BTC: Family is everything (II)


National Post. Sept. 4, 2008. “Softly lit and accompanied by a soaring piano soundtrack, a new series of Conservative Party campaign ads purport to show Canadians a side of their prime minister they rarely get to see … ‘This is a side that Canadians don’t normally see and the Prime Minister is talking about issues that are very close to them,’ Conservative spokesman Ryan Sparrow said on Thursday.”

National Post. Mar. 6, 2004. “That 45-year-old Mr. Harper is not a better-known national figure after serving six years as an MP from Calgary Southwest, two of them as Canada’s Leader of the Opposition, is the result of a few ingredients. The first is that Mr. Harper is temperamentally averse to self-promotion. ‘I just have no affinity for it,’ he says. ‘To start with, this business is supposed to be about service to others. I don’t like talking about myself. I know politicians who go home and have the video running so they can watch their every appearance. But I hate watching myself on television. I hate hearing myself on radio.’ … Though he may not gravitate naturally to this kind of politics—the politics of personality—Mr. Harper is ready to play. To this end, I am invited to tag along as he walks his tow-headed, 4-year-old daughter Rachel to school and then visits with his son, Ben, 7, a budding hockey star, whom we see on the school playground. ‘I love being a father,’ he tells me afterward. ‘I spend a lot of time at the rink watching Ben’s games. The other parents are surprised at how often I’m there.'”


BTC: Family is everything (II)

  1. What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Stephen Harper? Lipstick.

  2. But what about playing the piano, with or without Ben? WHAT OF THE PIANO?

  3. “What’s the difference between Sarah Palin and Stephen Harper? ”

    Nobody’s searching the interweb for pictures of Stephen Harper in a bikini?

  4. Stephen: If the kids get too busy with their friends invite me over to play cribbage. If I win I get a Senate appointment (never mind the cabinet thing, though).

  5. That’s why the closeup of the hands.

    But seriously, they are completely different. Harper is an Economist (and therefore, according to expat Canadian novelist Doctorow, a “selfish bastard”). He’s naturally introverted and drawn to conservative philosophy as an intellectual.

    Palin is one of those popular girls who never questioned what she was brought up with, blessed with good looks and a cheerful personality. The kind who grates on all the intelligent introverted girls with geeky personalities like Harper’s. The female versions of Harper are more likely to be intellectually drawn to gender politics and feminism than to economic liberalism.

    But we really know less about Harper than we do about Palin. Now thanks to these videos, we know he has hands. But is he really as religious as he claims to be?

    Why do all politicians claim to be religious when most of the people I know are not? Do I just hang with a more secular crowd, or do religious people tend to pursue politics because they see it as a way to make the world a Better Place?

  6. Steve Wart — Harper religious? He claims to be an Evangelical Christian yet I’ve heard that his favorite band is AC/DC. They’re famous for tunes like “Highway to Hell”, “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be”, “Hells Bells”, “Let Me Put My Love In You”, “Mistress for Christmas”, “Sin City”, etc. I wonder what his pastor thinks about that.

  7. Mea Culpa — I really like AC/DC but I’m not remotely religious although I’m a very spiritual person.

  8. Funny, my understanding was that he is *much* more religious than he lets on in public. Even brought his own Bible to be sworn in as PM I recall…

  9. Nobody’s searching the interweb for pictures of Stephen Harper in a bikini?


  10. Ah, Harper does wear lipstick and eyeliner…just check out his photos….you think it’s easy picking out a good make up lady?

    The difference really is – Palin hunts moose, Harper hunts people.

  11. What’s the point of this post? I guarantee you Harper doesn’t like having to do these silly, sentimental ads…

  12. That’s the point of the post, Emmett. The ads are dishonest.

  13. How are they dishonest? Harper might not like having to do ads like these, that doesn’t make them somehow untrue…

  14. I think you missed some tags. Free advertising, maybe?

  15. Anybody recognize the music in these conservative ads??????

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