BTC: But not before some more innuendo


From Canwest’s David Akin tonight. Turns out the CP story, like Jim Davis, was a Liberal set-up.

The Harper campaign is convinced that the leak that exposed Ritz made it into a reporter’s hands from the Liberal war room.

An adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that, had the race been closer, the Ritz leak likely would have prompted a Conservative counter-attack on the Liberals. “And then we’d be into it, just throwing mud back and forth at each other,” the adviser said.


BTC: But not before some more innuendo

  1. Ya, instead of the Tories throwing unidirectional mud like usual. Who cares how it got leaked? Was the action wrong or not? Even if it was from the Libs does anyone think the Tories wouldn’t have done the same thing? I really can’t believe how much of this cry baby stuff the Tories are pulling when the fire they started starts moving towards them.

  2. I hear UFOs leaked it.

  3. What BS…….grow up Tories. You have to take responsibility for your actions as some point.

    And, Ritz made those comments no matter how it got out.


  5. I thought we were done with “it’s not true because he’s a Liberal” after Ryan Sparrow was chopped. Apparently not.

  6. Oh come on style, lets not get back into the epistomology of little green men again!!! Ha ha!

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