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A moment please for Peter MacKay.

It’s been almost two years now since he allegedly made canine reference to Belinda Stronach, but still, whenever discussion turns to sexism in Canadian politics, his is the standard that is cited as precedent. And this time he has only to look across the cabinet table and ask why Rona Ambrose was apparently unable to resist calling into question Stéphane Dion and the entire Liberal party in demanding Robert Thibault apologize, thereby making such comparisons inevitable.

But MacKay, in his eternal defence, is hardly alone in this glass house Ms. Ambrose (who, herself, once demeaned Ken Dryden’s age, race and gender) has neatly constructed. Maurice Vellacott resolutely remains a member of Conservative caucus despite his questionable comments on the matter of Ms. Stronach. As does Monte Solberg. 

Mind you, the latter’s comments are not so easily referenced, published as they were on a blog that is long ago defunct. In fairness then to Mr. MacKay and so that Mr. Solberg might get his due credit, we reprint them here.

* * *

May 17, 2005

What do you get for the girl who has everything?

Personally I don’t think it’s fair that a guy should come into work only to be split in half by an axe. How I yearn for those old days of last week when it was considered a scandal to be uncivil in the House. Where does this fit in on the incivility scale?

Shakespeare so wants to be alive so that he can write about this. Its the story of a woman who cares so much about Canada that she is willing to sacrifice all kinds of personal relationships and her principles just so she can get to Cabinet for the benefit of all Canadians. And why not? I mean the Liberals really value her for her ideas. No, seriously.

Ya that’s it. They care about her insights on skills training. Sure it will help to have her vote on the budget, but really it’s her ideas they want. I bet those senior bureaucrats are salivating at the idea of doing a little “blue skying” with B. on the foreign credentials thing. That’s been her strength all along. It’s just that we Conservatives didn’t see it. We didn’t draw that out of her the way we should have, and now we are paying the price.

Good luck girl with those Liberals. If you can’t trust them, who can you trust?


* * *

May 18, 2005

Belinda Stronach of no fixed address

Come on everyone, lay off. Belinda is who she is. I’m sure this time she’s really found her niche. Wouldn’t surprise me if she stuck with it for several months. Maybe even a year. Next, who knows, maybe she’ll be a marine biologist, or a circus performer. That’s what free spirits do.

No there is none of that getting stuck in a rut for that girl. When things aren’t going her way, she gets going. She’s gone before you can say, “The Liberals are corrupt”, which is what she used to say all the time. But it’s a woman’s perogative to change her mind, and I support her right to do that. But it’s also her perogative to use her mind, which I would also support.

All the best B. as your live life with, apparently, no regrets.



BTC: Amnesia

  1. Atleast Peter was dissing his ex but ol Roger T. telling a lady senator to go back to making tea for Mulroney! That was bit well dare I say it … hmmmm … better not … and as for Belinda well personally I do not suffer from any delusions that politics is all about principles, vision for the future, accountability to voters and the like and understand only all too well that more often than not it is about ego and personal ambition so I have no thoughts either way about people who cross the floor and leave that entirely to the people who either elect or throw out the person who does.

  2. Ah yes – selective amnesia.

    About a year before the McKay canine affair, Melinda Stronach appeared on The Rick Mercer Report. This was after she defected from the Conservatives to the Liberals. She made several disparaging remarks about the Conservatives which included an innuendo about Stephen Harper needing Viagra.

    McKay’s remarks were offensive, but they were a spur-of-the moment retort to a heckler who was clearly alluding to his break-up with Stronach – unlike Stronach’s remark which was part of a rehearsed script.

  3. Ah yes – selective outrage.

    Mackay was naturally and instinctively nasty, while the other was written by scriptwriters for a comedy program (although I’ll admit the jokes were juvenile and not funny) and delivered in a wooden tongue-in-cheek manner. Yeah, the Libs-did-it-so-we-can-too is an entirely justifiable defense. Please use it extensively during the election.

  4. Good on Rona, were it a conservative MP making the comment the main stream media would be hounding the Prime Minister asking him why he was not disciplining his MP.

    Since the main stream media shows no similar inclination to do likewise with the Liberals, Rona has decided to gently bring the issue forward.

    Is it too much to ask to have an even balanced national media in this country? Apparently so.

  5. KRT, I half-expect “selective outrage”, as you put it, from partisan politicians and am pleasantly surprised when I see consistency from them.

    It’s the “selective outrage” from the main stream media that I find, well, outrageous.

  6. Does BTC stand for Bitch about Those Conservatives? Every post seems like a partisan hatchet job, and every time the Liberals are up for some criticism you turn into an opportunity to slag the Tories.

    Fair enough, there’s a lot of criticism that needs to be levelled at our government. But other Maclean’s bloggers like Wells and Coyne – even if one can claim to see their ideological inclinations – seem at lot more nuanced and non-partisan in their posts than you. Take a look at your last 20-25 posts, and tell me you aren’t utterly transparent.

  7. Well said Bob : by the way that is hilarious BTC must indeed stand for Bitch about Those Conservatives = ROFL LMAO – hope you don’t mind but I will be plagarizing you.

  8. Mackay’s comments way back when may have been inappropriate for the house, but come on . . . give the guy a break. Who hasn’t said some not so nice things about their exes directly after being dumped. It wasn’t sexist, it was personal.

  9. Jarrid
    The mainstream media? Do you mean the CBC and the Toronto Star? Because, to these eyes (which are open, you should try it someday) everything else has a decidely conservative bent, just look at how hellbent all media was to destroy Dion for over a year. You Cons sure like to act tough, but dang, you sure have sensitive skin. Are you guys vampires or what, because you really seem to hurt when you are exposed to daylight.

  10. As a constituent of MacKay the Younger,I can safely say that his first instinct is to be nasty but his capacity for personal restraint has been growing (slowly) over the years.

  11. Marilyn, Mackay has a history of being inappropriate and uncivil, so he deserves everything he can get. It is probably why he had to borrow someone else’s dog and wear rubber boots to walk through the sewage emanating around him.

  12. Funny that the CON crying brigade is upset that Thibault’s brain farts aren’t getting enuf blaring headlines… it is effectively drawing heat away from CON’s games with witnesses and denying the facts that they intentionally transfered election expenses from local candidates to the general campaign, all to get free public money!
    Hee haw!

  13. Mackay’s comments way back when may have been inappropriate for the house, but come on . . . give the guy a break. Who hasn’t said some not so nice things about their exes directly after being dumped. It wasn’t sexist, it was personal.

    Oh really Marilyn…hmmmm – he wasn’t having a relationship that I know of with Dawn Black, Carolyn Bennett or Alexa McDonough……

  14. KRT good point about the sensitive skin of the Conservatives… this starts at the top with them… they like to throw around the word wimp and try to make Dion and Layton look effete in comparison to them but to me they have tipped their hand one too many times… this is the revenge of the nerds as a government… and a little push back send them crying and running away crying foul…

    And Marilyn, words can’t express how inappropriate what you said is. If someone at your workplace said that to you and about you I wonder if you would feel differently?

    Rona finally emerges, a bright articulate woman and this is what she speaks on? Don’t forget who Peter MacKay’s main defender at the time was. It was Helena Guergis, and look at the spectacular career she went on to have.

  15. I was just shocked to hear Rona’s name on the radio yesterday! I checked Google news and she hasn’t made a public announcement about anything in four months!

    I don’t know which is worse. The comment by Thibault or the fact that the PMO only has use for Rona Ambrose when they need a woman to make a comment. I bet they were going to let Poilievre at it and then someone said: “Wait a minute! Let’s get a woman cabinet minister. Do we have any?”

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