BTC: It is now almost everyone’s fault


Another listeria-related recall.

Meanwhile… the CFIA is now requiring daily checks.  CFIA inspectors blame a policy change. The CFIA blames the Liberals. The Liberals want a public inquiry. An expert cites a lack of education. And microwaves aren’t helping matters.


BTC: It is now almost everyone’s fault

  1. If people are dumb enough to put raw chicken in the microwave and assume it’s cooked after a quick zap, they deserve to spend a few days face-first over a toilet.

  2. Wow, quite the hit Dion is taking today:

    – IMF forecasts Canada to have the best growth of all G7 nations in 2009
    – TSX rises 225 points
    – CFIA confirms Libs crafted the current inspection regime
    – Dion makes a fool of himself on The National
    – CPC and LPC gap slowly but surely stretching in the plurality of the polls (with the NDP closer to the LPC than the LPC to the CPC)
    – Media pretty much discounting any chance of a majority, which should serve to help the CPC with the majority fear issue

  3. I’m a huge fan of that microwave story too. If I undercooked a chicken, made myself sick and blamed it on my 50-year-old oven, people would quite justifiably call me an idiot. I’d have thought the microwave–technology that’s what, 30 years old?–would have attained that status by now as well. Apparently not.

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