BTC: It's a date (V) -

BTC: It’s a date (V)


Not only is he a loser, but if he doesn’t want the job, I’ll take it. 

Heck of a way to go into a meeting with the Prime Minister, no?


AUGUST 29, 2008


OTTAWA – NDP Leader Jack Layton will meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper Saturday at 1:00 pm. The meeting will take place at 24 Sussex Drive. Layton and Harper will be accompanied by their chiefs of staff.

“The prime minister would rather quit his job and break his own fixed election law than get Canada moving in the right direction. If Harper isn’t up for the job – I am,” said Layton.  

Layton will speak to reporters outside the gate of 24 Sussex Drive immediately after the meeting.


BTC: It’s a date (V)

  1. Hey at least you have to give kudos to Jack at least he is talking like a real leader of the opposition and shows up for the meeting. There was another thread in a post earlier about what goes on at these meetings and through the years I have been privy to a few much more casual and with members who were just lowly MP’s of different parties but once out of camera and no one around but the guys (and gals)then I must say that it’s all chummy ol pal this let’s get some drinks and jokes galore – it has always amazed me! How easily politicians can do this = people people confound me I can barely relate to my computer and it talks back too much.

  2. Yeah I agree Wayne a lot of it is play for the cameras. One gets the impression,however, that Harper has some uneasy hatred on for anyone who disagrees with him.
    That’s my impression and I’m off to mull it over a few drinks!

  3. Wayne, your love-lust has changed the perameters of politics with his distaste for the Canadian political system, his out-right hatred for other team, and his incredible waste of energy spent on attacking both instead of doing what he was elected for.
    He doesn’t deserve a meeting, because it only serves for him to pimp a false image. He’s made his bed, and I’m certain he’s content to lie in it.