BTC: Five days


CBC/Star investigation says the CFIA was warned on Aug. 14 that Maple Leaf products were contaminated. The CFIA’s official alert came Aug. 19.


BTC: Five days

  1. Wait for a while. Maybe it will go away. And besides Tony Clement was at the beach that week.

  2. What the article fails to provide, and what Aaron fails to ask is:

    1)How many false alarms has the CFIA avoided by requiring additional evidence in the past, and

    2)since the “Toronto Public Health employees investigating suspected listeriosis cases had gathered enough evidence by Aug. 14 to make a connection between Maple Leaf Foods deli products and the illnesses” why did they not issue their own public warning? The Maple Leaf plant in question is located in Toronto!

  3. Dot, would you say that a false alarm is worse than multiple deaths?

  4. Dot, would you say that a false alarm is worse than multiple deaths?

    A false alarm? No. Dozens? Maybe. Hundreds? I’d be concerned that the media/public grows to ignore them, ultimately resulting in even larger numbers of deaths.

    Do you think that the Toronto Public Health employees were negligent, or involved in cover your ass politics?

  5. Big picture: “Separating the industry and the consumer interests.”

    When regulators are required to take the economic interests of the corporations into consideration when setting or enforcing safety standards, guess which comes first? The Conservatives have tipped the balance even further toward the private economic interests but did it in secret and still won’t admit that’s what they did because they know Canadians disagree.

  6. I heard this story at least a week ago, probably two weeks ago. Why is it only ‘news’ now?

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