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BTC: 42


Monte Solberg is out. Hopefully this means a return to blogging.


BTC: 42

  1. I saw him heading into the barbershop on O’Connor St. a week ago and asked if he was getting his campaign haircut. He didn’t hint in any way that he wouldn’t be needing one. It’ll be good to be able to chat with him again.

  2. After 15 years I can understand wanting a change, but it’s quite a loss to the Conservatives. Here’s hoping his blog starts back up again!

  3. Did anyone ask Mark Dunn if Solberg was retiring because he didn’t want to run against the Green Shift?

  4. Man, Stephen Harper is clearly not a leader and this is obviously in response to Harper’s radical environmental proposal that will raise the price of everything (by precisely .4% of GDP by 2020….details to follow). I wonder if this is really part of a plot related to the impending CPC leadership campaign….

  5. Quite frankly I don’t miss the departure of a man who couldn’t refer to gay equality measures without putting the word rights in quote marks.

    Good riddance, Solberg.

  6. All that time in Opposition just to do 2.5 yrs worth of “government stuff”? I’ll miss Monte, he was a great parliamentarian.

  7. Rob Silver: If I was paying any less attention I would have sworn you were talking about the alledged arguments against Stephane “Not a leader”(tm) Dion