Bruce Stanton Maverick Watch


The Conservative MP for Simcoe North submits a 16-page report to the finance minister on his consultations with constituents. In the introduction, he states that Canadians want to see “the setting aside of partisan initiatives.”


Bruce Stanton Maverick Watch

  1. Way to go, Bruce!

    I’m suddenly glad my family members voted for this guy.

  2. The gold coin idea is interesting.

    • I guess the idea being to create currency that is somewhat safer from an inflation POV. I suppose the intrinsic value ought to be a fair bit less than the face value, otherwise the currency would not circulate (and would probably be melted down if ever worth more than face). I’m not sure if it would work, or if it would be a logical idea.

  3. some very good ideas!

  4. A politician calling for bipartisanship? How shocking!

    Wait, did I say shocking? I meant completely predictable. Of course he’ll call for the setting aside of partisan differences. For Conservatives, that’s just another term for “everyone needs to shut up and agree with whatever we’re saying, or we’ll accuse them of being partisan”.

    • Where`s Wells ?

      • Are you doing this on every string, William?

  5. How can Bruce Stanton or any other CPC call themselves true Conservatives? No true Conservative would allow a deficit, regardless of the times. Nothing more then pandering for votes to stay in power. Bruce Stanton campaigned selling the “no deficit” platform of Stephan Harper. How he is going to vote for the biggest deficit in Canadian history. Sorry Bruce, but you to have sold out your values for your party. How can anyone trust you ever again?