BTC: Apologies to everyone but the guy I insulted


From the desk of Liberal Robert Thibault.

“I would like to clarify my position on the article that appeared in the Chronicle Herald this week. It was stated that I felt that people over the age of sixty were too old to be in politics. That is not my position. My statement was intended to apply only to Greg Kerr.

“I would like to apologize to anyone, certainly to any seniors that may have been offended by my comments. The comments were said during a lengthy interview relating to attack ads. It was never my intention to engage in that type of politics.”

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BTC: Apologies to everyone but the guy I insulted

  1. I was wondering when the apology/clarification was coming. Aren’t pensioners the largest voting block we have?

  2. Either things are really slow, or our journalists don’t care about the important things going on which aren’t being reported properly.

    I’m sure the Tories will spin the hell out of this.

    It really is silly time.

  3. Silly season indeed.

    BTW, why isn’t Byers being raked by the media for a similar comment?

    Just asking.

  4. Why isn’t someone asking the Parliamentary Budget Officer to advise Canadians on the Treasury Board Secretariat lead billion dollar IT boondoggles…? Billion dollars could have been used to help our Canadian olympic team!

  5. Aha, so we do have a parliamentary budget officer? Is he really and truly independent? How come our journalists dont interview the budget officer and find out about the cost of the war, IT boondoggles and more.

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