Broken telephone -

Broken telephone


Benjamin Netanyahu claims not to remember the issue of settlement expansion coming up during his phone call with Stephen Harper.

When the reporters accompanying the prime minister on the visit asked for his response to the news, his advisors said that it was Netanyahu who had last called Canadian PM Harper – not the other way around – in order to thank him for voting against the Palestinian bid at the UN last month.

Netanyahu’s entourage said that the conversation between the two did not deal at all with the E-1 question, and that Netanyahu “does not remember” that he spoke with Harper about the settlement issue.


Broken telephone

  1. Well at least one of them is lying. Harper has a reason to.

  2. Hey, if you can’t use your ‘ friends’ for political purposes, why have them.

  3. Oops…Did Harper assume too much, or is Netanyahu feeling the heat in Israel over this issue, to the degree that he feels the need to throw Harper under the bus? One thing is for sure, neither man would have a qualm about throwing absolutely anyone under the bus if they would consider doing this to a fellow right wing brother in arms.

    • And that’s where I came in to the Liberals. Remember Bill Casey?

  4. Considering the Globe story was written by Ibbitson, it makes it highly suspect. They have already corrected the day the phone conversation took place. Don’t expect any follow up from the Glop and Pail on this story.

    IF this conversation ever did take place, they probably would have shared a good laugh after Harper prefaced his ‘objection’ with “Bibi, were both politicians, and we both know sometimes we have to say things that are total bullshit. Here is one …”.

  5. Harper wants to look like he is important. Of course, he is – in his own mind.

  6. Here is a possible theory. Maybe Netanyahu hasn’t checked for messages on his Poodle Phone hotline.