BTC: And how was your afternoon?


A confirmed death in British Columbia. The Ontario Ministry of Health is looking at the possibility of 19 deaths. Former Reform MP Val Meredith is calling for Gerry Ritz to resign. Jack Layton says Stephen Harper has failed Canadian families. The Liberals want to know what Harper meant by “political concerns.” Dennis Schroh remains displeased (video here). David Akin tries to explain why reporters can’t question the Prime Minister as much as they’d like. And the New York Times is now covering the story.


BTC: And how was your afternoon?

  1. It’s interesting (to me,but apparently not to a lot of reporters) about the Bush-like bubble that the warm and fuzzy guy keeps around him.

  2. I think they’re interested. But Harper was coached by Karl Rove. I know the journalists know this. But how to introduce that question when they only have 2 per day allowed? Unless they all decide as a collective group to bombard Harper with the same question from every one of them for several days. Meanwhile, the issues are happening fast and furious and none of that would get covered. The whole thing is a nightmare, because of Harper.

    Maybe the press could get big articles into every MSM about how Harper is restricting them and not talking with them, how he’s hiding and avoiding truth and then fudging truth when he does get asked? If every newspaper and tv network ran that story, it would hit it’s mark. But they have to want it.

    Our country is at stake here. Our citizens lives are at stake. The press needs to get on the case of Harper and the Conservatives NOW. We can’t afford to elect a Hitler-lite.

  3. Wayne looks around furtively wondering if anyone might determine that he is actually a clone of karl Rove’s twin brother Tom Flanagan and since it appears his alter ego (named after wayne and shuster)is safe breathes a sigh of relief and has come to conlcusion that his strategy is on track judging by some the posts so far – MUHAHAHA!

  4. Carrie: not 2 per day, 1 every 2 days. (For each journalist, that is.)

  5. Hey! I think I figured out why kody likes to quadruple post.. it’s so he can bury the stories like this one in the comments list.

    It’s unfortunate too, after all, how was the Prime Minister to know that a primary concern with cuts to the food inspection agency weren’t “political” or “communications” but actually “health”. I mean, come on, it’s not like a government actually does anything of worth, right?

    It’s always fun to remember that most conservatives feel that government is an organization filled with waste and useless people. You can’t blame them though, after all, look who’s in government whenever they get elected.

  6. T. more often than not, multiple posts are accidental, but you may be on to something.

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