BTC: ‘An oratory double-threat’


“Like most political leaders Harper rarely writes his own speeches from scratch, and usually just edits off a computer from the early drafts penned by his full-time speechwriters. But the prime minister plugged away at his Saturday speech over several days, pulling out his laptop between campaign stops and putting on the finishing touches as he flew in from Calgary this week.”
—Canadian Press, Sept. 27, 2008

“Conservative Leader Stephen Harper has written his own speech for the Press Gallery Dinner tonight, and he will be ready with his goofy impersonations of Revenue Minister John McCallum and former prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chrétien.”
—Globe and Mail, Oct. 22, 2005 

“I’ve been told that Harper writes many of his own speeches, so if this is true, he represents an oratory double-threat (he can write it and he can speak it).”
Stephen Taylor, Mar. 19, 2005.


BTC: ‘An oratory double-threat’

  1. Is this inside baseball or gotcha journalism?

    Conservative shills, help me out here. I’m off-script.

  2. I hear Aaron Wherry gets someone else to do his quote capturing but some other dude says Aaron Wherry does it himself.

    Eitehr way he’s one quote capture blog repost dynamo!

  3. Is it normal for a party leader and university professor to plagiarize? Help me out Conservatives, tell me what to think.

  4. Anyone who’s ever plagiarised should be a little judicious about focusing on that particular failing right now.

    Besides…it’s become so commonplace, particularly in this age of temporary workers, that it’s futile getting too exercised about it.

    I still enjoy requesting a resubmission when they get caught, though.

  5. So to recap:

    Dion publicly denies the very thing he’s been discussing for weeks as being central to his campaign, in the middle of a campaign, going to the very heart of the political debate and potential platform voters will be deciding upon:

    no Macleans blog posts on this topic.

    Five year old speech given by Harper before he even came into power on a topic completely unrelated to any party’s platform:

    FOUR consecutive blog posts at Macleans.

    Wow. Just, wow.

  6. Every time I think we’ve seen the lamest scandal in Canadian political history, somebody goes off and tops it.

    Tomorrow’s predicted headlines: Harper seen ordering fries rather than salad! Dion caught on film calling Montreal traffic “stupid”!

  7. Hey, anything that reminds everyone of Stephen Harper’s position on the invasion of Iraq is fair game. Since the public can’t remember what it did last weekend, they have to be reminded what this guy was saying. Speaks to his judgment.
    Hey, forget about the plagiarism. I’ll give it to him – he is definitely the original author of that grovelling letter to the Wall Street Journal apologizing for Canada’s non-participation in the invasion.
    How’s about standing up and admitting to that?

  8. Wow. Just, wow.

    Well, you’ve certainly discovered a lacuna in campaign reporting that needs filling, Dakota. I suggest you get bloggin’!

  9. Janke nails it:

    Where do y’all learn to speak like this?

  10. Where do y’all learn to speak like this?

    Stephaaane Dihone. He eez my meentor.

  11. saskboy: Harper was a professor? Or are you talking about Dion?

  12. kody, nice try, but it was clear the next day that that was a misquote and a misinterpretation by an overzealous Star reporter.

    Though, to the Star’s credit, at least they acknowledged it was a quote.

    Plagiarists are scum.

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