseth and Brent Rathgeber. The issue: Mr. Rathgeber’s private member’s bill, specifically Mr. Rathgeber’s decision to propose amendments to strip all provisions related to the CBC from the bill.

Mr. Rathgeber has explained the reasoning behind his amendments here and here. On his blog yesterday, Mr. Rathgeber called out every single Conservative MP who voted against lowering the salary-disclosure threshold from $444,000 to $160,200. (Yesterday, former government whip Jay Hill criticized the forced amending of Mr. Rathgeber’s bill.)

As of this writing, the Twitter exchange ends with Mr. Storseth venturing that “this Bill stopped being about principal and started being about re-election for brent” and Mr. Rathgeber responding “the same thing and thank you for pointing it out: re-election based on principle.”


Brian Storseth vs. Brent Rathgeber

  1. I do not live in Mr Rathgeber’s riding, but should he decide to run again, I will send a $10 donation to his campaign.

    • I will also send a campaign contribution to Mr. Rathgeber’s campaign. And will forward a copy of the receipt to my “trained seal” MP :-)